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  1. I've made Mae Borowski a week ago or so, Hope you guys like it
  2. The long and awaited H4ppiP33p Rig pack is now out for download! A tutorial will be coming soon to show you guy how to use the rigs, Anyway I hope you guys enjoy it And I'll be posting updates to the rig pack like new models in the future :3 Update: 2022/01/07 Fixed H4ppiP33p (Hoodie) miobject that failed to load into Mine-Imator (Thanks to H4ppiP33p for testing the rigs out :D) Added more facial expressions: Dizzy, Dead, Tears, etc. Fixed the mouths on the H4ppiP33p (Skeleton) rig Fixed the Normal Eyes on All of the rigs Updated Download Link:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OBxXrZQZZOaeMOAd30f4UCfnULchOJOq/view?usp=sharing
  3. lol i'm glad you like it, thank you
  4. I don't know why i've made this, but it looks really cool
  5. This is the best lightroom that i've ever made, It's kinda similar to Cinema 4D. but it's 100% made with Mine-Imator. I hope you guys like it
  6. I've gotten bored, I know again lol. So I decided to make Tails cuz why not? He's really cool!
  7. I've gotten bored and it was 2 am lol. So i've decided to make some lighting test like: Day, Sunrise/Sunset, Night and more! Feel free to critique if anything needs improvement
  8. Dang, That's a crazy amount of work that you put in to these rigs. I was going to make HTF rigs since no one has done it. Until i've found yours! Keep it up!
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