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  1. So i just changed my Avatar & Cover Photo, including all the cosmetics my classes use.

    What do you think?

  2. The song that describes TF2 perfectly: [VIDEO]



  3. what has happened to the forum layout

    im so confused


    the upvote/downvote system now also has Facebook type of voting..??

    1. Dannyboi


      Thank god the IP forum clubs system wasn't added.

    2. Swift


      What's next? Are there going to be ads at the side of the forums everywhere? 

    3. SkythecreeperCS


      i didnt even notice until now



      could've lived without knowing


  4. Tiedemies1

    Dark Iron Set-REMASTERED

    I can see, i mostly meant the color pallet in the rig tho. There should be lighter and darker parts, otherwise it looks really ugly.
  5. Tiedemies1

    Dark Iron Set-REMASTERED

    Too simple.
  6. Fun fact: When my big brother opened his first Crate in TF2, he got an Unusual hat.

    (I think it was Smoking Ye Olde Baker Boy for Scout)

  7. cx1zAmn.jpg

    So, i've got my Medic a new set, and i decided to do a little art about it.

    (for those who are interested in the set, it is Gentleman's Gatsby (colored Aged Moustache Grey), The Heat of Winterand The Ruffled Rurpecht.

    1. willingsas


      And i have a party hat.

    2. Tiedemies1



      *laughs in P2P*

  8. Tiedemies1

    Shutter - Mine-imator model Giveaway #1 by Nikthegreek

    Just call it "Shutter Rig", we all assume that all the posts in Rigs have a download because of rules.
  9. Tiedemies1

    Shutter - Mine-imator model Giveaway #1 by Nikthegreek

    Giveaway is a thing where only certain amount of people get the item
  10. Tiedemies1

    Shutter - Mine-imator model Giveaway #1 by Nikthegreek

    How is this a "giveaway" if everyone can take one?
  11. Tiedemies1

    - Wanderer in the Evergreen Woods -

    No, i haven't played XCOM, nor have i seen any monsters from that game. I got inspiration from SYRSA's desert robot... thing.
  12. Tiedemies1

    Roos's Art Dump #10009923? Return Edition

    Well atleast Starbound is working for you. my problem is that because my computer's windows is 32-bit, and the devs haven't fixed a gamebreaking bug
  13. Tiedemies1

    OC V6

    Oh. My. God.
  14. SUBNAUTICA is starting to get near the 1.0 update, and i am very excited. What about you guys? (if you even know/follow subnautica...)

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