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  1. What are you talking about? I've seen maybe one other person make this.
  2. BOOMmaker

    Foosball Table

    Yes, it is the best. Played all the time with college friends until about a year ago. Excellent game.
  3. He meant that having fun was the most important.
  4. To further elaborate, he's saying that having everything all on the same timeline gets cluttered. He wants to remove objects in the timeline from being visible on the timeline to avoid this, not remove their visibility as far as the actual model goes.
  5. Apologies, I did mean what Hectoris said, the dotted lines that mean you can pass, to the left of the cat.
  6. The dotted line being raised up so much looks a bit odd.
  7. To be fair though, if you've been here since he started making these, flatlands is almost the signature look he has with them. At least in my opinion. It would honestly be weird to me if he didn't do it in flatlands.
  8. I was hoping that your solution would be: press the power button (and throw the console out the window perhaps). Disappointed. He posted it in the Offtopic: Gaming section though, so it's fine.
  9. This isn't bad for a first go at rigging. Honestly, back when I started here, this would have been considered godlike by plenty of people. I'm not sure why people are as critical as they are now, perhaps the standard has been raised, perhaps the program has more capabilities now, I'm not sure. But in any case, keep at it, my friend! It's all about having fun and improving!
  10. This might sound rude, but what's with the whole furry thing? I don't get it at all? Do you just really like animals and drawing animals as people? If so, why do you have to identify as something because of it? I like Magic: The Gathering but don't identify as a Leonin Planeswalker. Or is it the fetish thing? Or do you legit identify as an animal? Like, what compels you to call yourself a furry? I know a few Furries in real life, but they are bizarre as hell; one tried showing me 'questionable' furry pictures. You seem reasonable enough though, so I figured you'd have an answer. :)

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    2. TheJeweledWolf


      I agree with Ethan, if you force it on anyone that's when you cross a line. I don't hate you for being a furry, I don't hate the LGBTQ+ community because they're that way. The few people I've met from the LGBTQ+ community haven't tried to force it on me at all.

      For me it's a "You do you, as long as I can be me" type of thing.

    3. Benji


      I mean, I don't force it onto anybody. I'm just opened about it.


    4. TheJeweledWolf


      And that's comepletely fine with me.

  11. This rig made me laugh. I approve. ?
  12. I agree with MikTRF about the eyes; I think the reason they look off is because there are no eyebrows.
  13. Got my first speeding ticket a few minutes ago. Honestly, though, I had been having a rough night before that, but the officer that pulled me over was so nice and understanding about everything that it actually improved my evening. :P

    1. 9redwoods


      I love these kinds of stories.

      I'd upvote, but I'm out of reactions.

    2. Ethaniel


      Can’t get a speeding ticket if the cop shoots you.

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