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  1. For me, for a split second, i thought you made a Nightmare Happy Frog, then i read the description and i was like 'Oh ok'
  2. can you make an end palace with endstones on pillars pls? can i also have a nether base? ill do credit you when ever i use them.
  3. I'm making the trailer so we can have an example on the episodes ok? i just thought i can show you some of the things happening in this season
  4. so you want to participate? i'm working on a simple wallpaper with all the characters involved. i should be done tommorrow.
  5. i'm not portraying Steve as a weakling, he is actually really strong, but can be overwhelmed. it is stretched over 8 episodes and i am asking for help. the animators who help will have a crucial role in the animation itself as the Protectors of Brine. the Avengers 3 teaser music is not copyrighted, i know.
  6. Hi, im currently working on a project, a series based on Minecraft. Season 1 is Rise of Monsters. this is how it goes so far: Steve is the Protector of Grenville, an isolated village. It is protected by 10 villager soldiers and 20 Iron golems. One night, a bigger than usual mob pack attacks, with skeletons shooting flaming arrows, Zombies swinging axes and sword and creepers. The village is overwhelmed, 3 soldiers survive, 15 iron golems remain, and Steve is unconscious. The soldiers and golems herd every villager out, Steve left for dead. Come morning and the village is still burning. A rider on horseback comes in and checks on the bodies, coming to Steve and dragging him to a hut a least 10 km away. He is revived and meets Alex, Protector of the village Ivor. It is not common for a Protector of another village to go to another village. Together, Steve and Alex trek to Ivor, where they meet Derp and Theodore, who are outcast of the town. They ask for assistance when a pack of Creepers, Spiders and Witches attack. Steve, Alex, Theodore and Derp fend them off with the remaining soldiers of Grenville, who are stunned by Steve’s appearance, and the Ivor soldiers, who are at least 50 strong and have a golem each. They win against the mob and are asked to find the cause of the mayhem. The group venture into the snowy mountains where they meet a wolf stuck under boulders. They tend to it and name its Sam (after Jackcepticeye’s first dog in Minecraft). They trek further into the forest and stop for the night. Steve goes off to find wood for a fire and encounters Null, who is hunting for them. Barely fending off the attack, Steve returns to the group and reports the encounter. Alex accompanies Steve to collect sticks so that they can eliminate Null, but he isn’t seen again. In the morning, they set off into the Dense Jungle Biome and they encounter a small group (OCs of whoever is participating in making this Collab) from the village Brine. The Protector, an OC of whoever is willing enough for this, is also looking for the mob source. They band together, seeing it as a good idea for fending off mobs. They trek further, fighting zombies and skeletons, when they notice an Enderman following them. The Protector from Brine nearly attacks it, but the Enderman explains himself, saying his brother is one of the main causes of the mobs. They agree to make allies and continue. One night, Steve collects branches when he hears a noise. He follows it, when he faces Hero brine. Stunned by the sudden appearance and the similarities, he barely blocks the swift blows from the sword. Jumping high over him, Hero brine brings down a lightning strike, and they both vanish. Alex, hearing the commotion, runs to find Steve vanishing with Hero brine, leaving Steve’s sword behind. Devastated, she tells the band of what she saw. Horrified, the Enderman explains that Hero brine is the source, and that Steve was the key to bring his reign into action. He also says that they were followed by 4 Lieutenants of Hero brine. Before saying their names, a scythe is flying at them and nearly kills Derp. Out of the trees comes Entity, Dread lord, The Angel of Death and a Werewolf, who are followed by a mass of zombies. The band attacks but are not doing very well when two people rush in and attacks Entity and Dread lord. Alex and Theodore fight The Angel while the rest attack the zombies. Retreating, the mob and leaders disappear into the night. The saviours claim to be Ender brine and Nether brine. They had watched them until the moment was right, or when it came to something like what had just happened. The pair hand been tracking monster retreating movements by air. When they ask what they meant by air, an Enderdragon lands behind the pair. Enderbrine says to meet her steed, Blackfire. when they aren’t followed anymore, begin to strategize Steve’s rescue. Enderman asks what method hero brine used to Teleport both Steve and him out, Alex replies with a lightning bolt. Enderman says that since this happened, Hero brine and Steve are in the same body, but it may result in Steve mostly in control. Derp asks why he knew this, but the Ender man only replies: “it is most obvious.’ He gives the locating at where Hero brine was based at. Teleporting them to the locating, they find a huge army of Monsters, ready to attack. From silverfish and Slime to Ghasts and Ender men. The groups’ ender man says that his brother had persuaded their species to join them, so they wouldn’t have to live in the Void. He had succeeded and they are now loyal to Hero brine, leaving their Ruler, the Ender dragon, in the Void, for they were told that it had kept them there. Ender brine and Nether brine says that they will look for recruits, for they alone can’t take on the massive army below them. With that, the Ender dragon takes off with the pair on its back. Derp points out that there are only Ghast from the Nether, no Zombie Pigman, magma cubes, Wither skeletons and Withers there. They go a little way from the massing army and build a Nether Portal. Once in, they find the Wither and convince it to fight with them. It says in a hollow voice that the Angel convinced only the Ghasts, for the rest are commanded only by him, in which he refused the offer. The angel had said that when Hero brine’s reign started, it would be the end of the Wither’s rule. So, the wither gave himself to the band, meaning they had an army of Zombie Pigman, Magma cubes, Blazes and Wither Skeletons. But it isn’t enough. They let the Brine Protector to survey the massing army, leaving them with the Nether Army, and went, separately, to large towns with army and ask them for help. When they reunite, each having collected 20 armies of 100 men each, with Iron golems to each soldier, and a group of 20 village pillages, they find an attachment of the Hero brine army heading straight for them, led by Null. The armies converge on one another and the battle begins, Alex and Sam taking on Null. Using Steve’s sword, which was enchanted the day before, she uses it to throw Null’s sword in the air in an explosion. The sword spins in the air and both leap for it. Alex catches it an instant before Null and drives it through his heart. Null collapses and his army surrenders. Big episode (recap on what’s happened in previous episodes) The armies march to the destination to find that the Brine Protector and the Nether Army still standing. The Ender dragon returns with OCs of choice (for example, PewDiePie, other Minimator oc’s) and start to organise themselves. Alex, the Derp and Theodore sneak towards the ship, while the armies collide. Alex jumps onboard and find no one on board. They search for Steve and find Entity 303 unconscious. When he wakes up, he is tied to a chair. Alex threatens to kill him, when Entity, being the wimp, breaks down. He says that when Hero brine/Steve teleported onboard, they collapsed unconscious. He woke up only hours before and attacked Entity. He had tried to convince him to stop but was knocked unconscious. He knew nothing else. Alex ties his hands together and leads him out. The armies separate, heavy casualties and injuries on both sides. Seeing so many people on the good side, Entity surrenders and wants to be a better person, meaning switching sides. He says that Steve may have followed someone into the Nether, seeing that the Dread lord’s and Angel’s armies are situated there. They make a portal and one by one head in there. As it turns out, Steve is in a Nether fortress, holding off rouge wither skeletons. Alex helps and Steve is shocked to see her there. He says that he was tracking the two villains in the Nether, thinking that their armies would collapse without their leaders. Seeing Entity, Steve poses to attack, but Alex says he switched sides. Convinced, Steve lowers his sword. he hears a bang and faces Dreadlord and the Angel of Death. they fight and find that their armies are present. lucky for them, they drag the fight to the Overworld, where they meet the Overworld forces. Theordore had given Sam dog armor and the soldiers have their armor on. Steve is kicked off a ledge by the Angel and nearly plummets to his death when he has a sudden flash back of his good memories. he then teleport by lightning back onto the scene and kills Dreadlord and the Angel. Herobrine then shows up, fights Steve but loses. being decapitated, his armies and remaining leaders scatter. the armies Cheer and Sam rushes to Steve. they head home to Ivor and send off Fire Works, celebrating the night away. then it goes to a dungeon and shows a Wither storm being made: a command block with the soul sand with 2 Wither skulls. the screen goes black, saying Season 2 coming soon. its a working progress, but i don't have enough time to work on it. it needs a trailer to shw what will happen, the music is the Avengers Infinity War teaser trailer music (if you can find it). i'll put the skin links in here soon
  7. this is a very good wallpaper. i don't think i'll be able to best that.
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