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  1. Welp they were right, cringey as hell and I regret it.


    This one quote is just, no.

    I was referring to the rig at the time and looking back at it, yeah no.

    On 8/22/2017 at 12:14 PM, MoltenLapizza said:

    i can't help it am a cyborg

  2. I should really update my profile picture, especially my Cover.

  3. Oh my god I was about to make a wallpaper about slavs, what a coincidence!
  4. It's nothing new really. All you have to do is make your model larger, add a spotlight to it, adjust it a bit and you'll notice some glow in the edges.
  5. Just letting you guys know, there was a poll in this post. If you guys want one of these made, I'll try and make it.


  6. tbh the posing looks too stiff especially the girl swinging (for some reason) the crucible?? It looks like they're in a chroma key room and the director had to hire high end background artists but because of that they had to hire cheap actors. I suggest improving your poses by making them more dynamic or exaggerated though too much on certain shots will make it less appealing. They also look surprisingly calm considering that they're falling down while an explosion is in the background.
  7. Was suppose to be a private rig for a wallpaper soon but eh I guess I can give this one. BOOMBOX As I say, If it's white/grey then it can change color. At least in my rigs. This includes : Handle Radio thingy Antenna Buttons and Rudders Speakers Player ( Disc or Cassette) You don't have to credit me but I'll appreciate it if you do! Download link : Click here!
  8. I like trains.

    1. Ethaniel


      Trains are pretty interesting. 

    2. Keep on Chucking

      Keep on Chucking

      Trains do be interesting.

    3. MoltenLapizza


      Indeed they are interesting.

  9. Ah yes, after 2 years ( I think ) I have finally submitted something to AC. I was in a rush so there might be a couple of mistakes here and there. Did some experiments and the result is this, you might know this kind of style from a certain animator.
  10. The upcoming heist of GTA online is nice and all. But I swear if the island is a heist-only thing I'm gonna be pissed.

  11. Wait I actually won a day?


  12. I did this, just adding outlines, some lighting, and an aura. Skin made by : AkioHiro
  13. I've seen the video and here's my feedback. You put too much weight in your walk cycle. Running scene is very off, It's sliding and I don't think you'd need a Run with that speed. Try a walk then slowly transition it into a run. Again sliding once he backed off. Alpha Glitch. I can barely hear the sfx but still audible. The lighting is simple but you can improve. Overall it's good for starters.
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