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    Just a small animator with big plans!
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    ya mom. Oh yeah, and minecraft.
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  1. The only thing better than this is your profile picture. Hot damn
  2. H8 to break it to ya, but that's not pizza renders...
  3. Hi.

    My name is Che3sy. You may know me from such films as: This guys sucks, or even more well known: Why does this guy live?: the sequel. More popular than the prequel sadly.

    But enough about me, I'm here to talk about me. 

    For a while I've been inactive on, well everywhere but discord. I spend my free time animating random things or refilling my lotion bottle after a long day at work.

    I'm working on an animation, probably my longest one yet. It already is. And it's not finished at all.

    And I've also started doing instant, frame-by-frame animation. I think it's my style. I actually enjoy animating like that, of course not as much as my favorite style, which I copied from SlipperYT. Man that guys my idle.

    I'm not saying I'm a full-time animator again, but I do like it a bit more.

    So I might post some random ass stuff just because I like feedback. *cough* some people might think that's not true but TO HELL WITH THEM! because I'm a gAWD and everybody knows that. 

    right mom? 

    oh right




    alright on a serious note, yeah I'm kinda into animation again. I'm not a full animator as I said but yeah. Its been my dream ever since I was little to make cartoons and animations and stuff that people watched. Like Disney :P

    Alright I'm leaving now xD

  4. Aight y'all are just being a bunch of douchebags. lol Welcome to the forums, we hope you enjoy it here! And we know what Mine-imator is so you don't have to point that out oops didn't realize this post is like almost 2 weeks old
  5. but wait what if homo? also nice! they all look amazing.
  6. It looks great. But question. That's a main highway sign... why is it there? lol that just looks like a street
  7. I've never seen something more beautiful. Well done buddy!
  8. Thanks! I went back at looked at the project file and yeah, his posing is kinda bad. Thanks. Yeah the posing is off, I'll work on posing if I ever get back into Mine-imator fully. Sadly he removed all his comments so I can't quote him, but see? It wasn't that hard, and nobody's yellin' at ya, reporting you or calling you names. The only thing that started an argument is you saying all that and downvoting without reason other then "why does it matter". This whole conversation could've been avoided if you had just said that.
  9. I care because I'm curious as to why you think my post deserves a downvote. A downvote isn't JUST a reputation thing on the page, it's basically saying "i don't like this". So just be helpful, and explain why you dislike my post. No need to get all testy and crap.
  10. @Mineshaft Animation y u downvote meh ;-;-;-;-;-; i cri now
  11. I FORGOT DOF SHOOOT tyty for remind me. lol he's resting them on the logs. OH RIGHT tyty i'm dumb yes the saturation is on purpose, because the fog and the day is supposed to be rather gloomy.
  12. I got bored and decided to make a picture. because of the fact that imgur is dumber than I am, I have to paste the discord link instead.lol the barrels are apart of Skibbz outside assets rig pack. ty skibbz for making them much love
  13. Beautiful *tearing up* I've never seen anything better.
  14. The camera is just amazingly done.
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