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  1. As a pc guy, I do not know about "gacha life" but dose it include bends? I love my bends
  2. Will modelbench and mineimator ever be ported to macs?
  3. I need to bend a smooth line on the z axe and I did, but I also need to bend the -z axe and I do not know how to.
  4. I have been inactive and busy but thx, at this point I am done with this model
  5. I can not find the model folder.
  6. Thats what I was going to do but was not sure! Thank you very much. I appreciate it!
  7. I am working on a project that is making my pc lag, I need the viewport lag to stop, I don't know if the viewport uses my cpu or gpu. (Which is what blender dose) I have reasons to believe the viewport would be using my cpu, is there a way to reduce viewport lag without deleting any models or rigs out of the scene?
  8. indeed I was, thank you for the help.
  9. I know this question sounds really dumb but how big is 1 pixel in mineimator? is the size .1, .01 or .001? (if that last one is even possible)
  10. The rigs are private and reserved for the creator. I know a rig simular to it tho
  11. I can't say anything is wrong beacuse nothing is wrong.
  12. Go ahead and do it, the model was just to test my skill. Not bad tbh
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