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  1. Oh... how.. original. I've been looking for a story mode rig for ages you're like the mesiah of animation. Giving us what we need. man if only this had existed fifteen million times before.. man.. ohman.
  2. But the way it works now, it's only got 8 vertices (a cube), so to add a collision box for every object unless it's a flat surface, could have hundreds or even THOUSANDS of vertices, to make up a scenery.
  3. I'd assume that to be rather resource hogging on your PC. Because Mine-imator would have to not only load in every block, read the world, ect. But it would also have to add collision boxes for each and every block within the world. As I said, I'm assuming. Still a little new when it comes to game development.
  4. Hmm yeah, I could start it off with the OG sounds, then he gets like, locked in a cave and then new minecraft sounds. lol
  5. That one sounds doable. I don't really wanna do the re-creating ones, cause then I don't really have to come up with anything. Maybe, except it doesn't really test my imagination. I'm doing these challenges to practice my imagination and creativity. Maybe maybe, except it's kinda plain. lol Probably not, cause as I said I don't really feel like recreating things. Maybe, but again as I said... lmao
  6. As a part of my journey to find motivation and inspiration to animate again, I've given myself little challenges here and there like my 24 hour animation challenge. Unfortunately I am not in the best mind state or imagination right now (if that makes sense) to come up with many challenge ideas. I was wondering what suggestions might you guys have? When I fill up my page of 5-10 challenge ideas, I'm gonna do a random number picker and see what I have to animate. (Also if you could put how long I have to set a timer for, that'd be appreciated to ) Okay so idk if this goes in here but I didn't see a specific spot for it, so mods/helpers/admin guys could you help please? lol
  7. You add a texture to the surface using a PNG file that has a transparent background and a green shape. Ontopic: This is freaking amazing. Honestly, this is some high tier shit. Good job
  8. So I found a nice way to get motivation.

    Every now and then I challenge myself to do something.

    Like for the past week I've challenged myself to timed animation challenges, where I have a set amount of time to animate. It's really good practice, and what I made in 24 hours is actually not as bad as what I've made in the past. I'll probably be posting it later on in the day, as I don't have it uploaded. But holy hot dang.

    1. jakubg1


      If I set a fixed amount of time to animate myself, I'm just expanding it just before the time ends xD

    2. Che3syPlayz


      I had that happen once. I was so close to completion, and then boom I was out of time.

  9. Oh boy.. I can see some shit going down with this :3
  10. *sniffling* liek if u cri evrytiem u drink melk
  11. What Ghatos said. Also, what the hell is he lighting on fire??? Stone?? Animations could use some work, as they seem rather sloppy (no offense, just something that comes with time). Lighting, composition maybe, some movement of the camera, as well as overlapping action. (That means have the arms/head a frame or two ahead of the body/legs)
  13. for anyone who can't see the link. Anyways, as just a viewer, it looks great. As an animator, I can see some flaws in it. Starting with it's a kinda basic background. There's no color, it's bland and boring. On one hand, there's enough happening in the foreground, but I think it might look nicer with even just a gradient background Secondly: Is this a freaking Recardo meme?!?!?!
  14. You can contact me on Discord and we can talk about it. I'd love to see what you have in mind, and maybe get my team into it. Just forgot to put my discord: Che3sy#0716
  15. The only thing better than this is your profile picture. Hot damn
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