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  1. LuckyMunch

    Smooth bends

    This smile.... just does not look right without smooth bends and I can not figure out how to switch this to smooth bends
  2. I'm just trying to get better at modeling using model bench so yee, this is 1 of my first models! DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/98aqfe1fn2fr5ou/EctrudedSmithing.zip/file
  3. If reality and mine-imator came together. This is fantastic!
  4. This is pretty good, maybe some environmental touch ups could do but thats about it!
  5. I'm fairly new to modelbench so please don't mind my knowledge level of modelbench. I am trying to create like a smile, my attempts include using body parts from steve, and thats it. It does not look good when I use steve body part, are there any other methods of doing such action?
  6. I would like to bend this steve arm on both ends, like both ends of the arm bend, I can't figure out how to
  7. As a pc guy, I do not know about "gacha life" but dose it include bends? I love my bends
  8. Will modelbench and mineimator ever be ported to macs?
  9. I need to bend a smooth line on the z axe and I did, but I also need to bend the -z axe and I do not know how to.
  10. I have been inactive and busy but thx, at this point I am done with this model
  11. I can not find the model folder.
  12. LuckyMunch

    Viewport Lag

    Thats what I was going to do but was not sure! Thank you very much. I appreciate it!
  13. LuckyMunch

    Viewport Lag

    I am working on a project that is making my pc lag, I need the viewport lag to stop, I don't know if the viewport uses my cpu or gpu. (Which is what blender dose) I have reasons to believe the viewport would be using my cpu, is there a way to reduce viewport lag without deleting any models or rigs out of the scene?
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