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  1. I had animated an awesome fight scene then suddenly all the keyframes became wrong.I mean meaningless because everything was floating from here and there.I quit but the problem persists even after restarting.Please solve the problem. In the Image you can see I had selected the timeline in which the object should not be seen but it is seen...............I am very Scared now The part of the animation till which everything was alright.Then suddenly all gone mad...... . . . . I somehow fixed the error.I deleted the backup files from the project folder.Then I opened the miproject file with notepad and changed the version number on the code to 1.1.4......and wallah everything is working now..... I compared the saved miproject codes and found a huge difference due to which the keyframes were no executed properly.You too check out the positions for the same timeline Please provide the real solution and do something about this problem.
  2. Hey guys this is a glimpse from an animation on which I am working on...if you want to watch a video revealing something more about it then here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmHR7BcsMyM
  3. This is rubbish and I know it.Please no criticism...If you understand as a human....Because I know what I made.Anyways.
  4. Please tell me how do I post an image.I could not find the BBCode in igmur.........;,,,,,,( Anyways your content was GUD.
  5. Please tell me how do I post an image.I could not find the BBCode in igmur.........;,,,,,,( Anyways nice render.
  6. I am currently working on a badass fight and romantic animation which will take me some time till then I was just posting monster school animation which I had already made.If nobody likes them here...Ok I will not post them here..bye...I had hoped that atleast people would recognize the time and effort put into it and not just criticize it because it is MONSTER SCHOOL.
  7. Please watch till end.Bye I had put lots of time and effort in it.Please don't criticize it just because it is Monster School.
  8. .....................................I dearly hope that you guys enjoy this video.
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