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  1. IK program rewritten into 3D.


    Source (in the source you will find an executable file to open the program): http://www115.zippyshare.com/v/DKE9yFE1/file.html

    Probably tomorrow Huzkii will port it to GameMaker :)

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    2. ShadowUnicorn_Gaming




      You can be a husk but please do not claim to be the real one okay thank you

    3. Dannyboi
    4. Husky Gurl
  2. I made an Inverse Kinematics program. Currently in 2D, but tomorrow I'll rewrite it into Godot language and in 3D, so IK can be in Mine-imator faster than you all think :)



    How to use?

    1. Extract the archive.
    2. Open the program.
    3. Press M.
    4. Use arrow keys to navigate the IK controller.

    Known bug, when the distance between hip and IK controller is longer than the leg itself, it bugs, but when you'll move the IK controller closer to the hip it'll show again :)

    Have fun!

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    2. Colonel Muffin

      Colonel Muffin

      @LegendMC Well yeah it's not like he's a big verified publisher.

    3. LegendMC


      That could be one but it was flagged because it was considered to be rare file according to what my antivirus said. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    4. jakubg1


      That's the one of the TGF2 problems (built applications can be triggered by an antivirus), but in Godot 3D version this problem will be solved. I'll code it this weekend :)

  3. Orthographic/2D view

    You can pose the camera properly and you'll gain similiar effect.
  4. Does this look good?

    I can't see the picture. Use picture hosting, for example http://pixady.com/.
  5. Autosave function

    That function already exists. Just make sure you enabled it in settings, you can open autosaves by opening the project folder, selecting the most recent autosave and changing its extension to *.miproject.
  6. (Co-op with Chono) OC Rig v1.0

    I know there's Mediafire, but my account is full and I can't upload anything more nor I don't want to pay for more storage.
  7. (Co-op with Chono) OC Rig v1.0

    So, Chono and I made a new Official Character Rig. Includes: by Chono: Extrusions (collars, shoes, hair) Modification of skin Neck Eyes by me: Mouth (separate download available here) Extrusion and eyes fixes I think @Chono! should post this topic, he made more than me and upvotes should go to him, but he told me that I should post it to the forums How it looks: Download link: http://www72.zippyshare.com/v/mgZY7uiR/file.html If the link doesn't work, let me know, I'll reupload the rig, but I'll be glad if someone will upload the rig to another hosting where files stay more than a month Let me know if you use the rig, thank you (And of course, credit Chono)
  8. Alpha Glitch Mouth Rig [v. 1.0]

    I know, but I made the rig because I found only 2 another Alpha Glitch based mouth rigs, Nimi's rig hasn't expressions and SKIBBZ's rig is buggy and hard to use. So the rig was made because I couldn't find another appropiate rig.
  9. Alpha Glitch Mouth Rig [v. 1.0]

    A simple mouth rig with teeth, bendable tongue and expressions. Can be smiled or frown. Two simple renders: Download >>> http://www72.zippyshare.com/v/UmmazccH/file.html <<< If the link doesn't work, let me know, I'll reupload the rig. I'll be glad if someone put the rig on another hosting, where the rig will stay more than a month. Let me know when the rig is used
  10. Ask jakubg1

    It's quite interesting question. I have a bunch of games, but mainly I play simulators, rarely I can play a game. My answer is: Luxor
  11. Animation revision from last year

    I did that style of closing on purpose. But, if you want, I can change it.
  12. Death test

    What do you mean?
  13. Death test

    Some animation test. I call this as unfinished, because I failed at improving it, in other words - I can't make it better. Anyways, I hope I won't get downvotes at this. Criticism is appreciated, as always.
  14. Walking Cycle

    So... Download: http://www46.zippyshare.com/v/01K3wTig/file.html If the link doesn't work, tell me, I'll reupload the file. 2 tips: Use folders, the character timeline is used for Y position of the character. Don't use the cycle in the state you imported it, make it some randomness so it doesn't look plain, for example turning the head etc. Uses the new format, so compatible with 1.1.0, 1.1.1, 1.1.2 and future versions. Give a credit if you want --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thoughts?
  15. Rise Again (GIF)

    Multi-colored text that shines makes me feel like it's not made in Mine-imator. Nice work though. Congratulations, you just got your first upvote .
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