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  1. I love you, Goose!

    1. Goose


      Your comment has been acknowledged and added to my database.

    2. david



  2. MIP Losers

    Great representation of the Relevancy.
  3. Ask the Artist

    It's nice to see my biggest fan, whom has an unhealthy obsession with me, is also a MASTERMIND at making art. @Voxy
  4. Please, Dave, put this old dog down and let it die.

    1. Mooshim
    2. Peachfig
    3. Skjold


      Where am I then going to get rigs for my monster school animations then???

  5. The Peep Show is a great television series. 

    1. Ryanista


      Oh yes it is. ;)

  6. nice banner, tdit

  7. Time travel through the Mine-Imator Forums

    Name: Peachfig Age: 65 Abilities: Evil... abilities... Backstory: Well, I'm the aforementioned 'evil lord', so I presume you've got all the bases covered there. Anything else?: Attractive.
  8. Will you be adding Rectangle Bro to Mine-imator?
  9. Happy fifth anniversary(Google Translate)

    My apologies.
  10. Happy fifth anniversary(Google Translate)

    He referred to Nimi has a 'she'.
  11. Happy fifth anniversary(Google Translate)

    Nimi is male.
  12. PUBG Lv.3 clothes

    Fairly good recreation tbh. i've got 4 wins in pubg
  13. It's nice to see that Ethan is still bullying people to the point that they hide their posts to avoid it.

    1. SkythecreeperCS


      i cant tell if this is sarcasm or you calling him out

    2. Peachfig


      I was being sarcastic, it isn't nice. I was 'calling him out'.

  14. Great issue, keep it up Tdit. It's was so good with the interactions between Rectangle Bro and the citizens of Bird Town, along with the interactions of him and Veet. The new character, the person who finds other people, is a great addition to the Glorious Adventures of Rectangle Bro series. I am excited to see where the story goes from here but so far you've done an incredible job in bringing this world to life. This gets a 9/10 from me. All around amazing, and I hope our peers agree in this being one of the best so far.
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