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  1. Punch Test | & Some Info

    hey thats pretty good
  2. [W.I.P] Stranger Recovers

  3. Still working on it, want feedback

    This isn't very good at all. There's no transitions. the idle animation is bad. The roblox dude didn't get pushed back by the bullets and fell the wrong way when he died. Nothing felt very fluid or smooth. In short:is very bad. Go watch some SKIBBZ.
  4. Actively playing CSGO and getting pwned by french fries.

  5. I have.......




    C R I P P L I N G    D E P R E S S I O N

    1. EnderSculptor


      and  O S T E O P O R O S I S

  6. HUD Rig

    I am paying attention, but I also know that it won't kill the internet. Was the internet broken in 2014? No. It wasn't. "ISPs value open internet because they make more money from it" - @EthanForeverAlone
  7. HUD Rig

    I like it! Also, don't worry about the net neutrality stuff.
  8. Peepl.    Stahp.


    The internet doesn't die tomorrow.

    It'll be pretty much the same.

    1. Voxy


      Aside from the big bois who'll basically have the freedom to throttle or block access to any website (to get more money or just as a mean of censoring), yeeeaaaah, it'll be pretty much the same.

    2. EnderSculptor


      This isn't even technically killing net neutrality.

      It's returning the laws of the internet to how it was in 2014, which was absolutely miserable, wasn't it.    Nope.  

      It wasn't.

    3. Voxy


      "This isn't even technically killing net neutrality."

      ....Are you serious? xD It literally is. Net neutrality is being able to use the internet without being restricted or charged to access any kind of web service or platform.

      Also, the laws that were put in place in 2014 helped prevent (or at least, punish) offenses that ISPs were proved to perpetrate: http://listverse.com/2017/11/28/10-facts-that-show-exactly-whatll-happen-without-net-neutrality/

      Without those laws, enjoy your locked down Internet where websites can (and likely will) be shut down or slowed down to a crawl.

  9. Ask the Artist

  10. Use FART to blow your enemies away.

  11. Right here I have an early screenshot of something I'm working on.


    Very far from complete.

    1. ziyadkhalq


      looks like a car, neat!

    2. Progio


      Well snap... you're gonna be me to the car rig aren't you?

  12. I really loved how the Communist Build Community Build had a 120 FPS option, and I'd love to see that in Mine-Imator again. Or even better, an Uncapped or 240 FPS option. Something like this: kthanksbye
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