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  1. Ay welcome back 

  2. Nimi (Idk why i did this)

    The pics on his walls
  3. Merry Early Christmas 2017 Render

    Nope take out RPG
  4. I love fad and heres a nightmare version of myself

    I suggest use another stuff for the claw instead of cones
  5. "Deal With The Devil"

    Skin + sfr God dammit at least see my tutorial once
  6. That moment when you totally don't know why u r following somebody

    1. ZephyrAnimations


      That moment when you don't know why but you're going to follow the person that just followed you just now. Oh wait.

  7. Bug & Glitch

    Black screen error Yep it happened when I tried to use MI at public computer room
  8. My Official Character(OC)

    Are u uhh....... Gonna grab things Kilometers away with dems fingers
  9. My first wallpaper/art

    No, you know Menace? Or PigmanMovie? PigmanMovie is 14, he can still make such legendary C4D Render tho Age doesn't matter
  10. A Little Girl's Guardian

    Yep I can't beat you in rendering The pose thought
  11. My first wallpaper/art

    Way tooooooooooooooooo dark
  12. Christmas rig wallpaper test

    Nice rig/render BTW I made an assassin you
  13. Pastic steve (My Ver.)

    Zappier's Plastic Rig is trending?
  14. Join the IcePlains team!

    Rigger Builder Animator Light Engineer
  15. Pastic Minecraft rig pack

    Keep what you're doing, great work
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