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  1. Where's the "Meh" option on having Sharp as the main villian?
  2. Cliche "Wake up and everything is wonderful, until I walk outside the door" scene.
  3. God, I can never remember that guy's name!
  4. Congradualtions for your "weeb" comments. The topic is now first on popular creations.
  5. Does this also mean you're new to MI? If so, my God it's amazing. Anyway, welcome to the forums!
  6. The image isn't working for me
  7. The first gunshot actually scared me
  8. I can't think of what to make for a new wallpaper. Does anyone have ideas or suggestions?

    1. DuallyElemental


      if you make a Final Fantasy 7 wallpaper I'll follow you

    2. TheJeweledWolf


      Considering I don't even know what that is, I'm going to have to disappoint you 😅

    3. DuallyElemental



      put someone surrounded by wildlife, like birds, and friendly bugs, and maybe foxes or dogs, or something along those lines

  9. Yeah, this roleplay is dead. We made a new server beside the one above dedicated to Roleplay. If you'd like to join it, here's the new link: https://discord.gg/KSTNCww
  10. Great idea, but you could work on lighting and camera effects. Posing could use some work, because right now it's just weird and awkward. For lighting, my best recommendation for improving is to watch tutorials on YouTube. For camera effects, just play around a bit more. In my opinion, the background is too blurred. That's a personal opinion, but the blur in the background of the last image is sudden. It's kind of hard to get rid of that in Mine-imator, so I understand not being able to. For posing, again, look at tutorials. I'm no expert myself, but you can also find references online and try to copy them in Mine-imator.
  11. I love the lighting on this! Happy (late) Fourth of July!
  12. The lighting still needs a lot of work. There aren't any visible shadows, especially on the building in the background, and posing hasn't changed. Altogether, it looks as if you just made everything brighter and called it good.
  13. Does the head open up for storage?
  14. I 'complain' because it's a long running joke between me and Hagus.
  15. So. In the bottom corner is "Downfall coming soon" (I saw it before I saw DragonPixel's comment). And also it looks like someone wearing a pumpkin head, you can see the arm outlines.
  16. I like the wallpaper, but lighting is a bit dark in my opinion. Also, the hair of the first character almost blends in with the walls. Maybe if the walls were a different color or a different block it'd be better, but that's just my opinion.
  17. The wallpaper isn't awful, but it needs work. The lighting needs some improvement. I can't explain how very well, but perhaps you can look at tutorials on YouTube. The posing looks stiff, and camera effects would be nice, especially some DOF.
  18. I just need to make a skin without it. Most of my skins have extra detail. I was using spotlights. I'll try to do more experimentation. I'm so confused.
  19. I'm curious to see what the original picture was. But replacing it with grass is just an absolutly horrible idea. You should've left what it was originally and thought about our feedback. It seems like people didn't like it for bad lighting. If that's what it was, you can always improve on lighting. It just takes practice.
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