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  1. She is genetically modified human It has a higher power than ordinary people.
  2. Thank you! I paid a lot of attention to this animation, I don't have any tutorial plans yet, but if I have time, I will make a video. i'll try to improve the pixel consistency to match in the future, I thought it was something I should care about. I will try to make more! Thank you! It was very helpful to you. Thank you! Thank you so much!! Of course I'll make it!
  3. Thank you! I'll try to get better.
  4. Batpunkgirl past story My first try music viedo It took me a month to complete this animation. i hope you enjoy it!
  5. ok Thank you! I will try to improve the bad part.
  6. I got a lot of help here and finally finished the animation. check out the previous episodes, So you can understand this Story. I hope you enjoy it! previous episodes Trauma Last spade Red line episodes Red dot stolas Main Theme
  7. add cone and on glow,only rander glow
  8. I'll finish it quickly.
  9. tried red smoke effect from the gun Animation. Soon, I will upload one of my Batworld story animations. I really learned so much from the MI forum, I won't let you guys down Wait a minute. I don't have a channel.
  10. I've been having a hard time with hacking these days. But I did car animation test today to improve animation. Many people have advised me about Car animation!
  11. This video shows my animations from 2014 to 2019. im not good enough, but I'm always trying to get better. Through what I learned from the forum, i will make a new animation this time. Thank you for watching the video!
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