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  1. Fight Test - Potential use :P

    This is the kind of comment I enjoy. Where they say it's bad and why they think so. And yeah I figured I could try that, thanks
  2. Rig test ay

    Not sure if that's a compliment or a "you suck" comment but either way, I take it as a compliment
  3. Rig test ay

  4. Rig test ay

    Sup guys. Enjoy. you can also download if you want.
  5. Intro Giveaway Winner

    ~stolen from Hiendiep
  6. Intro Giveaway Winner

    Thank GOD I'm not that person. Before you do intro giveaways, get good enough for people to want them. You're just being laughable right now. It's just another stupid idea little YouTubers have to get more views/subscribers. "I'm doing a giveaway!" when it's either something crappy, or they don't even have anything. STOP IT!
  7. Mine-imator stone Block Generation bug

    First, don't make the font too small. Spent 15 minutes trying to figure out what the hell the problem was. Second, check your texture file. It might be a 1.8 instead of 1.12. The placement of the texture might've been moved, when the update happened (Unless you're using a different version of Mine-imator with the 1.12 block sheet).
  8. My streams are normally boring, so anyone wanna come watch to hopefully make it more... erh, lively?


  9. Fight Test - Potential use :P

    Fight TEST It's something I was testing, for a fight. I'm gonna make more of it, but not atm. It's gonna be part of a 30 or longer animation I wanna make. Lots of fighting lol
  10. Hai. So I was messing around in Mine-imator, and I made a cool weapon (spear) and I thought I should make a test thingy. It looks cool, but I want some opinions on it. If you're just gonna say it's bad, go away I want constructive criticism, not rudeness. Anyways, here ya goes: Oops. Sorry for those who clicked and saw "Gun Test" Brain fart.
  11. The Agency Images - Agent Gray vs Demi

    Depending on what the gun is shooting, (looks like a laser of some sort.) you should either light up around the gun where it fires, (if it's a normal gun, if not then light up the laser bolt thing). Looks great though
  12. Girl Rig (M-I 1.1.2)

    That looks like Skibbz facial rig ._. Wait I did not mean to tag him
  13. Reporting help

    Msg Nimi, david, or any of the other staff.
  14. When someone dabs:

    Hmm... Thank you for the important Yes. I know. But dabbing is still going on sometimes
  15. Alan Walker - The Spectre

    Nice idea for an animation, but heres some tips to hopefully help you improve. 1. Needs idle movements. Make them breath, make their heads bob a bit, and their body bend and unbend and make the arms move in synchronization with the body. 2. Change the cloud color to be more fitting to the scene, cause they stand out too much. 3. Make the person blink more often. I see you're using a face rig, put use to it. Make em' blink, and size the head ever so slightly on the Z axis. Makes it look more realistic. Other then that, it's a good animation
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