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  1. I would say that Alex is staring into my soul.....if I had one.
  2. Thanks for all the feed back, upvotes, and constructive criticism, y'all! I finally made 200 reps! 

    Special thanks to my followers @nrtcb @MineQuestKnight @Mr.Demo @Davi12345 @radhouane2001920019@

    @Ian_The_One @Joseph177 @Just Philip @Supreme Whovian!

    Also, special thanks to @Frost* and @Ghatos. You two have been the most help when I first joined the forums and was in desperate need of some advice.

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    2. TexasTony04


      copy that. Wouldn't want the government to be able to track you down.

    3. TexasTony04


      They see everything.....

    4. TexasTony04
  3. No sadly. I had to cheat and use adobe for the rippling effect.
  4. Steve looks like he just told a joke and is waiting for you to laugh.
  5. How so? Maybe not enough background scenery....wrong angle...unbalanced object quantity?
  6. Favorite condiment 

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    2. TexasTony04


      bbq and mayo. swirl it together and it's liquid heaven. 

    3. BaconSandwich


      ketchup, i'm boring af

    4. TexasTony04


      nothing wrong with simplicity.

  7. TexasTony04


    No, not the batman villain. This is just a little scarecrow for all your farm/field scenes or pictures. Hope you can use it. Thanks for viewing. DOWNLOAD-> http://www.mediafire.com/file/qeikqy7abcsj40g/Scarecrow.miobject/file
  8. the detail on this thing blows me away
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