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  1. jakubg1

    new rig, Vahlerie

    Edgy is where there are colors that are highly contrasted (usually red/blue/green/yellow + black) to make it "cool". The term is used only on this forums and if I made a mistake explaining this, correct me. I don't see edgyness here though.
  2. I found 3 trivias on the forums.

    1. If you write "MI", it gets automatically underlined.

    2. Types of likes/dislikes like "Funny" or "Wow" adds you 1 point.

    3. If you click on the cover photo in someone's profile, you can view it in larger size [expand it].

    I'm writing it here because maybe someone didn't know that :P

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Slime


      @jakubg1 Ill have to look into it.

    3. -StickyMations-


      Crap, I only knew the 3rd one. And I've been here longer than you ;-; Well, here's another one:

      4. If you click on the arrow to the right of the subforum's category names, you can collapse them.

    4. Jake_28


      I knew all of these :D

  3. jakubg1

    Character Evolution [ORIGINAL CONTENT EDITION]

    You could add some description. Now it's just a bunch of skins/images put together.
  4. jakubg1

    People failing at parkour

    Funny, but I think it's more a part of the animation, since making the entire animation of people failing at a parkour would be... more boring than actual stories. I can't help you at that though, because I'm also not good at making stories. The animation is good timed, but you need to make characters' poses more realistic (tip: rotate and bend each limb in each axis) and make them move more smoothly. Avoid using linear transitions everywhere.
  5. jakubg1

    Hozq's Improved Character Model

    Why don't you make a poll instead of letting people voting in the comments?
  6. jakubg1

    Inverse Kinematics In Mine-Imator

    I posted once a status update about Inverse Kinematics and described the maths on Discord (I had also a doubt if it should be posted in a new topic, but lastly decided to not to do it). The problem is, math is only a part of the system. There's also need to code the UI for that, I was posting the example also on the Discord. UI Each keyframe for the bendable object would have a bool: whether to use IK or not. If not, it's all like now. If IK is used, there's a second position tab instead of a rotation tab, to manage the IK controller (I think there should be light blue arrows and light blue sphere for that.) If the transition is between two keyframes that have IK on, the IK controller will move instead of transitioning the rotations and bending directly. If between IK and FK or between two FK, the rotations would transist directly (like now). Also, when toggling between IK and FK mode, the position of IK controller/rotations+bend of the object would be calculated automatically so the limb wouldn't move (that might be helpful in certain situations). Math (you might not understand nothing below, don't complain to me if so ) To make IK working, there should be equations for calculating the limb positions though. The main things we need to calculate first are the distance between the object root point (rotation point) and IK controller and the angle between these points. You can use this pseudocode for reference: #pseudocode // Expectations: // Because of Mine-imator limitations, only two-bone implementation will be demonstrated here. // Object position will be (0, 0, 0), because it's easier and we have a reference points (all points declared below are relative to object root position). // BELOW THERE ARE VARIABLES THAT SHOULD BE COPIED/USED FROM EXISTING MINE-IMATOR CODE. var cPos = {x = 0, y = -6, z = 0} // IK controller position var bones = {3, 3} // two bones, because we have one bending point, therefore we can have support for multiple bendings in various positions in the future // BELOW THERE ARE FUNCTIONS THAT ARE JUST HELPING DOING MATHS AND DOES NOT AFFECT DIRECTLY INTO INVERSE KINEMATICS SIMULATION. func diagonal(x, y) { // Simple Pythagorean theorem... return(((x ^ 2) + (y ^ 2)) !^ 2) } func angleToPoint(x, y) { // An angle between the point (0, 0) and the point (x, y) in degrees. [...] } func add(array) { // Example: if array = {0, 5, -3, 666}, the output will be 0 + 5 + -3 + 666 = 668. localvar total = 0 for i = 0, bones.length { total += bones[i] } return(total) } // BELOW THERE IS CODE THAT IS NECESSARY TO CALCULATE BENDINGS/ROTATIONS IN MINE-IMATOR. // THAT CODE SHOULD BE EXECUTED EVERY FRAME TO WORK PROPERLY. var limbLength = add(bones) // It's basically addition of all numbers in "bones" variable. var desiredLen = diagonal(diagonal(cPos[0], cPos[1]), cPos[2]) // Length between the object position and the controller position. var desiredRot = {x = angleToPoint(cPos[1], cPos[2]), y = angleToPoint(cPos[0], cPos[2]), z = angleToPoint(cPos[0], cPos[1])} // Rotations in each axis between the object position and the controller position. var stretching = desiredLen > limbLength // If it's true, the bone will be stretched. Because I think it looks fancy, I think stretching wouldn't be necessary there. // Now that's there the magic happens. // We can imagine a triangle where we have its three sides, and we need to calculate the angles between each side. /* R |\ |x\ b a | \ | y/ |z/ c |/ C where: a = distance between the root and IK controller (given) b, c = bone lengths (given) x = the object rotation (we should calculate this) y = the bending angle (we should calculate this) z = calculating the 3rd angle isn't necessary R = the object root position (here: (0, 0, 0)) C = the IK controller position (given) */ // if !stretching { } To Be Edited soon, again.
  7. jakubg1

    Gaster Blaster Rig V2!!! by Zal-nimations

    WHY ARE YOU WRITING LIKE THAT instead of writing like that? EOT
  8. How has using blender been?

    1. jakubg1


      If Blender was portable, I'd have probably already made some sort of wallpaper. But it isn't portable, so I need to get a new computer. My old one broke. So no progress yet… 😕

      Hopefully, a new computer will be delivered soon. :)

  9. jakubg1

    How do you make a download?

    Remember to quote when you're replying to someone. It's important especially here, where the messages aren't sorted by time. For example, now someone voted for my message, and the conversation broke
  10. jakubg1

    How do you make a download?

    Nevermind. I was thinking that Jadturentale's post was yours.
  11. jakubg1

    How do you make a download?

    Create an empty folder. Its name will be the file name for everyone who will download the rig. Open the rig in Mine-imator. Select the character/folder containing the rig. Click the "Save" icon. Navigate to the folder you created in point 1. Press "Save". Make an archive from the folder. Upload it somewhere. Put the link on the forums. Profit.
  12. jakubg1

    Gaster Blaster Rig V2!!! by Zal-nimations

    Well, you should know this topic was created in 2017.
  13. jakubg1

    Random Test again

    I think you could do some more posing, especially for the last scene. I like the facial expressions though. It's a test, so I won't complain about lack of scenery and default lighting. I would say… 7/10.
  14. jakubg1

    [REMAKE] Fingers test

    Yes, I know…...
  15. jakubg1

    [REMAKE] Fingers test

    Don't you know about the search tab?
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