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  1. Some of these comments seem a bit needlessly cruel. This is a good start for making rigs, since stacking and stretching layers of pixel art is exactly how I made all my rigs, and how I would continue to make all my rigs now if were to start doing that again. I'd suggest to try and get more creative with the rigs you make (something I struggled with at first), as that'll get you learning how you like to make rigs. The more stuff you make, the more you'll learn and the better you'll get! Also don't knock yourself too bad, your "War Survivor" wallpaper is better than what I could've made when I first started for sure. And also, also - seriously don't take downvotes to heart. Try your best to see why people downvoted your work, but don't give up because of them! And also, also, also - - I'd highly suggest uploading your images to Imgur. Open the spoiler to see how to get the links to paste images from Imgur to the forums: Again, this is a good start for you, and try making cool rigs that you want to see!
  2. I wouldn't worry about it I've seen Ian downvote a ton of good things for what seems like no reason
  3. SharkleSparkle

    A Cliff

    Oh hey look i actually made something. Cool. Just something pixel arty i made yesterday If you want this as your wallpaper heres the hd download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pvo1jk8yem1h60v/PixelArtCliffWallpaper.png/file
  4. bit rude wait did u just downrep it because everyone else thought it was good? aight cool
  5. If u want to, you could send me the MI file in a DM so I can render it for you and send it you back
  6. Sup. Guess who made a wallpaper? Quite a few people probably but here's mine; Edited: And here's an unedited version for people who hate bloom and overall bad editing; ~ Meeeeeeeee
  7. I used aseprite to make these (and you're welcome)
  8. Heeey.. it's meee. Back again with a wallpaper I made about 7 months ago as part of a collab that never saw the light of day. Yeah so anyway here it is: And here's a slightly brighter version if 'bEInG aBlE tO SEe aNyTHiNg' is really that important to you /s Anyway yeah cya soon probably not ~ SharkleSparkle
  9. I used Aseprite for these, and I've been using it for the past year or two now. Also I really appreciate the link, I've always been bad with choosing colours and that's gonna be super helpful
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