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    if you want any actual useful info about me, go to the about me section of my profile
    if you can't access the about me becuase you are on a phone, then you can (assuming your phone is an android or that iphone chrome is the same) just hit the three dots and check the desktop site and you should be good

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  1. EnderSculptor

    Minecraft Sound Pack — 1.13

    wait a sec i've used this for years and haven't upvoted yet how here have an upvote
  2. EnderSculptor

    Potentially dangerous?

    Just tell it that Modelbench is safe and it'll stop bothering you.
  3. EnderSculptor

    Potentially dangerous?

    No, it doesn't have a virus. Antivirus software hates everything.
  4. EnderSculptor

    Dodge Charger Rig ( pre-release )

    Holy crap! This is without a doubt the best car rig ever made for Mine-Imator.
  5. EnderSculptor

    Chicken-animatronic-I-can't-say-the-name-of-due-to-censoring rig

    N O P R O M I S E S
  6. Hey remember when u had a pfp of a car?

    1. EnderSculptor


      yes for like half a year

      and then it was a crusty jpeg steve

      and then it was a crusty jpeg steve with a crusty jpeg gun

      and then it was sargeant mitchell

      and then it was a bird

      and then it was a different bird

      and then it was a crusty jpeg steve with a crusty jpeg gun again

      and now it's this

    2. MYSELF3200



      Don't forget "You hecked up my face"

    3. EnderSculptor


      oh right sargeant mitchell

  7. EnderSculptor

    Shhh He's asleep

    wAkE mE uP, wAkE mE uP iNsIdE!!1!!11!1!! Great work.
  8. ah crap

    google just made chrome ugly as hell

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. KrisFirebolt


      SOMEONE AGREES! I thought I was the only one ;w;

    3. EnderSculptor


      rounded rectangle tabs are the worst thing since dead bread

    4. Jake_28
  9. If you rearrange the letters in "Santa" you can get "Satan".


    better invite a priest to your house this christmas

    1. Swift


      That’s why every Christmas Eve, instead of giving him milk and cookies, me and my brothers sit in front of the fireplace, with our rifles loaded, and prepare to murder him when he comes down that chimney, if we end up giving him milk and cookies, we first place holy water in the milk, if we are lucky it sends him back to hell. 

    2. HeYoNia


      And if you rearrange Satan you get "Go to hell you rotten piece of shit"

    3. ThatGuyBrian


      just don't rearrange "ginger"

      otherwise you'll get "gg, erin" and nobody wants to admit to losing to a girl in a video game

  10. EnderSculptor


    I still don't understand animation memes. I understand actual memes, they're dank joke things that are parodied everywhere on the internet. But animation memes seem to just be characters repetitively dancing to some weird music and have no dankness to them.
  11. EnderSculptor

    A render for Endersculptor

    fine posing my dude
  12. EnderSculptor

    Freddo Fuzzbutton Rig

    no promises
  13. EnderSculptor

    Reaper [4K]

    it time to die boy