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  1. Mine Imator Face Rig

    One question. Really?
  2. MI HomePage ideas

    "Leaderboard", as said before, isn't a good idea, but it can download reputation stats from the forums and put the nicks (maybe also avatars?). I think Mine-imator with that looking menu should be not 1.3.0, but 2.0.
  3. Renders made in Blender

    It's just a rig with a skin, the weird is the mouth and the fingers - one hand is with fingers, the other - with wrists. They're also posed weird.
  4. Click on the last "mca.png" in the first post. I advice you to not use this rig, it was released about 3 years ago and may not be compatible with the newest Mine-imator (especially when 1.2 is released).
  5. Character Profile test

    The ending is weird.
  6. War For The Lawn Poster

    The color of the text "WAR FOR THE LAWN" isn't the best. It could be hard to read. Maybe make it brighter?
  7. JokiBlue [Rig Showcase]

    Here's some criticism: 1. Facial rig. I see the slight holes around the mouth and around the eyes and they're not good looking. 2. Blue eyebrows are looking weird, but I guess it's because of the skin with blue hair. 3. Make the skin color solid. I see somewhere darker pixels, on the corners of the front of the head. 4. Back to mouth, make it possible to be wider. Now that proportion of the mouth is more like "o", than a "_". 5. You can extrude also these two hanging parts on the body (I forgot the name), make them both straight. You can rotate them later, so it would be similiar to that what you have on the skin itself. On the other side, nicely extruded hair. 6.5/10 (4/10 face, 9/10 extrusions).
  8. MineImator rig crypter

    So if someone creates/downloads a rig and wants to use it after a year because it's still good, he won't be able to use it? He will need to remake it again? It's not a good idea.
  9. MineImator rig crypter

    The best rig crypter is the author that has to choose whether release the rig or not. You can also give the rig only to certain trusted people, if they pass the rig it's the author's problem. Even if you would need password to use the rig, that makes no sense. You can just export it in a regular format and pass it. If someone would give the crypted rig without the password, it's basicly like keeping it private because it's unreadable by everyone else. Giving a password to certain people is also unsecure, because someone can pass the password or the uncrypted rig. Locking exporting objects if they are crypted has also no point because you can access them via project file. So there's no point of this program. Period.
  10. Alex at the Nether!

    Needs betterlighting and better posing of the pigman. Also add eyebrows to the character.
  11. Random Fighting Animation...

    At the end, it smells me @Zorka221's death keyframes. Remember that cycles can help you and that's why someone gives a download, but try to make your own The rest of my opinion is similiar like @Che3syPlayz said. Keep practicing and you'll be a good animator.
  12. The film "the Mysterious island"

    So I think Work in progress is appropriate here. Also don't change the language in the quotes
  13. The film "the Mysterious island"

    It's not an animation, just two wallpapers. Use English 4x post combo!
  14. Diamond's!

    Posing, timing, transitions. That's what you need to learn. I'd learn you, but I'm also not good in animating. You can ask someone else. But for the first animation it's not bad. Keep practicing. Tip: I advice to learn how to throw, it'll be easier to animate hitting a block next.
  15. Ask jakubg1

    I don't know both of them.
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