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  1. This is the 1. tutorial of the MI realtime masking tutorial series I promised to make, the topic is Adaptive Volumetric Light. WARNING: since my english is not the best some of the explanations are tough to understand, so if you have any qustions just ask, but watch the full video before you do so. I use MI-version 1.2.4 in this tutorial.
  2. I will make a tutorial series about realtime masking in Mine-imator. It will cover perspectively correct volumetric light, portals, non euclidean worlds, reflections/mirrors and other stuff you can do with realtime masking. This "perspectively correct" NEW (non euklidiean world) also uses this realtime masking technique, which uses a quite complicated multi-camera setup in combination with the new blend modes, which for me is to complicated to explain in text. Also these are technical showcases and not 100% developed yet, that's why I post this kind of stuff to the random tests and don't explain them yet because some things still could change.
  3. Aha ok, that's what you ment with keyframe play, now i got it. But for bigger or more komplex scenes this could get a lot of work.
  4. I know that it's possible to get the effect with the alpha glitch, but it wont be perspectiely correct when you place something in front of it and view from the other site.
  5. I did not say it was impossible to do it with the alpha glitch, but my method actualy adds space to the word and does not use the alpha glitch to avoid missing dof or other z-buffer based effects. I'm not sure how the shading will work when you use the alpha glitch, and doesn't that only work in one direction, at least as long you want it to work perspectively correct? My goal was it to get the effect as "physicly" correct as possible.
  6. Wrong. And I don't like the expression alpha glitch because it basicly is just the way the rastermethod work.
  7. It's time for some more impossibility. This is verion 1-0 of my new brand new Non Euclidean World.
  8. Yes, you got it, but the frame rate is because of my PC, just because I render shadows (I have no GPU).
  9. I'll make a tutorial for that, but it's gona be one part of a tutorial series about realtime masking in MI. The series will cover perspectively correct portals/non euklidian worlds, mirrors/reflection, volumetric light and other potential use of realtime masking/render layers. I'm planning to start uploading the series next monday on a daily basis.
  10. I'm new to the forum, it's possible that Nimi doesn't know me jet.
  11. No it's not a mod, it uses a realtime masking technique that actually is possible since you can apply camaras as textures. Maybe i'll make a tutorial.
  12. I'm a beginner, making stuff like letter-animations and file convertres is basic, in the case of MI. Calculating physics or Normal-map implementation is on another level and although ther are possible they will be very inefficient and that applies to most of the suggestions. So is motion capture.
  13. If you mean things like falling blocks, than yes. It would be possible to make code that calculates the physics and automaticly makes the required keyframes for MI, but this is very inefficient. That's why i currently work on motion capture.
  14. Currently I'm working on a program that lets you import motion capture files to MI, and it's 80% done, but the last 20% seam to be the difficult part.
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