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  1. It doesn't need to be an arrow, it can be anything, i.e. a liquid particle, whatever.
  2. You should put a blood warning in the title.
  3. I can tell that by i.e. lighting and bending. Also, can you tell how many HP does the player have while each heart is indicating a fraction of a health point?
  4. You have to wait some more time. Major part of the community is American, who are sleeping
  5. I'd need to make it. So not now.
  6. Now it doesn't end up with a death. It's just an animation request. It's just a warmup after 6 months. Cringe intended. Now with 100% more flatlands! Warning: downvotes! Aim: delay the 250 rep wallpaper, I'm not ready yet. Okay, so here it is: In all seriousness, I just had to balance up, there were too many good animations recently.
  7. If you would be testing your game, you'd have actually coded it. This is just a first person wallpaper made in Mine-imator.
  8. It is considered a variant of stone. Thus, select "Stone" and then select appropriate variant.
  9. I bet a Mine-imator update containing these things will be out once 1.14 is out.
  10. Select the object on the timeline, on the right side open "Graphics" and you should have it there. Note that doesn't work on every object though.
  11. I know it's late, but I have an idea for a name for this wallpaper: "Weather Forecaster"
  12. Currently it looks like this: (sorry for that slow GIF, but I don't bother speeding it up) How it would (and should) be:
  13. The posing is hard to understand. There's no point to have one leg laying on another when the character doesn't sit. The cards doesn't look pixelated like Minecraft should be. Also, try to zoom out (either by increasing FOV or putting more space between the character and the camera). Average render. 5/10
  14. jakubg1

    Edge glow render

    Yes, but that won't go well when bending the body in Y axis.
  15. jakubg1

    Edge glow render

    Note both methods above have some disadvantages, because nothing can be placed near the character, you can't animate that way and it won't work well with extruded parts. However, adding edge glow into Mine-imator wouldn't be that hard IMO, because similiar algorithm is already done to draw borders of selected objects.
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