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  1. Ello there~



    OC Name was already set in stone.
    Runilia Norn is her name, though many just calls her Rui

    Hmm the bend on the body might be broken

  2. My driver usually works fine with rendering on my usual setting.
    But for some reason, this render crashes it lol.



    Yeah I'm taking a break from designing my new OC, my shoulders really hurts r'now.


    1. insanehelix7076


      I would say this is the best render you have ever made

    2. MihalYK


      ohh thx mate, appreciate it 😆


  3. I think i got the hair down, just need to finish it up and make The Cravat already
    But, heck I'm definitely making another version if I'm going to animate it.



    I don't know if I'm going to shade the hair.

    1. MihalYK


      that lower half seems to be glitchy
      z-fighting i guess, need to get that sorted.

  4. hmm, That's enough extrusion for now...
    Debatin' to make the hair normal pixel like or individual with smooth bend.



    Do I have to separate every single part of the hair if I'm going for that smooth bend?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. insanehelix7076


      Yeah the extruded front boot thats what i was talking about

    3. MihalYK


      Hmm. maybe I'll extrude the lower half of the boots to make it a bit longer.

    4. insanehelix7076
  5. Even though I'm using a template base.
    Why do i still feel dizzy?




    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MihalYK


      Haha, that's true. This is a 64x skin which has the same reso as my old man oc skin.

      But since the theme that I'm going for this OC clothing is a Noble-like clothing with flower patterned garb/jacket it's a bit more complex than a regular (modified) civilian clothing that my male OC has. As i typed this reply, i forgot to make The Cravat.

    3. Ethaniel


      Her boobs are too high

    4. MihalYK


      knew it, i've already changed it after this.

  6. Don't worry You're not over imagining it. If his age, which I'm not telling for now is an indicator of his experience... Here's a hint on his age:
  7. Hmm, I'm more or less on the side of wrinkles and face deformation if he was ever drawn again, I'll think about it. Thank you mate, i do wonder what kind of atmosphere you thought about him
  8. My old laptop has been repaired, just received it yesterday Figure i test things out
  9. Spoiler


    "Ahh, hello there... my name is... Mihaly... yes, not many has come here for a time..."

    I never introduced my character name, i think, welp.

  10. hold right click on your mouse then use the w a s d keys to move around. Hold space to make it go faster or shift for slower. It's slow, but you can still "Zoom in/out"
  11. Who fights fairly in an actual battle? You just need to win, that's all there is to it Trying to make an action oriented render here... It's also a follow-up from my previous render "It's going to be a long night" - The Glock 17 model by @crustyjpeg of the Modelbench Armory -
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