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  1. More parkour related than the last one. Good.
  2. Luger Pistol test

    The animation is meh.. But the rig looks pretty decent.
  3. That's more of gymnastics than parkour. Good animation, none the less, though.
  4. Phantom rig(From Update Aquatic snapshot)

    You didn't really get what I meant. It's a helpful rig and all, but it just doesn't have that much effort put into it, which I understand, because it doesn't need it for what it is.
  5. Rig test ay

    If it were an insult, I would've made it more obvious.
  6. Rig test ay

    Damn. What I can never hope for my third person animations to be.
  7. Phantom rig(From Update Aquatic snapshot)

    It's not all that complicated of a rig, but still decent.
  8. Iron Pipe Rig

    Ready to bash somebody's head out with this for no reason at all.
  9. Yoshi Hunter Animations Intro (Redone)

    Great, man. A big improvement from the last one.
  10. Titanic In A Nutshell

  11. God Fist Collab (GFC) CLOSED

    Are guns allowed? If they are, I might hop on.
  12. [Now open] Sword Rigs Request!! -We make swords just for you-

    Dude, this thread is years old. It ain't open.
  13. Yoshi Hunter Animations Intro

    Mineimator glitches up my sound sometimes, and messes with the timing, quality, etc. So if it was synced, maybe try editing the video export settings.
  14. I need 64 bit version of this program

    I have a 64 bit computer, and everything works fine..?
  15. Yoshi Hunter Animations Intro

    Defenitely gotta give him that.
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