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    Been animating for 4 years , still a bit new.
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    Been animating for 4 years , still a bit new.
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    Western New York State
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    Minecraft, World War 2 History, Survival based games, Music
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  1. Been here since 2014-2015, glad to see how much this has grown!
  2. I need ideas for test animations

  3. im actualy obsidious01, didnt boother to change my name lmao, but is it okay if ur my second mgb

    1. MobKiller Animations

      MobKiller Animations

      Go ahead, I don't mine :)

  4. I don't know what to animate ?

    1. Draco63


      Idk either, that's why I don't animate.

    2. LacaMenDRY


      I know either,That's why I do Animate.

  5. Been animating with Mine-imator since 2014... Takes time, practice and lots of learning. Look at references and study the 12 principles of animation, you'll get there eventually.
  6. If you're talking about from the single block to the platform. That's a wall run... I swear.. that run was looking weird Thanks for your feedback!
  7. I got bored and decided to animate some random scenes, a chase scene featuring one of my friends and a parkour test. I'm also looking for ideas on what to do next... That's all. https://i.imgur.com/4rxVndp.mp4 https://i.imgur.com/SsFdGna.mp4 How do I make gifs work?
  8. What did I miss?

    1. Fray


      no clue, its been a while since ive been on here

  9. Hi Mob, seeing your very advanced hair rig, I was wondering if you know any tutorials on multi-layer 3d hair.

  10. Just pointing it out now, I'm getting waves of nostalgia from visiting your profile after all this time.

    1. -StickyMations-


      Welcome back MobKiller 

  11. When was the last time I have been on here 0_o

  12. 21st Birthday Today!!
    No, I'm not gonna go out drinking.

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    2. Ian_The_One


      drink tea no shugar

    3. Fray



    4. TwoToRule


      You can vote now!


      Not that you couldn't before.

  13. Good, I still remember you btw. Thanks for asking and thanks for the comment!
  14. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I see. Yeah, I needed someway to add more lore/backstory into the series so it's known about certain elements within the series. Like some stuff in there has a big impact on future events.
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