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  1. It just a term The meaning of dancing is the rain that falling from the sky, this can be termed as dancing rain
  2. "At night, the rain is falling and dancing, filling and answering your lonely heart"
  3. Hello I created an animation about how to avoid Covid-19. I hope this animation will be useful for everyone Also, i need some guide how to make the animation better. I still don't know how to make it
  4. The file link is broken after 4 years Can you (or someone) upload the file again with the new link ? I really like this Rig. But the file got deleted in my PC TwT
  5. Well thank you for suggest :3 1. I am not good at animating 2. I've ever seen a animation that the title is on the end of animation. So i try it
  6. https://youtu.be/h2FELoIxfvg I make a animation about a boy share his cookie to a girl. I still use mine imator community build because my laptop got a lag when use new mine imator ;-; Please give me a suggestion to make a a better animation
  7. I was in a hurry of making that animation. So i set the command in 0 1000 0 . I forget about that thing
  8. I know this is already dead and i dont have any idea to name this animation Thank you Thats my friend rig At when ? The falling ? sorry. I am a newbie in here
  9. This animation is inspire by "To Be Continued" Meme I making this animation to celebrate 150 subs. I hope you enjoy Note : The meme started at 1:45
  10. Hello everybody I am sorry for inactive for 3 month and i will never post a F@d render Now i've made a render using my skin https://imgur.com/x9jX2ze I use photoshop to add the blur effect and the lens flare effect. But the weather is set by me Scaft rig by : @Zombite232
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