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  1. I made this with a few textures, and I'd say it's the most realistic shine on water I've ever seen. HOWEVER, it doesn't have reflections, yet. Download: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/364018723486564353/577593964446744589/Realistic_Water.zip Tell me what you think should be added/changed and I'll make sure to try it and/or update it.
  2. It's a texture pack called AD Reforged, I'm not as skilled as this. But I did copy and past it. One second please, I hate sceneries, they lag so bad, but I'll see if I can find any good ones.
  3. Thanks. I'm fine with no Critisism. I know some people don't want to be called mean for giving any. Which I don't do, so no worries!
  4. The torch range should be higher, the edge glow is called 4 point lighting, to come from spotlights. But 4 point lighting need specific settings to get, so it was lucky. The torch needs more of an orange light coming off of it. It's clearly not night, you can see a lot of orange-reddish light on the grass to the far left and on the dolphin. Other than that it doesn't need much work, so about 6/10, but I'd love to see any later wallpapers and see how much better you'll get, I like it :).
  5. This took like 3.5 hours, probably more. It's only the 1.9 blocks because that's all ad reforged was updated to.
  6. well crap I guess you can't have more than one in a spoiler, I'll edit the post.
  7. I'm focused on what would make it more efficient. Which means work faster.
  8. I would think these features would make Mine-Imator much more efficient and workable..
  9. This was all made within an hour because they're tests; so there may still be some problems.
  10. You can kinda see where the trees stop, meaning that the schematic stops there, a bit dark, and also a tiny bit of white or gray fog is always a good idea for snow..
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