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  1. So we back in the mine got our pickaxe swinging from side to side, side side to side. On a serious related topic xD: looks great. Very smooth. I this supposed to be a casual walk or a confident walk though? cause if casual, she doesn't look like she's walking very casually.
  2. The arms are out in an odd way. To me at least. Other than that, awesome run cycle.
  3. Not gonna lie, that would be pretty damn useful. Lets get the devs in on this! And yes, make it a toggle option or else it's useless. lmao
  4. WHAT? Hol up. I gave you actual advice, helpful advice and you're saying I need to think before criticizing? Lmao aight
  5. Yes, I am aware my animations are not good. But I still know what a good animation looks like, and am aware of what makes them good. Also, to cheer up? you're not English I'm assuming, so can anyone help me out here? ALSO IT WAS DONE IN 24 HOURS WHAT DO YOU EXPECT LMAO top tier Disney animation?? lmao
  6. Alrighty mah dood, critique time. It's too FREAKING long. Nobody would watch a video for 30 seconds just to find out what's after the 30 second intro. I recommend not going over 12. THE MOST. cause ye know, attention spans. Secondly, animation seems to be lacking in animation I guess. Adjust the transitions, keyframe lengths etc. Lastly, lighting is just ungoddly.
  7. Be constructive. Lighting needs some work, posing is lacking some emotion, and camera position is kind of eh?
  8. Not gonna lie, I'm confused. What do we win? Just the satisfaction of winning? That's not very good. I mean, ego boost yeah but we spend a lot of time just for ego? tsk tsk tsk
  9. Oh... how.. original. I've been looking for a story mode rig for ages you're like the mesiah of animation. Giving us what we need. man if only this had existed fifteen million times before.. man.. ohman.
  10. But the way it works now, it's only got 8 vertices (a cube), so to add a collision box for every object unless it's a flat surface, could have hundreds or even THOUSANDS of vertices, to make up a scenery.
  11. I'd assume that to be rather resource hogging on your PC. Because Mine-imator would have to not only load in every block, read the world, ect. But it would also have to add collision boxes for each and every block within the world. As I said, I'm assuming. Still a little new when it comes to game development.
  12. Hmm yeah, I could start it off with the OG sounds, then he gets like, locked in a cave and then new minecraft sounds. lol
  13. That one sounds doable. I don't really wanna do the re-creating ones, cause then I don't really have to come up with anything. Maybe, except it doesn't really test my imagination. I'm doing these challenges to practice my imagination and creativity. Maybe maybe, except it's kinda plain. lol Probably not, cause as I said I don't really feel like recreating things. Maybe, but again as I said... lmao
  14. As a part of my journey to find motivation and inspiration to animate again, I've given myself little challenges here and there like my 24 hour animation challenge. Unfortunately I am not in the best mind state or imagination right now (if that makes sense) to come up with many challenge ideas. I was wondering what suggestions might you guys have? When I fill up my page of 5-10 challenge ideas, I'm gonna do a random number picker and see what I have to animate. (Also if you could put how long I have to set a timer for, that'd be appreciated to ) Okay so idk if this goes in here but I didn't see a specific spot for it, so mods/helpers/admin guys could you help please? lol
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