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  1. We double click an object to select all the child objects,so that keyframing or sometimes animating them becomes very fast.
  2. Can we have workcamera(the screen which we get for animating in mineimator) follow the selected camera so that we can animate moving objects fast.Sometimes while animating moving objects the object moves out of the workcamera and then we need to readjust the workcamera that takes a lot of time and we cannot even analyze the final result efficiently.
  3. If we can paint schematic somehow then background editing will be so cool.For example 1)Where we select to paint(on the surface of the schematic) a new surface will appear. 2)Then we can paint on that surface in mineimator with various brush tools. That would be awesome.
  4. If we can select entities and edit textures(also save new formed texture) from their surfaces inside mineimator then it would bring a whole new realm of background editing in mineimator.Please Include various paint tools and custom brushes too .
  5. why bro I just want a clean and compact timeline which is easy and fast to animate. ok bro now it is ok
  6. not this bro...I think you have misunderstood me I meant completely hidden from timeline
  7. For example if I only need to animate the head(which is parented to the body)........but there are many other things also parented there ...............so it becomes very hard to animate...........therefore if we can hide them it will make our life easier.......thats all
  8. If we code inverse kinematic equations in Gamemaker and make the skeleton structure follow these equations we can implement inverse kinematics in mineimator.Becase many guys have done this before and every of them claims that it can be implemented in any game engine.Please Nimi develop it.You can also start a funding campaign where we all can fund your work. Here is an extension that can help you-https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/6157/inverse-kinematics Some examples- I personally am also working on GameMaker and I also plan to becom
  9. Please add an option to Hide objects from timeline and an option to see those hidden objects(In Timeline).Not hiding from the view but hidden in timeline.
  10. Here is what I meant to say.Sometimes it is very time consuming to place and rotate since after every rotation we need to check it from other sides.So why don't we have a new workflow camera options which would help to see and edit the selected object from two different angles at the same time.Like in this image. Now this image is edited
  11. Yeah I am SCP Animations.I am sorry I fogot to thank you bro.....I used your rig and edited it....I will make sure to give you proper credit in the description and the forums......Thanks Again bro.
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