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  1. Che3syPlayz

    Minecraft Story Mode Jesse Rig!

    Good rig, but try making more generic rigs (I think I used that the opposite as I meant.) I mean try creating things up, and not do rigs that have like 100000000+ of them.
  2. Well. 

    Hey guys wanna hear a story? 

    Someone died

    The end.

    Hey can someone make that into an animation?


  3. Che3syPlayz

    Humbordre's Animation

    OOF Boss man is savage
  4. My PC broke ;-; meaning no animating for this guy.

    kill me?

    Anyone is allowed, I just want it to be done XD

  5. Che3syPlayz

    I hate it when..

    Oh my god. That was a god given video! Made me laugh for a few minutes. lol
  6. Che3syPlayz

    Movie Poster Thing

    That looks sick
  7. Che3syPlayz

    Adventure Map

    I-it actually does XD
  8. Che3syPlayz

    Backflip fail

    Well, first off, I love the flip. I agree with everyone else. Just small changes and practice will make it better! Your enthusiasm however, I don't like ;-; it doesn't make me like you any less or your things, just think people with skill and talent shouldn't doubt themselves. just saying. Good flip tho
  9. Che3syPlayz

    Adventure Map

    You agree with the stupidity, yet you kept it going as well? It takes two too tango boios
  10. Che3syPlayz

    Adventure Map

    Bu-but downvoting isn't criticism And he wasn't being offensive or anything. Constructive criticism is telling someone what's wrong or how to fix what's wrong. Giving them tips. Downvoting/upvoting is just if you like the project or not, not help/not not help. (if that makes sense) This is possibly one of the stupidest fights I've ever seen since I've been on the forums
  11. Che3syPlayz

    Adventure Map

    W-why? You know there's a way to enable that... Right? lol Who wants the MI watermark on their creations
  12. Che3syPlayz

    Adventure Map

    Wait. Hold on. *looks at edited* okay *looks at unedited* hold on... *looks again* what's the difference?
  13. Che3syPlayz

    Dead Cycle

    Didn't even hit play and I got criticism. Remove the water mark. Hit the star up top, and you can donate money or get it for free. Second, use transitions; trust me, they make it smoother. Lastly, the animation could use some work, he doesn't have dynamic movement (by that I mean his back doesn't bend backwards, and his arms don't move back as well.)
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