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  1. Name: Enderbrine4850 Model: Alex Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdkNRPhGehEBeEnLAgmO3sQ Skin: https://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/15014206/enderbrine4850/
  2. ok, some of you are aware of Herobrine, right? well, it is his 10th birthday on the 30th of august. he first appeared in some fog and is known to do weird things. i myself have not come into contact with the strange activities of Herobrine yet, and he may or maynot be in Minecraft's new update, as he didn't show up in the changelog. so, i am hosting a vid collab, where everyone can join in to make an animated video. its like those collabs you see on BPS's channel. if you don't know what i mean, i'll provide a vid from them, so you get the idea. i need these vids by the 30th ok? sound effects and music is allowed. cheers, Enderpearl Studios
  3. Hey guys, it's me again. This month, on the 30th, is Hero brine's 10th birthday. his first sighting was from a person in single player and saw him in the fog before he turned away. many people believe that he's fake, other's believe he's real.

    so to celebrate this event, i will be hosting a collab for herobrine. it can be of any topic, from a gameplay, to a prank, animated, of course, and i'll mash these vids together to form the video. Happy animating

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    2. Enderbrine Studios

      Enderbrine Studios

      it can be of any topic, really, like a troller pretends he's herobrine then he actually shows up, that kinda thing



      WHELP, that raps ups tonights show!

    4. Enderbrine Studios

      Enderbrine Studios

      no, render's are ok. with contact methods, upload your part onto youtube, put the link in here, and i can download it. that way i dont share my email address.

  4. it kinda looks like a messed up Ghast/worm thing. 10/10 for accuracy
  5. Hey waddup guys, i have some news to share

    i was fiddling with the Ken facial rig on Steve and i just stopped. cus then i pulled up a BPS vid and sure enough, i had created the facial rig from BPS. this is gonna be the style of the facial rig for my series and other vids.

    some of the things from the Project team requests for my series has been changed. some stays the same, others simply changed. This series will be a music video series, much like Rainimator, and will have some music vids halfway and at the end of the series. The first episode is currently being made, the song being used is The Wolf, with the second episode being Falling from Blacklite District

    thats what i have atm, till next time

  6. Ok, So rise of monsters won't be out for a while, but i am working on it. i have a few skins to start with, but i need the community's help to decide on what OC's should show up in my series. keep in mind, the first episode won't have any oc's but more will progressively start to show up as the series goes on. im working on the first episode by my self and it'll look good, i can't promise anything. 

    seeya till then

  7. Hey guys, i got to 100 subs on Youtube! im making an animation for this, so that will be released as soon as i can

  8. Hey guys, It's me. Yesterday, David R.B (AKA Arbiter 617 of Black Plasma Studios) made a video saying that Songs of War season 2 to 3 is cancelled. I have commented that I will try to animate some of the season 2 and 3. however, looking at how long it took to do season 1, I require some help to get this done. If you wish to help me animate this series, do say so. It's for the SoW fans to see this continue.


    • Ardoni rigs of the Ardonians. (found in BPS SoW Discord or Minecraft Skins
    • Decent skills (These type of videos require alot of effects and skills, i don't know how to replecate)
    • Love BPS and know what is going on
    • And anything from weapons, armor and skins from the series

    Thank you

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    2. Enderbrine Studios

      Enderbrine Studios

      a bit of both, depends. just make it really good

    3. MojangYang


      ya gotta contact david arbiter, then get the script

    4. Enderbrine Studios

      Enderbrine Studios

      okie pokie, i have the script, but not downloaded

  9. Can you pls make the Phantoms, Nightmares, Toys and Withered Animatronics? cus i looked everywhere and i can't find any that look very good

    1. insanehelix7076


      he will not be making animatronic rigs it was said in a post long ago

    2. Enderbrine Studios
  10. sos, I'm trying to animate something, but I'm actually getting the hang of it. the requirements are in the video, and on my Youtube thing.
  11. Hey guys, It's me, and I'm hosting my first minecraft collab on Youtube. The song is 'Cradles' in which some on you know of. The time limit is 3 months, so until Early September to complete an entry. you can do 2 entrys and there up to 15 parts in this collab. here is the collab entry video. I have chosen Part 3, the only part i will do, as i have too much going on atm. Thumbnail is done by me, but i can change it if you want me to
  12. For me, for a split second, i thought you made a Nightmare Happy Frog, then i read the description and i was like 'Oh ok'
  13. can you make an end palace with endstones on pillars pls? can i also have a nether base? ill do credit you when ever i use them.
  14. I'm making the trailer so we can have an example on the episodes ok? i just thought i can show you some of the things happening in this season
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