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    i miss this website lol
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    i miss this website lol
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  1. they're dangerously cheesy

  2. finally got a new pc, i had the old one for like 8 years at this point

  3. i keep screwing up my sleep schedule aaaaaa



      Same, i was supposed to be in bed hours ago

    2. H4ppiP33p


      You're not the only one mate, sometimes I want to sleep at 20:00-22:00pm, but yet end up sleeping at 0:00-2:00am in the morning because I'm just so into on what ever I'm doing at that time, lmao.

      Makes sense when you have ADHD though, I seem to always forget about the time.

  4. there was a thunderstorm last night and it was so bad that i started counting the lightning strikes lol (they would strike every couple seconds)

  5. can't believe the silly bear is 7 years old now already

  6. how ya'll doing

    just got a new back porch (+ new roof)

    feelin' good about myself considering it scorches here from where i'm at during summer evenings, and the back porch is where the shade is

  7. one of these days i'll finally start making actual minecraft animations (i've been practicing :steve_wink:)

    1. LacaMenDRY


      Good Luck Practicing.

  8. played that funny rhythm game, is good

  9. Was going through some of my computer files and found this. How did 9 year-old me find this funny..?


    1. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      Because 9 year old you had a...refined taste. ?

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