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  1. How do i make the portal glow also Please leave criticism
  2. i wish i could do that to endermanss
  3. Sorry i put this one on 4k frost ill change it This one is 4k i put into docs and pasted it i think it changed it
  4. basically it is that a intergalactic ship with people in it crashed and 2 people eascaped
  5. Good morning or night or after noon and happy thanksgiving

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      sorry man thanksgiving already happened in november here in canada

    2. wafflecakes


      sorry man, im a american so i dont know oher holidays

  6. Is dis c4d mi or blender cause this is pretty dang good @hozq your pretty good better than some people dude dont feel bad im pretty trash yout better than me and im using a fricken chromebook
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