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    Animation, expression, the selfless act of protection, self-sacrifice, devotion, brotherhood, honor, innocence, VIVACIOUSNESS, and death to some extent. :}
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  1. Cobensword22 Minecraft fad Fan Character

    I was going to tell you to add it to the pile, but you're pretty polite so I'll just welcome you to the Forums instead.
  2. Me and Jenny (2K)

    This is pretty nice.
  3. Couch Rig

    You'll understand when you're older.
  4. Hey, at least you used thank you.
  5. R E A L I T Y - Concept 5

    You put emphasis on the damage being dealt to the fighters in this one!! And those attacks were on another level!! Breathtaking!!!
  6. R E A L I T Y - Concept 5 [TEASER]

    Nice try, but I'll wait for the full experience once again.
  7. Schematic editing

    Remove them from the Schematic in Minecraft or MC Edit and add them individually in Mine-imator by creating the same blocks.
  8. Bed, it's your time past.

  9. [Wallpaper]*DETERMINATION

    Hey that looks nice. :v
  10. You just keep improving on your style. I'll never let the authenticity and small animated details go unnoticed. The way you convey your stories is only comparable to the way @Batman4014 makes animations. You focus on the movement and expression of your characters, which is far too often regarded as a secondary quality of good animation. Keep up the amazing work.
  11. Batworld Halloween

    These animations are so nuanced. Exemplary work, as always.
  12. the F.N. A.F Edit Saga Pack

    Did you get permission from the original Riggers to post this as a separate download?
  13. Ascension [2K]

    Why is he stabbing that guy's crotch with a lightsaber? :u
  14. Paranormal F r e d d y - Original Animatronic Model

    The use of red wasn't executed very well...
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