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    Day of Infamy

    Prey 2017

    Battlefield 1

    Insurgency: Sandstorm



    Airplanes (Aspiring Air Force pilot)


    Myself (As in the user, not me)
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  1. MYSELF3200

    [4K] Night-Hunter

  2. MYSELF3200

    Dance The Night Away by TWICE

    You hate it, therefore he should stop. Is that what you're saying?
  3. MYSELF3200

    Morning!...on the bed :|

    This is honestly disgusting.
  4. MYSELF3200

    graphics bug

    You sound like an automated voice message.
  5. MYSELF3200

    Rifle Timelapse (Mineimator) With Download

    It's spelled "rifle". Pretty decent rig otherwise, though.
  6. MYSELF3200

    graphics bug

    My dog is the principal.
  7. MYSELF3200

    graphics bug

    But teacher, my dog ate my homework.
  8. MYSELF3200

    graphics bug

    My thoughts exactly.
  9. MYSELF3200

    Baby Turtle (Emotional)

    This is so sad Alexa, can we hit 1 like
  10. MYSELF3200

    Shell Shock [2K]

  11. MYSELF3200

    Shell Shock [2K]

    First wallpaper I've posted. Messed around with it for quite a while until I got it to the point where I think it can be posted. Hope you enjoy it. Credit to @CodyBI for the M1 Carbine.
  12. If you missed it:


  13. MYSELF3200

    $$ Money $$ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Use WinRar or 7-zip.
  14. Coming in a later update to The Modelbench Armory.
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