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  1. is inverse kinematics in mineimator 

  2. use support a creator code: Ali-A

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ShadowGMC


      @EnderSculptor you should be grateful he showed us the volcano event in fortnite

    3. DuallyElemental


      Nobody here cares too much about the volcano event man

      besides, literally everyone else was streaming click-bait crap about it

    4. crustyjpeg




      i'm not grateful

      i couldn't care less

  3. oh wow i was wrong

    Your free trial of Sony Vegas 15 ends in 10 years.

  4. my friend cant spell "dollar" or spell and somehow hes in the same grade as me

    does this mean hes smarter than me

    1. OfficialCUYT
    2. BOOMmaker


      It means that people vary in what they're skilled at. Additionally, public schools don't require much to pass; from what I understand, it's mostly short-term retention of trivia (barring classes like Math) that you only remember long enough to pass the tests.

  5. i just installed mineimator for the first time in a year and a half. you already know

  6. 16 members and 46 guests

    nothing new

  7. hey what did i miss again

    1. MikTRF


      A new mine-imator pre-release came out and it's the best thing to ever exist since everything else that's mine-imator.

  8. totally not flexing by posting my level from season 212cd8b11e55fa49aa4ca070b82312343.png

  9. how long have i been dead for

    1. mbanders


      About 2 months.

  10. how are you a mod last time i saw your profile you had 200 rep and you just joined

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    2. Nimi


      I'm actually mostly responsible for Danny being a mod. Partially because they have experience with the Mine-imator source code and knows various programming languages, and partially because they have helped people pretty commonly on the Mine-imator Discord.

    3. MYSELF3200


      I can back Nimi up on that statement, although he was mostly correcting people's grammar.

    4. Dannyboi


      I begged David for mod in his DMs.

      Of course I did.

  11. hey what did i miss?

    1. mbanders


      Dannyboi became a forum moderator, Nimi is taking a break from development, new bending system for Mine-imator that a lot of people didn't like too much, that's about it.

  12. this is not as good as mocap the transitions are cartoonish, which is good for a minecraft action scene
  13. Your free trial of SONY Vegas 15 ends in 1 day.

    1. tditdatdwt


      I'm not using the trial though

    2. mbanders


      Please note that WinRAR is not a free squaresoft. After a 1,000,000 day trial period, you must either buy a license, play mini golf, or yes

    3. MYSELF3200


      If that's the case, he can just redownload it.

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