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  1. You could either wait a bit more until the draw on the topic vote was ended by one more vote or asked Shot, maybe he wants a "Mine All Day" wallpaper instead.
  2. And yours not Many people as me still can't animate though. I want to, but once I start, the next day I'm unmotivated and scrap the animation.
  3. I kindly discourage using my walking cycle, it's very old and made in version where you couldn't bend the body sideways, making the cycle itself pretty stiff. Same applies to running and waving keyframes. Might redo it some time
  4. Yes, it plays correctly. (I'd say it's more car assembly than car resemble)
  5. New record. I was almost 11 hours in the school...

  6. It's nice! That's more like parkour than freerunning, tbh.
  7. If she's stretching, why does she have her arms bent nearly 90°?
  8. The wallpaper is a reference to a bug that lasted quite a long time, and was mixed with 1.14 style. The wallpaper is not linked with any particular version. It's just a few versions mixed together. I don't want to start an argument, so I'll stop here.
  9. That's a minor thing. The wallpaper isn't meant to represent a certain version. And you can convert the new Minecraft textures to a resource pack that would work in 1.12.2.
  10. The wallpaper is a reference to a bug that existed in Minecraft since 1.7.2 all the way up to 1.12.2. The baby zombies did not burn then. The issue was fixed in 1.13.
  11. Thank you so much guys! I really appreciate that, it helps me to work out my style
  12. I was also thinking about posting the version without the edge glow, because it didn't look too good. But because I didn't want to throw away Frost's hard work, I posted the one with edge glow. That decision costed me some reputation points, but I can deal with it
  13. The edge glow is made by Frost, tell complaints about that to him
  14. Hi! Edge glow and some criticism by @Frost* . Also @Rawami helped a bit. Thank you guys very much! Some people asked me to reupload my character rig. I'll do it soon, thanks for patience! [Edit: Here's the version without edge glow]
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