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  1. I'd like to nominate Trashy Animations Channel: (also friendly reminder heavenira i've opted out of being nominated for these to free up some space for newcomers)
  2. The Tan James

    Realistic Turning animation

    That's actually exactly why I keep them straight line fights. Because I can't do turning animations even if my life relied on it.
  3. The Tan James

    Realistic Turning animation

    I've struggled with many movements throughout my animation career. but i have NEVER struggled more with TURNING AROUND. this has given me hope. have an upvote
  4. spooky test thing


    1. Twotorule
    2. MYSELF3200


      I really don't understand how he just phases through the guy.

    3. Twotorule





      Everything makes sense...

  5. The Tan James

    REALITY Concept 6 (Theatrical Poster)

    "Poster" actually. All theatrical posters are made exactly in this format.
  6. The Tan James

    REALITY Concept 6 (Theatrical Poster)

    literally demonstrates how much effort SKIBBZ puts into the edits. (i mean that in a good way)
  7. Originally I thought being broken up with was worse than breaking up with someone. Boy was I wrong.

    1. EthanForeverAlone


      What's worse than that is having feelings for someone who doesnt swing the way you do. 

    2. Ninja Dino

      Ninja Dino

      Better to hurt others than to be hurt yourself.

    3. Salaudo


      It's happened to me before... it hurts no matter what.

  8. The Tan James

    A Casual Dark Souls Game

    Old, very old
  9. Infinity War's release date has been moved from May 4th to April 27th


    1. RedAnimator
    2. Twotorule
    3. Yenachi


      AWESOME! it got closer, hoping for them to move it a bit more but moving it by 8 days early is better than nothing.

  10. So Farewell Oblivion is a project I'm saving for way in the future. And I always told myself that I ever had to make teaser/trailer I am to keep them as short as possible, not spoil ANYTHING, in fact not even state what the plot is but have it gripping in some way where the audience wants to see it anyways. This is my attempt at that style
  11. "last visited june 14 2016" 

  12. The Tan James

    "Feathers of Ametiel" (REALITY Wallpaper)

    What's that totally supposed to be there line at the top?
  13. The Tan James

    Some sort of MGB I Teaser I guess

    Like he said, Not all MGB's are reality rip-offs. the difference between an MGB and an RR is that MGB's aren't given an edgy storyline revolved around waking up or killing friends because you're corrupted. MGB's can literally be anything. If someone did an animation that was tons of fighting and then it turned out that it was the two characters just playing a video game or something, then that is an MGB. Even if the fight has 3 trees with a flat land. Yeah, it has some correlation with Reality but it isn't really an RR. what makes something an RR is basically what the story is. If it's revolved around being possessed and killing your friends against your will and/or waking up from nightmares of fights with people you know then that would be an RR. tldr; MGB = anything that isn't directly related to Reality's storyline RR = a doppelganger of Reality's storyline
  14. The Tan James

    R E A L I T Y VS. True Love [Wallpaper]

    Yeah, I framed it in a way where it would work better without letterboxing. I just have a habit of wanting to see what it looks like with it. I do agree with you though.
  15. Hey guys. So last night I couldn't fall asleep because I was sick so to pass the time I decided to make an actual wallpaper I thought back to when I was making that old movie "True Love" wayyyyyyy back before Reality and just wondered what if the worlds collided? So I took Atrophy from TL and Ati from Reality to make this. (there's only a little bit of editing) WARNING 8K PICTURES Without Letterboxing With Letterboxing Thank and bye
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