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    My Drawing monitor won't fit on my desk...
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  • Interests I wanna collab with someone for youtube gameplays and animating
    Sports i like is : Baseball,Tennis,Badminton,Volleyball,Skydiving(am i dreaming?) and thats it
    ANIMES i like and hate(already written it on "introduce yourself") IS : just go to introduce yourself and find my name am too lazy
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  1. P229 R

    you forgot the safety switch ;-;
  2. my first attempt at a wallpaper/ teaser image

    remove the annoying watermark!
  3. its almost halloween sooo can i do edgy stuff now?

  4. Pizza animation test

    wow you got me a 1 quarter pizza slice its huge of course and i love the wallpaper but you still need to learn grammar or english, still love it though ..
  5. Pizza animation test

    so i made a post a month ago and it only had one reply and its from @Cooker126 which is from yesterday, so here is the second time trying this Drawing monitor but this time its an animation it took 4 hours to finish and 1 hour to render and 3.5 hours to put it in youtube so i had to sleep that time sooo am posting this before going to school and YOU WILL BE WARNED THAT THIS VIDEO IS MY FIRST TIME DRAWING AN ANIMATION SO PROBABLY THIS IS CRINGEY this is so obvious Program used : Adobe Animate CC 2017
  6. ughhhhh am booreed can someone pls give me an idea to make...

    1. Cooker126


      make an animation or a wallpaper of someone eating pizza. or maybe a pizza rig

  7. Corruption of the Overworld [RP]

    the title sounds like the corruption is from terraria
  8. Commercial Break Collab!

    why am i back to "unfinished?" why am i back to "unfinished?"
  9. what do you guys prefer? sharp bending or smooth bending? cuz my character rig has smooth bending and its bothering me since alot of character rigs don't have smooth bendings

    1. Joshdotmp4
    2. Emaniplex


      I'd prefer sharp bends but at certain angles there's a sort of squish that juts the bend out of the center that bothers me.  :u

    3. EnderSculptor


      Sharp for arms and legs, but smooth for body.

  10. Pyro from TF2 Artwork

    i am speechless.....
  11. Steve's Life: Bar Fight!! - Minecraft Animation

    i saw this and the animation is a little slow but it was awesome that AC had his fighting spirit
  12. oook the rig is done the case and the charger andd the iBlock all i need now is just make a video about it, but what do you guys think? should i make a video tutorial or image tutorial?

  13. My Character rig(now available for download!)

    well i don't regret on making a bye bye animation video which am doing right now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. My Character rig(now available for download!)

    i can't help it am a cyborg
  15. My Character rig(now available for download!)

    mostly everything here is edgy
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