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    BUMP! 1 week until deadline!
  3. Ender Dragon Breath

    That is true, however for the adjusting, it'd be a lot of math and such to determine where it goes, and how far. I'm not big on particles, so I don't know if I'm just shouting out gibberish or not. lol
  4. Ender Dragon Breath

    Like instead of it just floating out calmly like it does, it shoots out. Rapidly.
  5. Ender Dragon Breath

    Would be great if you could figure out a way to make it kind of like shooting in a direction!
  6. Clash Royale Rig

    It's just a bunch of stretched textures Try using item sheets next time.
  7. Nether Reactor

    I never said he thought of the idea himself, I meant he made the rig himself. He build it, and made the texture. And if not, either way it's still a rig. Might I get the meaning of the rig? Okay just wait here. Get rigs that extend the functionality of Mine-imator, and import them into your own animation!" So uh, it's extending the functionality of it. Cause ye know, that's not normally in Mine-imator.
  8. Nether Reactor

    I mean, that thing in the middle was probably custom made texture so yes it's a rig. Do you have anything else to do but diss everything you see Like damn
  9. Intensity [2K]

    Posing could use some work. Especially with the guy that his leg is clipping through the ground
  10. Bow Shooting

    Arrow was waaaaaaayyy to slow Animation wasn't the best but hey, who am I to judge no seriously your animation is better than mine AND THAT DAB MADE ME DOWNVOTE
  11. Amnesia Game Rigs

    Yep! Would you like to join my discord group? It's an animation group, but it's the community group, not the one the team is in. It's mostly where you can chat and such.
  12. Amnesia Game Rigs

    I'm not that hard to impress tbh :3 Just has to be not effortless
  13. Amnesia Game Rigs

    I mean, it could use a lot more detail. Especially with the mouth. But it looks great! First Anmesia rig I've ever seen on the forums, and I love that game.
  14. Sonic Screwdriver Comparison

    I agree with you. They're both nice rigs, I prefer left!
  15. Introducing, The Latest Non-Minecraft Rig.

    No pics no clicks
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