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  1. JohnTRM14_Productions

    Baldi's RIg

    No Need Dude Cause I dunt like it
  2. JohnTRM14_Productions

    Baldi's RIg

  3. JohnTRM14_Productions

    Baldi's RIg

    Here My BALDIS's RIG Download HERE!
  4. JohnTRM14_Productions

    Ultimate Custom Night Map Office

    The ULTIMATE CUSTOM NIGHT MAP Is Here! Picture From Supah.exe And a Video From Me Here The RIG "DOWNLOAD" I Hope u Like It
  5. JohnTRM14_Productions

    F.t Fred [EnchantedMob]

    Here The Funtime Fred [EnchantedMob] is Now Public Doe..... Only For COmmunity Build Here Download The Rig ------------------------
  6. JohnTRM14_Productions

    TARDIS Interior Dalek Mod for Mine-Imator 1.1.4

    THats GOod....... but Iz that Laggy?
  7. JohnTRM14_Productions

    "Granny Rig" For MCB and NewMI

    Granny Rig is Now Release! Granny is a Horror Game For Android Device So i See all Youtuber's Playing "Granny" and Making Granny Animations So that's Why I Make This Rig Skin : BatPunkGirl "Bat"[BaseBallBat] From BatMan4014 Rig Info: 3d Hair and The Black thing on Front Add Facial Rig[No Mouth] BaseBallBat From Batman4014 Add Fingers [Different Fingers MCB/MI] Picture: Mine-Imator Community Build Download Rig Community Build Picture : Mine-Imator 1.1.4 Download Rig MI 1.1.4 I Hope You Like it
  8. JohnTRM14_Productions

    ModelBench Shark

  9. JohnTRM14_Productions

    Captain America's Shield

    DANK! Thats Good!
  10. JohnTRM14_Productions

    FryzMobile - FryzGTZ 9000 Supercar

  11. JohnTRM14_Productions

    F.t Steve v2 UPDATE

    humm...... Maybe Jelous......
  12. JohnTRM14_Productions

    F.t Steve v2 UPDATE

    Hello Guys Here the F.t Steve v2 Update!!! Picture of Updated Rig ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This Rig can use in Mine-imator New/Old[Fixed] Here The Rig link --------------- Steve[Template] (Enchanted Mob Model) By JohnTRM14.rarZ Enjoy!
  13. JohnTRM14_Productions

    Girl Rig !NEW VERSION! (M-I 1.1.2)

    oh Thats Guud!
  14. JohnTRM14_Productions

    The 8000 Facial Rig

    That"s ................. Good!
  15. JohnTRM14_Productions

    The Classic F.N.a.F. Crew! [Rig Showcase]

    Oh hahaha
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