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  1. You're too kind, but you put in the effort so I deserve no credit really. I'm at least glad that there's some good gun rigs being made. And that status for the files? Yeah they're toast. Once Dropbox accounts become inactive for a year, the pending files are put on a 6 month backup until the user reactivates their account. I got to it around 8 months after.
  2. Heya @crustyjpeg this is probably long overdue but just wanna say thanks for bearing the torch of this concept! And hell, you've added twice if not thrice the weaponry than the original. This is beyond what I've ever conceived with the idea of the original.
  3. Hey y'all, I need someone to teach an old user their ways.

    Where exactly does one get weapon rigs these days? I know they're probably models now but the site is rather hard to properly navigate.

    1. __Mine__
    2. Rollo


      Modelbench Armory is my go-to, but Piegon99 has a pretty spectacular catalog of more high-res guns with more detail if the visual style of your animation calls for it.

  4. Sadly I lost all of the files. Dropbox is unable to recollect the files. I'll see if there's some other way (maybe like an old laptop) to restore them, but it's probably best to ask around.
  5. Late response, but I'm looking into the issue.
  6. Bwag9pR.png

    Yeah the Armory links are dead. I'm looking into the issue for all five of you who want it fixed.

    1. ÜberKiller




      The following was sent to my inbox well over a year ago.


      This extends to any file I have ever uploaded using Dropbox. This means all files are lost to time, and there isn't much I can do now.
      I have however sent out an email requesting access to the account again. I'm not expecting much, but there's still a small shred of hope if you have it.


      Until next time fellas.

    2. trapbuilder2
    3. Azgreth21


      meanwhile i already forgot where i uploaded my rigs

  7. Hey man, good luck to this project! I know it's gonna be hard carrying the torch.
  8. Happy new years guys.
    These forums have come a long way, and maybe I haven't witnessed every day. But we're all pleased with the progress the program's been making. Here's to another year,

    1. Rummy
    2. tditdatdwt


      Maybe the forums will finally get interesting again :think:

    3. willingsas


      Make the forums great again

  9. Should probably be a subsection for rigs for the time being. Since rigs conceptually were made in place of what model bench would accomplish.
  10. This build looks and feels much more polished than the last one. A thing I noticed was that the timeline has a striped pattern as things get added in to tell where things are while working which is a nice little touch. Though one thing that wasn't documented was how the performance tanked compared to the last official build. For comparison, I loaded this schematic and here's how they faired on the default settings: 1.0.6 1.10 prerelease This one frame drop is clearly unacceptable and I hope you guys change this before the final release. It would be a shame to see the hard work going into this for the performance impact this has to become a major source of friction for the community. Thank you guys for your hard work and dedication to the program, even after 4 years of this community's growth.
  11. Completely erecting a dispenser
  12. Okay, which one of you guys was responsible for this:


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Warlust


      wtf, its a disgrace


    3. Joshdotmp4


      "Created by Longlogstudios 2015"

      Doesn't seem to be an actual member of the forums

    4. Nicolasev


      I'm pretty sure I saw this in the forums once.


  13. I smell a rig creation tool soon. I mean, what other feature could be more requested? dont you dare say mocap ya lazy bums
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