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  1. 4K Wallpapaer - New Skin

    I like your enthusiasm! Most people would diss their work, but you seem to take pride in it. I also love the wallpaper, simple but nice. Have a +1!
  2. Steve & Alex VS Herobrine

    Uh... Because I walk?
  3. Steve & Alex VS Herobrine

    Good animation, except nobody walks by putting their legs all the way up to their ass.

    Nobody walks that fast Other than the fast walking, looks decent.
  5. Remember, don't give up. You can get through these hard times, I know you can...

    1. Che3syPlayz


      Uh.. Thanks?

      lol idk what this is about :P

  6. Making 3d Surface's Bend

    Ikr, it's kind of annoying. Also, use Modelbench, and some how make them bend together
  7. Admin Rig!

    No no, not could've, should've.
  8. Lag/FrameSkip Bug

    Because an older version of MI uses less resources on your computer. Kinda figured that'd be a little obvious.
  9. The Nomad Render (From Nomad Of Nowhere)

    You don't need to. lol Nobody awaits your reply just saying. Anyways, amazing wallpaper, I wish I had your talent
  10. Lighting, The Endermans right leg isn't on the ground, Her right leg isn't flat enough on the ground. Other than that, it's great!
  11. Lag/FrameSkip Bug

    Looks like it's because your computer can't run smoothly with the particles. It's a lot of resources
  12. Hello my cheese boi

  13. I Keep You Running (WIP)

    Okay. First off, the syncing sucks. The lighting sucks. The whole animation cringy Annnnd finally it's fad.
  14. wtf? Where's the fight The guy runs over to him, and Steve jumps over him. Also, the animation could use some work, the flip sucks, the walking thing that bad guy does sucks, and the lighting is kinda bad. 4/10

    That means... Nothing Also, ahem... Sorry to burst your bubble bud, but we did say skins. Soooooooooo I'm gonna quote YOU now
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