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  1. Ask jakubg1

  2. Ask jakubg1

    I just made a mistake in the sentence. English is not my native language, I still learn it. That sentence would mean... that I'm here for 2 months and everyone noticed I'm he... [stopping shaming] Another question?
  3. Ask jakubg1

    Because of boredoom... I think I'll regret this soon...
  4. Refrigerator Rig

    You'll need to make your rig list in one place soon , you're making rigs simple, fast, accurate, and that's why I upvoted this. It's AMAZING !
  5. Ryan

    Also you don't need to quote and double your post.
  6. Sword Swing Keyframes

    You will start animating well one day. I wish you luck Anyone else? Why nobody rated the new version for 40 days? That means the animation is good? If something is wrong, tell what and I'll fix it. Thank you.
  7. Mineimator VS Drawings

    For me drawing is better because in Mine-imator you used too weak posing (needs to be more exaggerated, zombie rotation accordingly to the drawing is bad) and there's no facial rig (in MI, the character on the left is somewhat uninterested about the zombie on the right). More color could be thrown into the drawing though.
  8. This is a common bug and it probably won't be fixed. I advice you using external programs after the animation rendering.
  9. Wave Cycle

    As everything I make, this was made on purpose and then I thinked: "Why not release it?". Download: http://www35.zippyshare.com/v/koeYkGsP/file.html Credit appreciated, but not needed. Any thoughts?
  10. Hi! I'm making a Bedwars animation to improve at my animating skills and I need 3 competitors for the animation. Anyone can join, but only first 3 will be in the animation. Here's a little teaser (GIF):


    For the justice, I'll pick randomly who will be winner, who 2nd, who 3rd etc. I'll PM the competitors about the placement (final ranking) after all slots will be occupied if they wish.

    To join, I'll need the skin. You can also pick a color from these: yellow, blue, red and green. There won't be any facial rigs in the animation, so the skin doesn't matter.

    Thank you in advance! :D

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    2. jakubg1


      It's because the map I made has 4 beds/teams/players :)

      Don't worry, after finishing that animation (I hope I'll release it before 2018) I'll think about next competition :)

    3. Shadow


      Need anymore people?

    4. jakubg1
  11. Lifecraft Glasses Rig [v2.0]

    A small note for everyone who uses the rig: Reflections were not mirrored and I forgot to fix them before releasing, to fix them you need to open "Project properties" tab, go into library and select for reflection planes option "Mirror horizontally". I don't upload the fixed version because I don't want to force people downloading 50 times the same rig, especially if there were only slight changes. Fixing takes only one minute Thank you.
  12. Unlikely Alliance [2K]

    So let's go. Error roundabout is running... I'll start from the most important thing: scenery. There's only a plain background - light gray wall and dark gray floor. I know that you are making Star Wars wallpapers and the action is set mostly in space where it's basically nothing but stars, black holes etc., but remember - the better scenery you make, the better will be wallpaper overall. Lighting. As in other wallpaper, as here, lighting is too strong on walls, but there's no light on the floor. I recommend putting about 5-10 point lights on a line where lightsabers are shining. If you correct these two points, I'll check again the wallpaper and then describe what's wrong. Remember, quality over quantity. You're starting and improving, everyone was on the same level on which you are The last note: I don't know from where you have the character on the left (that is holding a red lightsaber), but the fingers look too long for me. Overall: ... No, I'm joking, 5/10
  13. This post is based only in my opinion. I don't write as developer. Very ambitious ideas. True, it'd make animations easier to make, but remember that implementing all of these features will take incredible time, especially that graphics in Mine-imator, other than Blender or C4D, is not based on triangles, but on shapes. Also GameMaker has very strict limitations. Maybe in very, very, very far future, when Mine-imator will be rewritten to C++ and will use OpenGL (seriously I think it will never be done), these ideas maybe will be implemented. Currently - sensible ideas: yes, it will be introduced: not now (it means in far future or never). I think that we aren't going to make OpenCinema4D Ask developers for more information
  14. how to fix mine imator runtime error?

    Maybe you need to install C++ Redistributable 2015? Or you have non-latin characters in the path? I'm just trying, it may not work. Please post an image of the error, maybe it'll help solving the problem.
  15. Fight Night [2K]

    Glad you using my rig! Ontopic: The posing is good, the lightning can be better (but it's also good, I mean it can be better because I don't see any, even slight, light on the ground), but I don't see anything but characters fighting together. I don't say it's flatlands, because it ends on the left, but better scenery will make the wallpaper better. Overall: 6.5/10, but you get +1 because you're simply starting and you're learning how to make wallpapers the best as you can. Keep going!
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