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  1. I love that window design and the lighting choices, but I feel like the ground on the right could use more details
  2. Car model: @Salem Set, animation, lighting, editing made by me Music: Elation - Raydar Special thanks to @Tysteria for giving helpful feedbacks along the way
  3. The warm sun shine shinning through the leaves is satiating my eyes, the color parrot looks delightful in the sunshine, one suggestion is that the picture lacks a little bit of red, perhaps make the parrot at the right red
  4. I like your rigs.

    How did You make them?

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    2. TheCollieStalks


      how about I give you an advise @Mebroukyessad, always look for references, look at many artists that you admire and copy them, don't copy everything but only copy the elements you like and experiment with them, and that takes patience as Skjold said. Skills and everything else will come with time.


    3. Skjold


      Or just be naturally gifted lol

    4. insanehelix7076


      Every skilled person in the forums is blessed with that gift

  5. camera model is made by 9redwoods
  6. skins human on the far right and middle left is made by @Tysteria bus model is made by @Ghatos
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