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  1. I'm pretty sure he's gonna make it way way bigger than that that's a nice rigging job you got there though
  2. try replacing these flatlands with something. common mistake u make in most of ur animations
  3. So I made a wallpaper based on the latest james bond movie. hope you like it The Original Wallpaper Credits to @MobKiller Animations for the gun rig he made a while ago.
  4. have you tried? no one ever made any
  5. the smile kind of scares me ._. but the rig is awesome!
  6. so this whole downvote thing came in so I thought, I'm gona check bad topics like @muztanchik83 's and I already find downvotes

    even I downvoted so people actually went back on bad topics and downvoted them. wowza


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. JjCinemas


      That's really petty to be honest.

      People like you are part of the reason the downvote system will most likely be gone after this week.

    3. Tomoki


      I.... I feel bad now....

    4. Rollo
  7. yeah I should just stick with these bright wallpaper I used to make like that skate park one aaand I just gave myself an idea for a wallpaper
  8. ya know... I wonder... well The way you write kind of feels like it sometimes, not forgeting the ~
  9. I've been very busy with college lately.... and also other things... so with the time I had I made this I feel like the brightness is too dark (even though it's suposed to be) heeeeh... credits kbyeee
  10. but he still can't get over intro templates... he changes intros every video I also realized that the animation was made by kaydo. look in the credits
  11. Tomoki

    Pixlpt Rig

    I'm gona draw face textures like the ones from pixlpt I'll even make a female version. why? cuz i feel like it. It's awesome though.
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