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  1. EnderSculptor

    The Modelbench Armory

    UPDATE! Added: -The M16, as requested by @Slime -and the Glock 17, as requested by @Foxtrot0806 and also made a small change to the sr-556
  2. terms of service change wooo

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    2. MYSELF3200


      how could you

    3. EnderSculptor


      i recently got memesidfk memories wiped from my mind because it gave me severe ptsd

    4. MYSELF3200


      learn to live with it

  3. EnderSculptor


    Looks nice! I love the attention to detail you put into it.
  4. EnderSculptor

    The Modelbench Armory

    well good you assumed correctly
  5. EnderSculptor

    The Modelbench Armory

    did you just assume my gender
  6. oh i though you were quoting the forum rules oops
  7. "Unless you are the rightful owner of the thing you're linking to."
  8. EnderSculptor

    The Modelbench Armory

    holy heck dont worry im being more productive today
  9. EnderSculptor

    The Modelbench Armory

    Someone requested it a while ago, and I was just working on it right now.
  10. EnderSculptor

    The Modelbench Armory

    Glock 17?
  11. EnderSculptor

    The Modelbench Armory

    teeny tiny update -Added the P08 Luger -Yeah that's it. -Yup, nothing else -What? you think there's more? sorry dude but nope -dammit ill make the next one big k
  12. Here's another dumb political status update.


    You see, the Battlefield V trailer just came out earlier today, and it had a woman.

    Now, tons and tons of people in the comments immediately said it was SJW trash, which I disagree with.

    You see, women, however rarely, did in fact fight in WWII.   And DICE didn't even shove it in your face, there simply was a woman in the trailer.   Bam.   Simple.

    Here's the actual reason that bugs ne so much: By calling that SJW trash, you're essentially doing the same thing that SJWs do - calling every single thing that has even the slightest trace of SJW is definitely completely SJW pandering crap.

     k thanks for reading please debate this calmly

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    2. MYSELF3200


      It looks like a decent game.

    3. ThatGuyBrian


      what a lib'ral, defendin' woman playermodels in a vidya game. hahaha! only men play vidyas! if yer' puttin female player models that must mean yer' a guilty city boy who's been whipped by his neon haired girlfriend! lib'ral!!!

      seriously though the halo franchise added female playertypes ages ago and i don't see any complaints. i understand that it's an anachronism since they rarely fought in either world war, but it's not like they're shoving a preachy campaign storyline with obvious parallels to the modern mainstream media's twisted narrative down our throats with heaps of shilled news articles praising the game for being so "revolutionary, bold, and moldbreaking" and "redefining who we are" and claiming everybody who doesn't like the game to be sexists, racists, bigots, or a combination of the three.

    4. MYSELF3200


      I'm gonna say, having black german soldiers in BF1 and COD;WWII was pretty unrealistic.

  13. Here's how to make excuses and defy logic until the whole world is vegetables:

    If you are what you eat, then all herbivores are vegatables.    Since humans are omnivores, they are vegetables.     Carnivores eat herbivores usually, so carnivores are vegetables.    

    Since so many fruits are used and considered to be vegetables (like tomatoes) all fruit is vegetables.   Screw it, all plants are vegetables.

    Fungus can sometimes grow on trees and other plants, and therefore all fungi counts as vegetables.

    Because there is so much life in the ocean, all of which is vegetables, the ocean has a bunch of vegetable essence in it and is therefore a vegetable.

    The ground is filled with dead vegetables and is a vegetable.

    The really deep core areas of the earth don't matter and both the land and sea are vegetables, and therefore earth is a vegetable.


    Makes sense, right?

    1. Hagus


      The author was right...


    2. -StickyMations-


      Either this thought process is really interesting to think about or it's more interesting to think about how you came to this thought process.

    3. MYSELF3200
  14. EnderSculptor

    Carry on the story {Game}

  15. EnderSculptor

    Glock 17 Rig with Voxel Model

    I'm doing that right now...
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