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  1. Maybe you can use my voice for the animation If you want to contact me, contact me on : Insta : shadow_982 FB : Revanda Rafi Azhari
  2. Amazing animation ! What a pro are you
  3. Shadow In Snowy Taiga

    I will do my best
  4. Shadow In Snowy Taiga

    Hello everybody I am sorry for inactive for 3 month and i will never post a F@d render Now i've made a render using my skin https://imgur.com/x9jX2ze I use photoshop to add the blur effect and the lens flare effect. But the weather is set by me Scaft rig by : @Zombite232
  5. You are soo proo!! Keep going to making a render like this
  6. Ender Dragon Life: The Gift

  7. Funtime Shadow (FNAR)

    I don't know if forums dont like it. Sorry
  8. Funtime Shadow (FNAR)

    The nightmare from animatronic will began if you meet Funtime Shadow (FNAR) Btw, why i type FNAR, not FNAS? Beacuse "R" mean Revanda and "Revanda" is my real name :v This is my first post. I hope all pro's like you give me a good comment Rig By : Me Inspired By The Best fad Render : @Supah.exe @Mr. Darl @SansDeGamer555
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