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  1. Looks like you are going for a windy city atmosphere! I say add some leaves/paper flying around to “see” the wind and add some blushes (because they are flirting) and for the character outline, her clothes is too dark to have such a strong edge light imo I also think the colour choice and dark vignette feels too cool and dark for the theme (why do you feel guilty for making it)
  2. Made a short animation to express how much I hate phantoms lol


    1. Frost*


      My gosh dude you are beast

  3. “spectacular first sight” is what I was going for This is probably the biggest schematic wallpaper I made so far
  4. I got a bit side-tracked from my big animation project... now i have a stack (64 subs)
  5. Thanks! This made me smile
  6. Nice but seat needs texture and doesn’t look comfortable to sit on
  7. I’ll say work on the expressions and try to keep a constant lighting on the character’s face throughout
  8. “Stop the dog damn bike” text reminds me of spider verse!
  9. Neat plastic feel! Is the outlines drawn?
  10. Nice edge glow! Righter upper lights and vine(the only green in this image) feels off
  11. omg its my skin Just curious, how did you find it?
  12. Wait, is there #15? I am confused lol
  13. I love these blurred out coloured lights in the background, very retro!
  14. i am currently working on it... hold on, is it working now?
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