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  1. I downloaded the mod from the website and then opened it using winrar.
  2. First day second day five days later
  3. yesterday I had a lot of free time, so i made 3 new dinosaurs. brachisaurus. ceratosaurus. and my WORST nightmare arthropleura. the scariest monster
  4. I forgot to say but when I finish all the models I will make them all available for free download and you will not need to give me credit if you use them.
  5. Hello people! I was looking for movies to watch these days and I found Jurassic Park. I had watched it before but watching it again brought me back a love for dinosaurs. so I decided to make models of dinosaurs for animations. I'm using the textures from the fossils archeology mod. I already made an Allosaurus. is not finished yet, the body still's a rigid block. but look's cool i think... they will have the female skin, sleeping variants and the skeleton skin. the image above is of the female skin. if possible, this model p
  6. expectancy how it started how it ended Julia who was in the van with 0% sanity
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