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  1. jakubg1

    Download Skin | Doesn't Work

    It's a known issue for very long time, it's because skin database changed their format so they're accessible by a UUID instead by a nickname. The issue is impossible to fix unless someone will figure out the way how converting the nickname into UUID works, or there's somewhere a database that's holding all UUID's with nicknames appropriately (which is very unlikely).
  2. jakubg1

    Well, Another Way to Kill Fray

    Because your OC is a furry and furries are hated I think? (sorry if offensive)
  3. There's only 1 animation. The second link (channel) contains the animation from the first link, and in last link... there's fad content... You'll get hated very fast here.
  4. jakubg1

    5 More days to go!

    The background of the second picture could have better quality.
  5. jakubg1

    Forum updating live

    Don't ask me here, I have quit this discussion to not gain warning points.
  6. jakubg1

    Forum updating live

    Then why did you quote my message? Wait, I'm lost and disoriented now. Quitting this discussion to not spam anymore.
  7. jakubg1

    Forum updating live

    You didn't. *shrugs*
  8. jakubg1

    Forum updating live

    You still don't need to refresh the page. You have a "show reply" link...
  9. jakubg1

    Forum updating live

    They're already updating. You don't need to refresh the page to see new notifications. Edit: Bacon was first. Please someone from staff, delete also this post.
  10. jakubg1

    Lip Sync models.

    . Please someone from staff to delete this post... I've probably broke the rule so I want to delete it, but there's no option for that.
  11. No, it's true. Mine-imator is written in GameMaker.
  12. jakubg1

    connection point

    ... I'm from Poland... Poland is not Czech Republic. (however, they're similiar countries)
  13. jakubg1

    More reactions

    Isn't it currently at 5?
  14. jakubg1

    connection point

    Read the last line below my profile picture and you'll know the answer.
  15. I'm a new developer of the biggest Polish train simulator!

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