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  1. Please watch from 0:00 ~ 6:10 It's a new version of M-I animation. have fun!!
  2. Batman4014

    New Sea Friend! part 1 (Batworld episode)

    Thank you! sorry to late! next I will upload a lot of videos in the future Thank you!
  3. Batman4014

    Mine-imator 1.2.0 (pre-release)

    I really love it
  4. Batman4014


  5. Batman4014

    Batworld art 1

    I am preparing a solo animation for my Batworld characters. wow
  6. Batman4014

    Batworld art 1

    Some are old and some are recent So the quality is different
  7. part 1 : Please watch from 0:00 to 5:34
  8. Batman4014

    Batman4014 story trailer

    Yes, my Universe is irrelevant to DC comics.
  9. Batman4014

    4014 shield

    Batman4014's shield
  10. Batman4014


  11. Batman4014

    art 2

  12. Batman4014

    ModelBench Shark

    My First ModelBench Model
  13. My YouTube channel art :D
  14. I'm trying a lot of novel story animation. Future Batman4014 uses a time machine to block the plans of the Black Skull with the current Batman4014 Have fun: D
  15. Batman4014

    Blood punk rig

    one of my characters 1.0.5 Rig Download :
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