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  1. jakubg1

    just stopping by in the inn...

    The eyes are off of the place. They're too small. No more criticism, because I have too few experience on criticizing (I'd just say the lighting is bad, but I wouldn't say what exactly is wrong because I'm also bad at lighting). I like the original more than edited. Didn't you just brighten up the wallpaper? Keep up and you'll eventually get better!
  2. Gained the error after clicking "Show image" tab: <Error> <Code> AccessDenied </Code> <Message> Access denied. </Message> <Details> Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.get access to discord/attachments/467122667108171776/502166401088356355/LazyTempMMJHD.png. </Details> </Error> Did you post the image in a closed group?
  3. Not working images. In my opinion, you should notice something's not working and try to fix it as fast as possible. You posted an alternate link, so nevermind.
  4. Animated profile picture source:


    Sharing it because I abandoned it; I was thinking the gif profile picture requests are over but they aren't :)

  5. jakubg1

    Suggestions for better 3D images

    It doesn't work perfectly with bends though.
  6. jakubg1

    Suggestions for better 3D images

    I think he meant 3D character extruding, like in C4D or Blender. This is impossible in the current bending system.
  7. I've decided to give a name to my Official Character.


    His name is Felix.

    1. Jake_28


      Fix it Felix...

      but in all seriousness, I thought his name was your name...

    2. jakubg1


      I've changed it due to problems with pronounciation of the original name.

      By the way, I think I've never called my character Jakub..

  8. jakubg1

    "Wh... Huh?!" [4K]

    What I'm doing there, I'm abou [falls onto the ground] uhhh... Nice wallpaper, but I don't realy see any portals like you wrote below it.
  9. jakubg1

    I cannot enter negative values

    Where you can't enter negative values? Explain more specifically.
  10. jakubg1

    Car Crash Collab

    You need to learn Mine-imator (you need even better skill than I have) and have a lot of reputation points. In other words, you'll probably never host a collab. Forget about it. (sorry if too offensive)
  11. jakubg1

    Sound effect changes!

    You can edit/put them in an external program. It's impossible to do that in GameMaker.
  12. jakubg1

    Will make gif profile pics

    I think it's over, but if not, here is my request: Use this rig: Do a similiar camera angle and background like in my current profile picture (it can be just a blue color, but not exactly like my shirt so I can see it). What should I do in the picture? Make me look around, wink and smile (in any order). Treat this as a low-priority request, it's basically just throwing life into my current profile picture.
  13. jakubg1

    Skin Requests for Group Wallpaper

    Some persons even if they have 2x2 eyes on their skin make a shorter version of his eyes on their rigs. I don't want to have short eyes in the wallpaper. For example: Bad: Good: just see my profile picture.
  14. jakubg1

    Skin Requests for Group Wallpaper

    You don't need to use my character if there'll be too many people. Style requests: If do you want to use a facial rig, I'd advise you to put something else than my character rigs, so the style will be more consistent. I don't want to have fingers. Don't use rounded eyes on my skin and don't make them 2x1! Also if do you want to extrude the skin, don't extrude the green strings on the shirt separately, because they're printed on it! Special items or armor: Without them, please. But if you really want, you can put in my left hand a tool (pickaxe?).
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