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Found 34 results

  1. credit Lynn Chen from Artstation for brush preset and inspiration The collie is rigged and posed in MI and later drawn over in Photoshop, If you look closely you can see furs
  2. i did this when the 1.2.3 update came out this Has A little Inspiration From Rest Next To The Campfire
  3. This image is 3 renders with different lighting settings combined together , for the shadow scatter effect in the background, face lighting and for sharp shadows.
  4. This is just gonna be a comp of both normal and edgy renders ive made so far. Enjoy! Aaaaaand that's all. It's time to get the good snooze.
  5. RandomPr0file

    Rabbit Rig

    *This rig was created, modeled, textured, and rigged by your's truly. Any person or entity claiming this rig as their own is committing plagiarism and lying* Rabbit Rig Rabbits have always been my favorite animal, they're just so, darn cute! So I decided to develop a rig for everyone. (However, this is only a facial rig. The ears are still stuck straight, and no alterations have been made to anything else but the head. Reskinning In order to change the color of the rabbit, you could a couple of presets I left in the download, or you could make your own. Making a base skin Oh boy. Due to copyright reasons, no instances of the rabbit texture is online. I'm going to teach you how to rip those games files. Requirements: Minecraft, Windows 10, 9 Zip, Photo editing program. Step 1. Press the windows key on your keyboard. Type "Run" into Cortana and press enter. Step 2. Type "%appdata%" into the run window and press enter. Step 3. In the new File Directory window, open .minecraft, versions, and 1.12. Copy the directory roots. Now 9 Zip comes in. Step 4. Open 9 Zip. Step 5. Click "Open Archive", and paste the roots. You should now be in the 1.12 folder. Step 6. Double click "1.12.jar". Step 7. It has now extracted the minecraft files for 1.12. Sort by size and open "assets" in 9 Zip. Step 8. Navigate through Minecraft, Textures, Entity, Rabbit. Now we bypass passwords, copyright, and hidden files by exploiting a glitch in Windows 10. Now, usually, you would need to extract these files, and it would prompt you with a password input. These files were designed to not be ripped out of the game. Step 9. Right click the rabbit skin you desire and click open. Let it open in "Photos". Click save in the top right corner. Step 10. Open in a photo editing program. (Personal favorite: Pixlr editor). Step 11. Replace eyes with a simulated fur pattern. Step 12. Alter eye texture to match the rabbit texture you chose. Import Time! Step 13. In Mine-Imator, open Library and replace "Rabbit Rig Base Skin" and "Eye" with their appropriate hand made textures. Ta-Da! *It may be required after importing to duplicate the rabbit and delete the original. This is because it's eyes work off of a alpha glitch.* Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/iqdq9xqpcaa7765/Mineimator+Rabbit+Rig.zip --RandomPr0file Notice: This work is under protection by the Creative Commons License Attribution 4.0 International To find how this may or may not effect you, visit here to read the Terms and Conditions of Use. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
  6. I made this to make me feel better about my failed Zweilous rig: Tiefling rig: @Netherall Brimstone (Face @SKIBBZ) Zweilous rig: @Netherall Brimstone City Block: @david UPDATE: Changed camera angle, left head actually looks like it's alive. Thank you all for supporting this.
  7. I need some sea pickle rigs (cuz' they're too cute 4 me). But I couldn't acquire the textures anywhere. I need help
  8. Created in: Mine-Imator Editing Software: Paint.net
  9. guys so i know that the lower the eyes are, the cuter the rig is. so i decided to make the scientifically proven most kawaii female rig ever!!! enjoy!!! download link:https://www.dropbox.com/s/tgy3riwwtxnqm3n/CUTEST FEMALE RIG EVER111.zip?dl=0 mouth not included, it was made by @Keep on Chucking, go check it out
  10. Random cute art of me and my boyfriend :3
  11. i was kinda bored so i made this simple rigs,i dont know if its already exist in this forums because Mine-imator were growing pretty good and Gaining more and more users for a quiet long time....(Hurray...) This is useful for users who like to make something different on their animation, But to be honest,its just a block,with hands,this is the first version so as u can see its quiet ugly in some ways so if any of you who want to remasterized it,feel free to do so Keep in mind,the rigs used only few materials,so it can be quiet tricky to do the expressions,watch here if you want some reference if you have any question,feel free to ask and i apologize If i unintentionally stole someone's idea Rigs were alot and theres a chance some people make a same stuff,Have fun Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/zdhqvu0bdcndjdv/Blocky+buddy+Rig+1.0.6.rar
  12. When Ashu & Ati goes on a date. I KNOW. IT IS NOT VALENTINES DAY. (It is still Christmas wew. I check my calendar everyday.) [Aka a picture test, testing URL if it works and see if I can make a good 'loving' wallpaper. ;3]
  13. Oyye guys! Today, I thought about posting my drawings here in the forums. Tell me what you think! English for sorry bad!
  14. Hello everyone! I am very excited to share with you all my very first Minecraft webcomic, Belle! Belle is an intrepid girl who wants to become a heroic mob hunter like her heroes. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Pg 6 Page 7 Page 8 If you want to seethe pages and extra art you can check me out on Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/ttsnim I'm quite new to M-I, so I am sure these pages will be filled with a lot of mistakes and errors and the like. Still, the pages I post here are older ones, and some of the mistakes I've already learned how to correct thanks in part to this awesome community. Never the less please feel free to point out my errors! I want to learn every thing I can and make a comic that's fun to read and fantastic to look at!
  15. Hello every one, this is Belle, the main character for the comic I am making with Min-imator! I really hope this is the right subcategory to place this post in.
  16. UPDATE 0.6 Fixed broken download (hopefully) UPDATE 0.5 Added Diamond shield and 3D Diamond Sword hello everyone I have made a Mooshroom rig (Free Shield! :D) Image: Fixed Download Please Give Credit to: Victory Summery (I DO NOT OWN THE 3D DIAMOND SWORD) ny opinions questions tell me I'm all ears
  17. This is a rough "Sketch" of Belle, a character I'm developing for my minecraft comic. I wanted to give her cute pigtails, and while I am pleased with the first results I'm still not sure if I like them all that well. Her face will be removed and replaced with a more refined set of "Masks" to give her16X16 pixel based expressions. So forgive me if it looks rather derpy here. Here she is with a snowman I was using to test arm rigging on. It took me over two hours to find the check box that changes a block from the lower part of the arm to the upper part. I felt very special that day. >_> That's also my regular, non edited Minecraft self for comparison to what looks like a "Normal" skin in the world. I would absolutely love to hear any ideas or suggestions you may have to make a better Rig for Belle. Please keep in mind she's a young character of about 13 to 14 ears old, so nothing to "Adult" for her, other than that please let me know if you have any thoughts!
  18. jimmy8565

    Little Sushi Guy!

    Hey guys i just made my first picture with Paint Tool Sai! here it is! Let me know what you think
  19. It's a long picture. Protip: Open in new tab to see the whole thing. Yeah, I colored it... Digitally... Bleh.
  20. Here is something you guys will just love Pics: Full turtle Has a little tail Under him. Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/kwdsu4fqdna3jup/Turtle%20rig.zip?dl=0 Now be a good
  21. Hey guys this time i made a toxic buddy for you to get he has acid particles going around him, Tip don't step on him. Just a random thing don't ask were i got the idea Pic Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/077cj2v7znp2yst/Acid%20rig.rar?dl=0 Be a good
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