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  1. Ehm, I guess I could make it more Hytale-like? The textures are exact recreations of the ones from Hytale, but I do see what you mean. I'll work on it for next time.
  2. Hey! This wallpaper is the same as the usual: Every texture, model, etc by Me, so that's kinda epic "A Bright Day" by Phyre Productions I like how it turned out visually, but I feel I could've done way more with the scenery, but I had to manually place each block in MI because I didn't make a resource pack for it. Enjoy anyways, though!
  3. Storyboarding for an animation actually makes it so much easier, wow

    1. Distinni


      i was also planning to storyboard as well  

    2. Frost*


      Those are big facts my guy

    3. OzFalcon


      It's like... planning... is good :think:

  4. Not bad for a beginner at all! an issue with it that stands out to me is that the edge of the map is really noticeable, I recommend messing with fog or adding more scenery (or both :P)
  5. Hmm... it's alright, but the whole thing looks very flat. The clouds are just kinda there with no shading, probably because of their height, the fog could be used a lot better, and forgive me if I'm wrong but there seems to be no DOF, which is unrealistic. Besides that, good work on the scenery, camera angle could be sliiightly higher.
  6. Looks nice! I feel it can be worked on a bit. The posing is kinda bland, I know you're going for the no bends and Minecrafty type thing but I don't know if it works well here. The distortion and fringe are both a tad bit too high, and I feel the image can use more contrast. Since Herobrine is half-transparent, he literally just destroys the depth of field, which of course isn't your fault, but I feel it's really obvious here, not sure how to get around it though, maybe a lower DOF.
  7. Ah alright, in that case, about the wallpaper itself, I get what you're going for with the brightness of the scene and whatnot, but the contrast is way too high
  8. Mostly pretty good! I think the bottom left part of his face, including his jaw, looks slightly broken off or something? might want to fix that.
  9. Not 100% sure if it's there, but it looks like it's noticeable at the top left
  10. Could use some more contrast, and the distortion doesn't really make sense to have. Besides that though, not bad.
  11. Dan told me it uses FXAA, not sure how good of an FXAA effect it is though. He says for some reason it just looks worse in MI
  12. Yeah I made a post about it, technically I think we have FXAA but it's like... terrible. I also linked the exact same shader
  13. I'd work on hiding the edge of the map better, oof.
  14. coolio, could we see what it will visually look like.
  15. Could we have a render that matches what the shows visuals will look like? EDIT: Also image link doesn't work, here.
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