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  1. Still open? if so go on namemc and seach TrancedPvP
  2. Is it just me or do other people find is annoying how characters bodies bend. When the body bends to a certain angle it becomes all sharp att the bend which I dont personally like. Can you please add the option for round bending again.
  3. -slams hands on desk- THANK YOU
  4. Can you make various gambling machine rigs and car rigs plz
  5. Alright never mind i got the sounds
  6. Yeah i cant and Im a bit lazy
  7. Yeah I need a Male gasp sound effect the ONLY good one I could find wasnt free and Im cheep so yeah Also a angry male grunt like the ones you see in Minecraft intros ( dont judge pls)
  8. Im just asking if someone can rebuild the maps or something similar
  9. why? its just the maps im interested in
  10. Hello people, i would like to request a Skyrim-like RPG Map schematic If you want a starting point here is a video that has some maps I liked so if anyone could remake some i would appreciate it. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRs9y0ZUZ8Y
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