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  1. Netherall Brimstone

    Need minor character pokémon rigs

    Guys, still taking ideas. Don't hesitate!
  2. Netherall Brimstone

    Pokecube - Remade

    No problem dude. Keep working on your face rigs and feel free to use these pokemon. Just remeber to give credit to @Netherall Brimstone.
  3. Netherall Brimstone

    New Part in Mine-imator Creations List

    Actually @KrisFirebolt, I agree. With @Pootsy35. I would never make a speedpaint (speedpose? speedrender?) but I love watching them!
  4. (Waiting for Zweilous puppet)

  5. No offence,

    but what is your profile pic supposed to be?

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    2. Netherall Brimstone

      Netherall Brimstone


      I thought it was a meme or something. Anywhoo, I actually like it. Nice work!

      Make a Zweilous puppet! xD

    3. EthanForeverAlone


      How would this be offensive enough to say no offense? And no offense doesn’t work if you’re going to say something offensive.

    4. Netherall Brimstone

      Netherall Brimstone

      It was originally 'What the hell' but I removed that.

  6. Netherall Brimstone

    Pokecube - Remade

    Actually @SKIBBZ said you don't need to give credit for it. But okay.
  7. Netherall Brimstone

    Kid Asriel Rig 2.0

  8. Netherall Brimstone

    Kid Asriel Rig 2.0

    Great! [There is need for an Alphys rig]
  9. How's Pokémon Stone going?

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    2. Netherall Brimstone
    3. MikTRF
    4. Netherall Brimstone

      Netherall Brimstone


      Also if multiple pokemon is okay with you I also have Alolan Exeggutor


  10. Netherall Brimstone

    Generation I Pokecube rigs

    Oh yeah. Sorry to say this, but @BOOMmaker quit this a long time ago. So he want me to continue it. Only one rig so far, but this will continue!
  11. Netherall Brimstone

    Pokecube - Remade

    Hey guys, you will see actual rigs soon. I just want to say that this is official. @BOOMmaker 'chose me' [ew, bad pun] to continue this. I am not doing this in any paticular order. Things to expect: Dieno (DONE) DOWNLOAD DEINO Zweilous (DONE) [Emunator please don't shoot this project down, it will be OK this time] For pic, see this: DOWNLOAD ZWEILOUS [MAYBE] Hydreigon Mudkip (DONE) DOWNLOAD MUDKIP Hoopa [getting the bugs out of @MikTRF's wonderful rig] Koffing More! I don't' think this will ever be complete, but it will be fun! More DOWNLOADS and PICS coming soon! Face rig credit: @SKIBBZ
  12. Netherall Brimstone

    The Button

    Wait?! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY YOUTUBE? How have I violated terms of service? I SWEAR I JUST POSTED AN UNLISTED VIDEO!' WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! EDIT: Someone hacked my account. I'm sure of it.
  13. Netherall Brimstone

    Town Scenery/Schematic

    Okay if I use this in your Pixelmon manga? I'll give you credit.
  14. Netherall Brimstone

    The Button

    I challenged myself to make an animation use nothing but linear but still be okay. Here it is
  15. Netherall Brimstone

    Need minor character pokémon rigs

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