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  1. I'm making an animated movie Called "Hatman." He's like Batman, but way better cus he wears a tophat. And he throws tiny little Hatarangs. And his sidekick is "Fez Boy." 



    Hatman also has a Mech suit. I just modified my HulkBuster



  2. Just a random render. What if phantoms were like falcons? I imagine something like this with the nest somewhere in the mountains.
  3. They should ad mirages in minecraft that randomly show false reflections of things like wells, villages, and desert temples. Two balloons were floating around a desert... One said to the other, "look, a cactussssssssss..."
  4. Hmm. Yeah I guess. Maybe someone dropped some bonemeal into the sea. I don't know.
  5. I know. That was intentional.
  6. So Today, I started a world, and spawned in a spruce forest. Great start 'cause spruce is one of my top 3 favorite biomes. I'm surrounded by trees, stone, pigs, sheep, cows, salmon, and the world is just dandy. I get a bed, half a stack of pretty much every meat imaginable, and I head out. I soon find a plains village. I hate plains villages, so I rob it and move on. So far so good. I come to a beach and find a shipwreck completely on land. Yay. I loot it and get a buried treasure map. I follow the map and get to where I think the treasure is. I'm feeling like a million bucks. In 20 minutes I've become filthy rich. Well it's getting dark now, so before I start digging for treasure, I decide to go to sleep. I place my bed right on the banks of the beach, and lay down. As I'm drifting off, A drowned with a trident SWIMS UP TO ME AND TRIDENTS ME TO DEATH. i lose everything, and spawn back at my spruce forest which at this point is countless chunks away from my bed. I log off as zombies and skeletons start spawning all around me. So I start a new world.....and spawn in the middle of a desert.
  7. This is one o' those moose heads Rich/Outdoorsy/WannabeManly/Fancy people have hanging above their fireplace or in their trophy room. It's essentially a modified horse head. Hope you can use it. Thanks for viewing. DOWNLOAD What do you call a moose wearing a mask? Anonymoose.
  8. Good point. Although the slight blur was kind of what I was going for in this particular setting.
  9. Y'all are right. Although there are a few where the lights are pretty defined. But my lights are too obnoxious.
  10. It's that time of year again


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      its in a chair

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      in front of the fireplace

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      The camera angle was a mistake

  11. Well yeah I guess I could've done Steve, but that was kinda the point. To make it like the original, but more.....me.
  12. Yeah, I probably just could've gotten rid of the fingers for this. To have them holding it properly, I would have to move the arms inward a bit, which didn't look like the loading screen....then again neither do fingers.
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