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  1. This is my first animation i ever made so it isnt the best looking. Any advice is welcome
  2. I have a problem with light... This light on trees. I just dont need this. how can i remove this?
  3. Its look very good but i think that bulets and shtguns shells should be smaller.
  4. Dont take me wrong! I am not good as u but if your model would have fingers that could be look much impressive. But still good job
  5. As my first animation i want to create somthing like fight animation with story. So my idea is to create "tournament" with 8 fights. Every character is unique. For now i only made 4 form 8 characters. This is Gorm. Viking with shield as weapon. Grim. Reaper with sword. This is link to creator of the sword. Momi- young monk with staff. And last. For now is Yami. This is mystery guy that only told his name and that he will not use any weapon. That all i want too say. Any opinion just say. I want too know if it is good idea
  6. My first thing i ever made in mine-imator.
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