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    if you want any actual useful info about me, go to the about me section of my profile
    if you can't access the about me becuase you are on a phone, then you can (assuming your phone is an android or that iphone chrome is the same) just hit the three dots and check the desktop site and you should be good

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  1. EnderSculptor

    VILLAGE (2K)

    Holy heck that looks nice. 8.5/10 top tier wallpaper
  2. EnderSculptor

    VR-Fishing Wallpaper

    out of rep for today dammit mods
  3. I love your header.


    1. EnderSculptor


      thanks!11!!!!1!!!   : D

    2. Skjold


      danger noodle does a drive

  4. EnderSculptor

    Wallpaper - Armed and dangerous [2k]

    load yer gun, batman
  5. EnderSculptor

    I hate it when..

    oh lol my cousin was playing google feud earlier today
  6. EnderSculptor

    SKS Animating

    oh hey you got a youtube channel also nice work
  7. america is the best country people



    you cant argue otherwise becauase its the 4th of july

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. tditdatdwt


      How offensive

    3. MYSELF3200


      Wait are you the same birb that tried to eat my garden

    4. EnderSculptor





      im america eagle bird

  8. If you could describe the forums in one word, what would it be? bepis
  9. EnderSculptor

    The Modelbench Armory

    On the early demonatrations? Those were made before 1.1.4 even came out. new bends ftw lol
  10. EnderSculptor

    Versions of Mine-imator

    The reason I voted 1.1.4 is because it simply has the most features and is the most updated.
  11. EnderSculptor

    Dev update #13: 1.2 feature gallery

    how the hell looks too good to be true omg wow
  12. just submitted pretty good survey
  13. EnderSculptor

    July 2017 animation test

    That's pretty damn nice. Also, welcome back to the forums! (yes i do remember what happened in october 2014 it still hurts me inside to this day)
  14. EnderSculptor

    Seven Nation Army - Just Shapes and Beats!!!

    Fantastic work! heres some pros and cons pros: -seven nation army -well made cons: -the weird cutting was a bit painful overall it was a fantastic/10
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