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  1. wip
    Basically 2 vers later.




    1. insanehelix7076


      Reminds me of that guy who keeps staring at you with a smile but hilarious eyes

  2. MihalYK

    Rui Portrait

    Haha,I know I know, my hands just can't stop moving as i draw the motifs lol and when i zoom out I just "Oh F- I'm not redoing that" but then just does the same thing again. But thanks mate! Aprreciate it
  3. MihalYK

    Rui Portrait

    Yeah, I know how tutorials can't really help, I mostly just remember some parts of tutorials that pass by on my facebook timeline and try to apply it. If it doesn't fit i try experiment with it, recreate in another way. Get myself some tips from my artist friends and just yolo it. All in all, I did use a commission of my own OC from my friend to make this as reference (The hair is an example), I used my own hand traced it then use the deform tool to make it fit (the hand that's pushing from behind, I can't make fingers). I used the sword as a way to block most of the body because i can't make that kinds of stuff right now. Infact I was told this looks a lot like a man due to how big her body is lol. I did design her as a tomboy tho. this took 6 days of work tbh.
  4. MihalYK

    Rui Portrait

    .-. I use paint tool sai to make this, the tools there greatly helps me at making this. If I don't have em' well... Just gotta keep trying and ctrl + z till you get what you want. Gotta put a lot of effort too... I'll make something much simpler later.
  5. MihalYK

    Rui Portrait

    Thanks mate, it's frustrating that my hand hurts from clicking the damn mouse lol But at least the result is satisfying for me
  6. MihalYK

    Rui Portrait

    Well, I can't really do coloring so I'll just the post the lineart here. This is my 2nd time at digi-drawing and haven't really studied about it, so forgive me. This is my OC, Rui. The clothing and sword is based on Lady Maria from Bloodborne.
  7. Yo, sorry if I haven't been that active here again.
    I've been playing around with C4D for sometime, and was trying to do Digi-Drawing for the 2nd time.

    Here's a WIP of that drawing :


    And yes, I can't make anime hair. I also kinda like semi realistic style so i may change the face style later.
    This is my OC btw, Rui.



    1. MihalYK


      I'm using a mouse so i don't really know how to control pressure and the like.

  8. do you mean how the fonts/texts look so small on the UI? there should be something in the setting that can change it, though i haven't really touched MI for sometime.
  9. Based on : Still have to work on it.
  10. When you have a perfect idea for a render.
    but realize that you don't have the necessary models.



    Want to model the models mood stonk
    but procrastinating stonk.
    I need a chair, a king's chair or any ornamented chair, guess I'll surf.



  11. Thanks mate, I really appreciate it XD
  12. I might try after I created a certain model for Her. Something that i really wanted to make for some time.
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