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  1. Y'all mind looking into this please? It's kinda messing me up.


  2. wait you actually changed your name to skemelon

    1. Skelemelon


      Yea, it was funny. I think so at least...

    2. crustyjpeg


      who was this guy originally?

    3. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei


  3. So, clean install of mineimator, this happens when I render my shot. any suggestions? it only happens in render mode and when I actually render something. Edit: everyhing opaque (alpha slider) turns black and not see-through unless the alpha slider is at 100%
  4. Couldn't even credit skibbs for the eyes? Boo.
  5. Creeper!

    aw man...

    1. ThatRobloxerGamerYT


      so way back in the mine

  6. Holy s**t! that's really freaking good! The lighting is fantastic, the blurs pretty good, the puddle is very nice, and it all sets the mood really well! Very well done!
  7. Didn't need fixing, but thanks i guess.
  8. What they said. Laziness never produces a good product.
  9. I swear to god, its default. The clouds are also messed up, I'm currently unable to get a screenshot atm.
  10. Y'all remember the masterpiece that is... 

    "Ecip movements, creeper"

    The video is gone now but I still remember it...

    frame. by. frame.



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Skelemelon


      death and destruction.


      Jk, it was actually a HORRENDOUSLY bad animation made by some kid like... 3 years ago? I mean he was just starting out, but this animation man... no excuse at all. 

      He also was super defensive of his Creation and took any form of criticism as hate, he then pretty much ragequits the forums.

      He has the most downvotes on the whole site, like, 147 something.

      "Devils incarnate" < his label.

    3. Mineshaft Animation
    4. __Mine__
  11. Hello. So I've recently been trying trying to get back into mine-imator after a long time and decided to delete all my previous mine-imator files including the program itself, so I could start with a Freshly untouched install of Version 1.2.2. So I began to make a background for my forum profile and as I was dicking around with bloom and a point light and the location of the sun in the sky, (trying to get a nice sunset effect) I switch on the real-time render only to realize... https://imgur.com/a/mmkuToc Yea... wanted bright sunset orange, got depressing jet black instead. Now, I have NO clue on what is causing this, I have not touched the settings yet or even customized layout and colour, just plain stock everything. I have no crash report, since nothing crashed, but I'm still stumped... do you know what's going on here? Any help is appreciated! Many thanks.
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