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  1. Che3syPlayz

    Mexican Standoff

    I've never seen something more beautiful. Well done buddy!
  2. Che3syPlayz

    I got bored okay?

    Thanks! I went back at looked at the project file and yeah, his posing is kinda bad. Thanks. Yeah the posing is off, I'll work on posing if I ever get back into Mine-imator fully. Sadly he removed all his comments so I can't quote him, but see? It wasn't that hard, and nobody's yellin' at ya, reporting you or calling you names. The only thing that started an argument is you saying all that and downvoting without reason other then "why does it matter". This whole conversation could've been avoided if you had just said that.
  3. Che3syPlayz

    I got bored okay?

    I care because I'm curious as to why you think my post deserves a downvote. A downvote isn't JUST a reputation thing on the page, it's basically saying "i don't like this". So just be helpful, and explain why you dislike my post. No need to get all testy and crap.
  4. Che3syPlayz

    I got bored okay?

    @Mineshaft Animation y u downvote meh ;-;-;-;-;-; i cri now
  5. Che3syPlayz

    I got bored okay?

    I FORGOT DOF SHOOOT tyty for remind me. lol he's resting them on the logs. OH RIGHT tyty i'm dumb yes the saturation is on purpose, because the fog and the day is supposed to be rather gloomy.
  6. Che3syPlayz

    I got bored okay?

    I got bored and decided to make a picture. because of the fact that imgur is dumber than I am, I have to paste the discord link the barrels are apart of Skibbz outside assets rig pack. ty skibbz for making them much love
  7. Che3syPlayz

    Forum Wars: The Battle for the Exploit

    Beautiful *tearing up* I've never seen anything better.
  8. Che3syPlayz

    Pillage collab animation

    The camera is just amazingly done.
  9. Che3syPlayz

    A Christmas Order

    Tis incredible. Best Christ mass animation I've seen!
  10. Instead of the blocks disconnecting from each other, they stay together as if the vertex' are connected. I personally would find this very useful, as making hair and cape animations can be quite tedious. Unfortunately, I don't think it would be that simple to do.
  11. Che3syPlayz


    I left out of lack of motivation. This guy left because of growing up. Nobody that I know of left because of David leaving development.
  12. Che3syPlayz


    Hello. It has been a while. Over the past 2 and a half months, I have found out that I am not that big on animation anymore. Seeing my animations has shown me that I'm not really improving. I'm just not cut out to be an animator. I am leaving the animation community. I will finish the projects I have already started on YouTube, but after that there will be no more animations posted by me. I may randomly feel an urge to animate, and you may see random posts but most likely not. As for my animation team, M.C.P, I will remain owner of the team and run it, but not as an animator. It has been a great 2 years of my life. I will never forget it, or the friends I made through it. Anyways, enjoy a last render. Not sure where I should've posted this. Peace out, and good luck to everyone else on their animation journeys!
  13. Che3syPlayz

    uhh pls click this...

  14. Che3syPlayz

    Fryzzle's Froze test

    ew waterma- I mean oh yeah nice rig! How'd you make it look so not minecraft-y?
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