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  1. Even if you will have -1000 reputation, you won't get a ban, so don't be shy and post what you want, not caring about your reputation. You might be a good animator! (and if not, you'll still be remembered as a person who gained most negative rep ever)
  2. These swords appear out of nowhere. Run, that might be last seconds of your life! (Sorry for an empty post without criticism, but I'm too bad at criticizing...)
  3. I see no difference between an edited and an unedited one.
  4. An alternate way would be using collision boxes in a way like it's now used for despawning the particles when one hits that bounding box.
  5. Open the .miproject file by Notepad, search for "0000", find the value that has to do something with particles, and set the number to 20 or so. Save and close the project file. The project should be able to be opened again.
  6. Make something about building a house, or maybe mining something.
  7. The facial animation is cool and this is the place where the glowing eyes are necessary, but I don't get the creeper behavior, it becomes lit for a second and then disappears. This reminds me a combination of P h a n t o m j u m p s c a r e s (they don't kill the player) and M a n g l e j u m p s c a r e (hanging from the ceiling). sorry for references from that game
  8. That's already fixed in an unreleased version. Unfortunately, all you can do is to make your model again.
  9. You can copy the built-in resource pack from Minecraft 1.14 ("Programmer Art").
  10. I feel alone, I need someone to talk with, my team members are just almost always offline... ;/

    1. 9redwoods
    2. jakubg1


      ?       I don't understand.

    3. KingGXD


      ok you can message me in discord JAD#7867

  11. I don't understand you... ;/ Do you disagree on the wallpaper or on the fact that I hate dancing? It's okay dude!
  12. Just made a wallpaper so I can finally post something. Credits (finally!) -> @FredBear17_YT for the skirt rig The girl skin is a skin that one of my friends has, and he's a boy btw. Fun fact: I hate dancing IRL.
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