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  1. MYSELF3200

    Voice Acting

    "This doesn't look good."
  2. MYSELF3200

    M4A1/AR-15 Rig

    No bolt catch?
  3. MYSELF3200

    Over/Under Shotgun

    Amazing as always.
  4. MYSELF3200

    Animatronic Rigs (Fad Incoming)

    Ya'll mind if I t-pose
  5. Finished this animation earlier than expected so decided to post it. Credit to @EnderSculptor for the gun. (Coming in a later update to The Modelbench Armory.)
  6. MYSELF3200

    MowDown RIG

    If it doesn't come with a download link, post it in Wallpapers and Art.
  7. MYSELF3200

    Spear Combo Thingy

    Only issues I can see is that it clips through the floor quite a bit, and the sound.
  8. MYSELF3200

    my wallpapers

    A little bit rough on my eyes, but that might just be me.
  9. MYSELF3200

    How to you change the background to night in Mine-imator?

    Are you using the one that says "Rotation" or the one that says "Time"?
  10. MYSELF3200

    Alz Cafe Style

    If it doesn't come with a download link, post it in Wallpapers and Art.
  11. MYSELF3200

    YoshiHunter's Bold Statement

    Finally, something we can all agree on.
  12. MYSELF3200

    Gun Rig Needed (Will credit the creator)

    Check out some of @CodyBI's weapons, or you could check out @EnderSculptor's Modelbench Armory.
  13. MYSELF3200

    I hate it when..

  14. MYSELF3200

    WaterFall-Nature 64x64 Handmade Schematic

    Pretty neat.
  15. MYSELF3200


    Ya'll mind if I T-pose
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