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  1. The Doctor Regenerates | Doctor Who - The Shadows: Awakening [Preview] another preview, what do you think
  2. Doctor Who - The Shadows: Awakening [Preview] It's been awhile since I did this stuff. all the music (except for the Derbyshire Doctor who theme samples) was created by me it was also animated by me
  3. So as you probably don't know I have a animation series that had planned to make a whole series out of called skittle who but because of complications I could never get it finished, so should I try to finish it or not?
  4. no sounds but i might do it later
  5. I Wondered If There Could Be A Feature Where For Example The Object Becomes Visible From One Side To Another And Becomes Invisible The Same Way
  6. sorry if I'm a A bit Late To This But I Think The Last One looks Good
  7. (this is not to sound rude) just in case you did not notice but it is from 2016 (the year i had no idea what i was doing)
  8. this is where skittle who started https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziMhzlAXWi4
  9. It takes up to much memory to do it properly and I have to fit it in with the music
  10. https://imgur.com/VXk1oBZ just click on the link to see
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