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  1. Hey man, good luck to this project! I know it's gonna be hard carrying the torch.
  2. Happy new years guys.
    These forums have come a long way, and maybe I haven't witnessed every day. But we're all pleased with the progress the program's been making. Here's to another year,

    1. Rummy
    2. tditdatdwt


      Maybe the forums will finally get interesting again :think:

    3. willingsas


      Make the forums great again

  3. ÜberKiller

    .JSON section?

    Should probably be a subsection for rigs for the time being. Since rigs conceptually were made in place of what model bench would accomplish.
  4. ÜberKiller

    Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    This build looks and feels much more polished than the last one. A thing I noticed was that the timeline has a striped pattern as things get added in to tell where things are while working which is a nice little touch. Though one thing that wasn't documented was how the performance tanked compared to the last official build. For comparison, I loaded this schematic and here's how they faired on the default settings: 1.0.6 1.10 prerelease This one frame drop is clearly unacceptable and I hope you guys change this before the final release. It would be a shame to see the hard work going into this for the performance impact this has to become a major source of friction for the community. Thank you guys for your hard work and dedication to the program, even after 4 years of this community's growth.
  5. ÜberKiller

    Coming soon...

    Completely erecting a dispenser
  6. Okay, which one of you guys was responsible for this:


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Warlust


      wtf, its a disgrace


    3. Joshdotmp4


      "Created by Longlogstudios 2015"

      Doesn't seem to be an actual member of the forums

    4. Nicolasev


      I'm pretty sure I saw this in the forums once.


  7. I smell a rig creation tool soon. I mean, what other feature could be more requested? dont you dare say mocap ya lazy bums
  8. I didn't know your birthday is same as mine 

    1. ÜberKiller


      now you know

      happy birthday kiddo

    2. hiendiep55
  9. ÜberKiller

    Mine-Imator Signature Art

    Most of us are closet members tyvm
  10. ÜberKiller

    Mine-imator Armory [Last Update 4/23/2016]

    Well, there's a few ways to make a Remington 870. You can have a magpul variant like so.. the well-known marine variant, or the classic wingmaster model. It's a gun I plan to do someday (along with the deagle) but I need some time with life taking so much damn priority these days.
  11. Congrats! 'corrupt a wish' is still going since 2013!

    1. ÜberKiller


      It's been here just as long as I have. It's crazy to think that a topic is older than a majority of the user base's accounts here.

  12. ÜberKiller

    How To Abuse Lens Flares Correctly

    wrong image bro I'm not sure what you mean by pseudo lens flares. I can only think of that weird battlefield 3 effect with the lens dirt:
  13. ÜberKiller

    How To Abuse Lens Flares Correctly

    Needs more lens flares. I can still see the image wtf
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