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    Been animating for 4 years , still a bit new.
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  1. Been a little bit since I've been on here, looking for something to do. Anyone got any ideas I could try like animation tests, rigs, wallpapers .etc

    1. Fray


      Hmmm, you should do wallpapers, 

      try some like fighting wallpapers or something... idk

    2. Mehradcraft


      I love you man😍

  2. Oh no it's you again... I can never forget those... Eyes,Eyes,Eyes... Cause baby tonight!!!
  3. Actually here it is:


  4. Thank you David for starting my amazing career and the friendships it has brought me!!! Good luck on future endevours!!
  5. Daaaaannggg, now that's cool and nice of you for contributing to your group!! Also, nice to see you again on the forums
  6. I need more ideas to work on then fighting animations, I mean their good to watch but get kinda repetative if my whole channel is mostly that kind of stuff.

    1. Aronanners


      Try a slower-paced animation, putting an emphasis on cinematography and character movement in a different sense than a fighting animation would typically focus on? Perhaps throw some dialogue in there too?

    2. DuallyElemental


      Try animating some structural moves with weapons to see which one you like most

    3. Simon G. Andersen

      Simon G. Andersen

      Do some narrative animations! Here you get the chance to make up your own stories, and use your creativity like never before!?

  7. MobKiller Animations Presents.... THE DIMENSION DASH COLLAB!!! Video Link: Rules: Map Download: Mine-imator- Minecraft Map: Send me finished entry either by message or discord!!
  8. I'd be able to animate a small thing for you, only problem is that my PC ain't the best.
  9. I've noticed that my animations are mostly at the same speed for different stuff.

    Any tips to possibly make the speeds more dynamic?


    Just in case you missed it ;)


  11. Ahhhhh.... good to post something again. So, I found out about this collab and though to myself. Perfect match for my character and whatnot. Though... I didn't animate it until the last second. I only got the run and scenery about 2-3 weeks ago (I think) and did the entire rest today in the span of 2-5 hours. (Plus I didn't know what to do for the last 3 seconds. So you get a long fade. And finally, to top it all off, @WillesFilmz helped me once again with After Effects Editing, not too overedited and not too flashy. I personally thank him for that, and we do a nice job together. Hope you enjoyed and any feedback would be appreciated! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Animation and Sound Editing by Myself After Effects by WilleFilmz Collab hosted by Wanimation (Sorry don't know your tag if you are on here) Sounds by Minecraft and The Pepper Sound Pack --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. I'm a really big fan of the continuous camera angle in both camera cuts, really adds to it. Also, I just got mine finished as well. Can't wait to see your entry in the collab!
  13. I could see the forums theme being incorporated in the logo itself, with the various things in the crafting table it can somehow animate and have you pick from their once the mouse cursor moves over it. Just a idea though.
  14. I think I'm at a point where I desperately want to know what it takes for me to become a better Mine-imator animator. Any suggestions?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MobKiller Animations

      MobKiller Animations

      Considering I have a minute over 20 minutes long of me not completeing something might be saying something. And that same thing being from 2014-2015

    3. BOOMmaker


      If I remember right, I think  you're a great animator! :D 

    4. Ninja Dino

      Ninja Dino

      Study animation. Here's some books you might find useful, and that I would personally recommend.




      Also just keep practicing, but practice correctly. Try to figure out what you could improve in every single one of your animations, try other styles of animation, mimic real life movement in your animations, study other great animations and animators.

      But probably the most important part about practicing is to challenge yourself with something hard every time you practice. This is probably the most important part of growing your skill as an animator. Animating difficult things is what expands your animating part of your brain and it's what really improves your skill. Think of it like this, if a weight lifter were to only bench press 100 pounds everyday then would he improve? Obviously no, body builders always increase the amount of weight they lift because eventually their muscles get stronger and the weight they're currently lifting would be too light for them and their progress would plateau. So they challenge their muscles every time they go to the gym to become bigger and stronger. Animating is the same. After you feel pretty comfortable with animating a particular thing, then try animating something else that's more challenging. Try more complex character movements, or try animating that one thing that you've always sort of avoided because you know you just can't do it. If you do that then you will start improving at a very fast rate.

      I hope this helped you, and good luck trying to become a better Mine-Imator animator.

  15. Where would speedarts of a wallpaper go?

    1. BaconSandwich


      I would put it in the same post as the wallpaper, in the wallpaper section.

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