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  1. Nice consistent lighting! Camera angle is pretty good. posing is ok, but can use some exaggeration. I think you could somehow make the mouth of the character more expressive with curves.
  2. sunset wideo, taken near a motel during road trip

  3. I like the first one because of the colour choices! But a little too saturated
  4. I love the white out-lines! hmm let me guess. you green screened the character animation then brings it into AE and added outline, after that you added mp4 backgrounds
  5. https://imgur.com/z5o03y3 made with mine-imator ty @Belmo for teaching me the camera trick~
  6. Looks like you are going for a windy city atmosphere! I say add some leaves/paper flying around to “see” the wind and add some blushes (because they are flirting) and for the character outline, her clothes is too dark to have such a strong edge light imo I also think the colour choice and dark vignette feels too cool and dark for the theme (why do you feel guilty for making it)
  7. Made a short animation to express how much I hate phantoms lol


    1. Frost*


      My gosh dude you are beast

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