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  1. The point “communism is bad” is invalid unless you present valid reasons
  2. https://imgur.com/9RT7lHE anyways, I started blasting
  3. kinda predictable, but the last few frame made it funny lol
  4. I think ammoboxes and gun stand models for different cartilages would be a good addition Also what do you think about customizable guns? Like if you were to make different gun parts so users could chose and piece them together into custom guns for their own liking
  5. Not bad! The lack of bend in the leg feels stiff, maybe make it extend outward as it kick back?
  6. Let me think... dream-pop, ambient, liquid drum and bass, rock(classic or indie) retrowave... etc just about any music that sparks a mood, envouriment and experiences which are hard to express with mere words is my favourite music whats thicc? Oo, hard to say because first, they’re all pretty good, and second, every car fits in a variety of different envouriment (like the bus model fits very well as the main focus in my night city render )
  7. Hmm, if being furry means thinking myself as an animal then no, I’m happy being a human being if being furry mean liking furry characters then yes UwU
  8. oh the birds in the background is a png image because manually position hundreds of fly parrots is just too tedious
  9. what does this image make you feel? feel free to suggestion and critiques~
  10. Credit to @Ghatos for the car rig~ this wallpaper was inspired by the movie “little miss sunshine” ’s cover image
  11. Looking clean! Did you use a vignette overlay for the eyewhites?
  12. Yeah I used the barebone pack, I found the download link in one of the post on minecraft.net
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