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    MC and 2D animator, Game Perfectionist, LOVES creepers.
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    Sports i like is : Baseball,Tennis,Badminton,Volleyball,Skydiving(am i dreaming?) and thats it
    ANIMES i like and hate(already written it on "introduce yourself") IS : just go to introduce yourself and find my name am too lazy
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  1. MoltenLapizza

    dark room with torch

    i like the lighting its just that the torch isn't smoking
  2. MoltenLapizza

    |THE RAGE| - Intro Template

    The original is much better since the edited part is just TOO LAGGY
  3. how can that man rip off 250+ hair of the eyebrow
  4. Was that spin necessary? you could have used that spin for multiple enemies, other than that the movements looks good.
  5. MoltenLapizza

    Working Corolla 1980

    Where's the brand? Blockarri, Missan, Iyoto anything made up?
  6. MoltenLapizza

    Its Not Like I Like You

    yeah yeah... some of the scenes doesn't suit with the transition, but it still feels good with the music
  7. MoltenLapizza

    Fight On

    You wen't too far
  8. MoltenLapizza

    Black Plasma Studios (Player) Rig

    That is arbiter 617, Black plasma studios is a studio THAT IS NOT A STUDIO i still like it tho.
  9. MoltenLapizza

    Harry Potter (In Progress)

  10. MoltenLapizza

    The First ever animation i made

    well... i watched some of AC's videos before making it
  11. this was originally for anxious cynic's compilation video in 2017 so i can learn about it, BUT I DID TRY MINE IMATOR BACK THEN i think it was 2014 or something. i didn't make a animation and i deleted it because it looked TOO HARD for my lil boy(me) ANYWAYS PREPARE FOR CRINGE AND CRITISISM (i was about to put maximum but the vid looked a little good..) THE FIRST ANIMATION!!!! NOT MY LATEST! i am just sharing history
  12. MoltenLapizza

    PGM Mini-Hecate II demostration

  13. MoltenLapizza

    Baldi art

    credit the face rig from skibbz plz
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