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  1. I put a water texture that I added spots of transparency to, and made three surfaces. the bottom was the shine and two more were put over top to block it out randomly. Below all of that was the usual water texture overlap, I think altogether it was 2 textures with 6-7 surfaces.
  2. I made this with a few textures, and I'd say it's the most realistic shine on water I've ever seen. HOWEVER, it doesn't have reflections, yet. Download: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/364018723486564353/577593964446744589/Realistic_Water.zip Tell me what you think should be added/changed and I'll make sure to try it and/or update it.
  3. It's a texture pack called AD Reforged, I'm not as skilled as this. But I did copy and past it. One second please, I hate sceneries, they lag so bad, but I'll see if I can find any good ones.
  4. Thanks. I'm fine with no Critisism. I know some people don't want to be called mean for giving any. Which I don't do, so no worries!
  5. The torch range should be higher, the edge glow is called 4 point lighting, to come from spotlights. But 4 point lighting need specific settings to get, so it was lucky. The torch needs more of an orange light coming off of it. It's clearly not night, you can see a lot of orange-reddish light on the grass to the far left and on the dolphin. Other than that it doesn't need much work, so about 6/10, but I'd love to see any later wallpapers and see how much better you'll get, I like it :).
  6. This took like 3.5 hours, probably more. It's only the 1.9 blocks because that's all ad reforged was updated to.
  7. well crap I guess you can't have more than one in a spoiler, I'll edit the post.
  8. I'm focused on what would make it more efficient. Which means work faster.
  9. I would think these features would make Mine-Imator much more efficient and workable..
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