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  1. I've made Mae Borowski a week ago or so, Hope you guys like it
  2. The long and awaited H4ppiP33p Rig pack is now out for download! A tutorial will be coming soon to show you guy how to use the rigs, Anyway I hope you guys enjoy it And I'll be posting updates to the rig pack like new models in the future :3 Update: 2022/05/19 no new models but we have a new image of the models! huge thanks to @H4ppiP33p for making it Update: 2022/05/12 Added 4 new models! Tiny H4ppiP33p Mini H4ppiP33p H4ppiP33p (Blocky Bends) H4ppiP33p (Classic) Fixed some issues with the models All of the rigs are now MIOBJECT Update: 2022/01/21 Added a new model: The H4ppiP33p (Candle Costume) model! Fixed a few bugs with some of the models Update: 2022/01/20 Removed H4ppiP33p (Hoodie) and is replaced with the model H4pp1P33p with Hoodie (performance) since the crash can't be fixed All of the rigs are now MIPROJECT instead of MIOBJECT, Just in case H4pp1P33p with Hoodie (performance) model take up 75% less FPS while animating, so that should not be an issue for people who have low end computers Update: 2022/01/07 Fixed H4ppiP33p (Hoodie) miobject that failed to load into Mine-Imator (Thanks to H4ppiP33p for testing the rigs out :D) Added more facial expressions: Dizzy, Dead, Tears, etc. Fixed the mouths on the H4ppiP33p (Skeleton) rig Fixed the Normal Eyes on All of the rigs 2022/05/12 Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1phZ10kpMgTB1nISUVV5VCtEFVgTr3smN/view?usp=sharing
  3. lol i'm glad you like it, thank you
  4. I don't know why i've made this, but it looks really cool
  5. This is the best lightroom that i've ever made, It's kinda similar to Cinema 4D. but it's 100% made with Mine-Imator. I hope you guys like it
  6. I've gotten bored, I know again lol. So I decided to make Tails cuz why not? He's really cool!
  7. I've gotten bored and it was 2 am lol. So i've decided to make some lighting test like: Day, Sunrise/Sunset, Night and more! Feel free to critique if anything needs improvement
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