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  1. http://www.mediafire.com/file/mzvlenghoq9kckj/OK_3D.zip here u are remember to change the skin
  2. Thank you all for your praise and advice!
  3. I haven't made wallpapers for three months, and I'm at a loss when I face the screen XD. The building comes from here speedart And i don't know why there are few people reply to me T.T
  4. Again, the new version of MI is so niiiicce. I finally have time to make wallpaper again, although it seems to be winter now XD. - *Minecraft project come from here (It is used in a very blur background.) *Some inspiration borrowed from this wallpaper. Edited: Unedited: Viedo:
  5. The new version of Mine-imator is really great! I didn't process the picture after exporting it, but the effect is awesome. (After two months of study, I can finally play mi now XD.)
  6. Thanks, many people have told me about the allocation of time. And the part it's actually unnatural XD. Thank u for the advice! Maybe it's because I pay too much attention to the combination of pictures and music, it moves very fast.
  7. It's my first animation here. Hope u can give me some advice XD.
  8. thank u If the mobs are too big, the picture will be a bit messy XD. Just color the mobs and apply shadows and reflections with ps._(:з」∠)_
  9. I can't handle the SSAO really well,and I added some picture noise to the character because the background image has a lot of picture noise, The author of the background image is James Zwadlo [Edited] [Un-edited]
  10. No more people viewing my post?_(:з」∠)_
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