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  1. Somethin like 4 hours for all of it, modelling, textures, building. Edited with gimp, give me some feedback blah blah thanks
  2. I constantly forget about previews, I just remembered to put some which is the only reason I even loaded up this site again Then I can't wait to hear what you think of them.
  3. I made these a while ago and haven't checked to make sure they're fine, so tell if they're wack somehow. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1okyOH42MSn6s3qFBSGnvgDvLM3ZCsdHj?usp=sharing Preview:
  4. You could make one animation that has them all, but use common sense when figuring out how long that should be. I was expecting people to make it 4 separate animations, but the last one is the only one with the limit on length. It could be done both ways.
  5. If you want to know where you are among animators you can join this to figure out. So the poll had most people answer they were fine with either, and second most was that they prefer lighting. So you include lighting and rigs (Though not any of their their own rigs or skins, so people cannot recognize them as well), though I ask people not to judge them by those very much, this is to be judged by animation mostly. The 3 first have a 10 second limit, the last has a 50 second limit. 1. So for the first animation, a backflip, as I used as an example. 2. For the second, swinging any sort of weapon that uses one hand. 3. For the third Is crafting at a crafting table. 4. And the last is an animation you made for this being up to 50 seconds. I tried to pick a good selection of different actions to cover different types of animation, with the backflip relying more physics based, the weapon swing being more action based, and the crafting being more calm of passive based. So you can give it to me via discord (Solomob422#8589), or email it to me at supersolomob422@gmail.com, idk if there's any pming system in place here at the Mine-Imator forums either. But whatever you do, please to not publicly show it until after the poll is done, this will get you disqualified. And if you see someone else doing this please tell me. Thanks if you're joining and good luck. December 8 is when submissions will be closed, I want to give people plenty of time. WE'VE GOT A DISCORD SERVER: Because I can't manage anything without one. https://discord.gg/nWKkZvW
  6. So I've heard plenty of times people being discontent with how heavenira's (now heyonia's) best Mine-Imator animator choosing, how they said it was mostly opinion lol, which I agree with. The idea can from Nimi though, this is what he said: Which I also agree is a good idea. And I wanted to do it. To clarify if it wasn't already obvious. People who want to enter will make animations without their character or watermark, which they will submit without their name being known. You then will get to vote on which is your favorite, preferred if you don't vote on you own, but there will be multiple choices allowed to avoid it only being people voting on themselves if that happens. Publicly telling others which animation yours is will get you disqualified Heyonia's poll still is accurate to the favorite mine-imator animator however, so I would suggest you don't abandon his one. You can vote on what content will have to be made to enter, other than that there are no rules, just nothing above 5 minutes at the most. If you don't think you are the best I will still release where everyone has placed. Rules: I'll start accepting them on the 8th, remember no watermarks or characters people will recognize as yours. AND MAKE SURE TO WAIT UNTIL THE POLL IS DONE TO MAKE IT, OTHER WISE IT MAY NOT WORK WITH THE RULES. 1.You cannot have the animation publicly released until after the main poll, you'll have to make an animation specifically for this. 2. You'll animate 4 rounds, the first 3 will be an action everyone will have to animate. And the last animation will be whatever you want. You have to make all of the first three, the custom one is optional. 3. The three first round animations can only be 10 seconds each, and the last can be up to 2 minutes 4. Have fun! (my god what a cheeeezy thing to put in rules) You can give it to me in discord: @Solomob422#8589 server is here: https://discord.gg/Dwpnz3t Or any form of pming me. The new topic:
  7. The point of it was to be historically accurate not minecraft accurate lol.
  8. I made a bunch of parts for historical swords, and even text so you can make it accurate to whatever age it's meant to be from. However it is not for fantasy swords, though you can try to use it for that if you want. If you ask me it's harder to make a sword accurate to real life than make it look cool. 13-15 hours to work on this. Download yes i use discord for downloads don't worry i don't think you need an account Showcase: Please tell me any problems you have, or suggestions for later versions, or feedback.
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