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    MC and 2D animator, Game Perfectionist, LOVES creepers.
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    Sports i like is : Baseball,Tennis,Badminton,Volleyball,Skydiving(am i dreaming?) and thats it
    ANIMES i like and hate(already written it on "introduce yourself") IS : just go to introduce yourself and find my name am too lazy
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  1. There were no classes today, due to the big typhoon "Ompong". But the worst of all, I forgot to bring my Laptop to animate ;~;

  2. I hate myself for forgetting this scene.
  3. MoltenLapizza

    Paul's Saber Rig v2.0

    looks nice!

    AYYY 100 REP!!!! oh wait its still 99....

  5. MoltenLapizza

    Wendy Rig

    looks nice, but i have a question. Can it ROAST?
  6. MoltenLapizza

    punch+kick test

    Am I crazy or am I seeing some LINEAR stuff right here.
  7. The more I study.

    the more I forget how to use mine -imator. still i good thing but the opposite for MI

    1. 9redwoods


      Are you the kid from the AnxiousCynic animation compilation?

    2. MoltenLapizza


       isn't it obvious?

  8. MoltenLapizza

    My Simple Bedroom Furniture Rigs!

    Looks just exactly my furnitures in real life. it's just that my bed is much much much much smaller.
  9. MoltenLapizza

    Kemono Beam!

    this reminds me of someone.
  10. MoltenLapizza

    Pixel Bendy

    Thats some high resolution art! (could be even better if animated tho....)
  11. MoltenLapizza


    the reflections of the glasses and eyes kinda ruined it but everything else is cool
  12. MoltenLapizza

    mine-imator SWITCH

  13. MoltenLapizza

    Toby Fox - Megalovania (Electro Swing)|Wallpaper

    what's the purpose of that blob in my screen
  14. MoltenLapizza

    Dance test animation

    At first i thought this was those lazy animations but WOW dem hips ?
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