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  1. Scenery looks nice, but I noticed that the lily and the torches is not giving off any light despite them being very bight. (在这里大家不懂中文的,可能看不懂你写的)
  2. Car model: @Ghatos Reference image: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/AKGkz
  3. WhAt So iF we aRe actUally AnImAlS then wE cAn EaT yOu???RawR oOwoo note: ty for the encouragement lel
  4. useful! any mi user that hopes to improve their renders should look at this quote
  5. you conveyed the mood of being in a warm house on a stormy day perfectly! how many light sources did you use for the edge glow? and did you use bleed light?
  6. https://streamable.com/yyk2ts
  7. hey guys, don't worry. I'm still going to make short films

    1. DearFox


      I will look forward to new short films ✨

    2. Jake_28


      I will also look forward to new short films :star emote thing:

    3. Peanutbutter Timelord
  8. I love the humour in this lol, The zombie part got me laughing
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