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  1. .JSON section?

    Should probably be a subsection for rigs for the time being. Since rigs conceptually were made in place of what model bench would accomplish.
  2. Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    This build looks and feels much more polished than the last one. A thing I noticed was that the timeline has a striped pattern as things get added in to tell where things are while working which is a nice little touch. Though one thing that wasn't documented was how the performance tanked compared to the last official build. For comparison, I loaded this schematic and here's how they faired on the default settings: 1.0.6 1.10 prerelease This one frame drop is clearly unacceptable and I hope you guys change this before the final release. It would be a shame to see the hard work going into this for the performance impact this has to become a major source of friction for the community. Thank you guys for your hard work and dedication to the program, even after 4 years of this community's growth.
  3. Coming soon...

    Completely erecting a dispenser
  4. Okay, which one of you guys was responsible for this:


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Warlust


      wtf, its a disgrace


    3. Joshdotmp4


      "Created by Longlogstudios 2015"

      Doesn't seem to be an actual member of the forums

    4. Nicolasev


      I'm pretty sure I saw this in the forums once.


  5. I smell a rig creation tool soon. I mean, what other feature could be more requested? dont you dare say mocap ya lazy bums
  6. I didn't know your birthday is same as mine 

    1. ÜberKiller


      now you know

      happy birthday kiddo

    2. hiendiep55
  7. Mine-Imator Signature Art

    Most of us are closet members tyvm
  8. 4K Cinematic • Ultra-Realistic Scenery

    Is this what happens when you eat the sun?
  9. Mine-imator Armory [Last Update 4/23/2016]

    Well, there's a few ways to make a Remington 870. You can have a magpul variant like so.. the well-known marine variant, or the classic wingmaster model. It's a gun I plan to do someday (along with the deagle) but I need some time with life taking so much damn priority these days.
  10. Congrats! 'corrupt a wish' is still going since 2013!

    1. ÜberKiller


      It's been here just as long as I have. It's crazy to think that a topic is older than a majority of the user base's accounts here.

  11. How To Abuse Lens Flares Correctly

    wrong image bro I'm not sure what you mean by pseudo lens flares. I can only think of that weird battlefield 3 effect with the lens dirt:
  12. How To Abuse Lens Flares Correctly

    Needs more lens flares. I can still see the image wtf
  13. No Edits.

    AIght. I see now. Sorry for being so rude about it, i was getting clouded by this whole thing is all. (That doesn't make much sense, but I can't really take back what I said) I hope to see more of what you can make.
  14. No Edits.

    I don't see why I have to say all that just to get a proper response about it. I'm aware that you didn't intend to cause harm, but when he was asking about it, you weren't very forthcoming with his responses. Many (myself included) may assume you were aiming for tension. The fact that @Nimi also claimed there was some underlying tension doesn't help this case either. But to ask him a question, using a wallpaper of something he already did? You're asking a question using a thick concept, and no matter your intentions, it's just going to invite this kind of discussion. If this question was that important, why not consult him first? There has to be a reason you made a topic about it, since you don't seem to see it as a parody of the wallpaper.
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