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    I like drawing and animating.
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    I laugh at those who are in pain very often?
    So does that count?
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  1. Yey it's my birthday. the sibling are giving me cake.

    hNMYwWL.pngI'll make something soon I hope.

  2. F Godspeed you magnificent bastard. You may rest now..
  3. Steve can go outside now that he has protection.
  4. If your speakers are at high volume, and the input it gets is very loud, add a jump(optional) and some blur to the speakers when you edit the image. and that Amp? thingy, I think the RGB effect is a little unnecessary. You should also fix the shadow quality since it looks like mashed up black surfaces than shadows. Those are my advices. Still, this scene is nice overall just add a little tweaks and you're good to go.
  5. This weekend is the time to relax, I've been working on the animation non stop, Almost lost my will to even finish the animation. So I have decided that I should relax for this weekend and while relaxing, and interesting idea came up. So I tried making it and this is the result Cupa obtaining a stand that is just a reskin of Kira's stand Killer Queen. ( inspired by a roblox game "A Bizarre Day" ) Yes Killer Queen is a cat, but this is just random thought that I decided to make into a reality. It would be nice to see some feedback and some criticism on what I should improve for the next time I make another art. Thank you.
  6. He's abusing steve.. Is sad...
  7. I'm half way there now. In the part where there is a GioGio pose Here's the last scene that I'll show you guys. The rest will be in the full video soon. What are your thoughts about the animation so far?
  8. the upcoming "Heavy is Dead but in minecraft" would have to be the best random animation I have made so far...

    I'll post another progress of the animation tom.

  9. That's a mighty fine moustache you have there.
  10. Have you guys answered my poll? Just wondering >.> 

  11. Here I am, Trying to recreate a video made by Delak instead of finishing that OP. I can show a portion of what I made so far, but I still have a long way to go. some ragdoll scenes are too hard for me to make so imma replace some of them with something else.... When your done, please answer the poll so I can see your opinions on what type of face I'd put that fits the style of the video. It would be nice to see some feedback about my progress.
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