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  1. "Consolation" - Reality Concept 5 (FAN ART) [4K]

    Even if the edited version is somewhat overdone, the non edited version also looks really good
  2. R E A L I T Y - Concept 5

    Thats one big nutshell
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen After over a year And many hours of production I present...
  4. Birthday



  5. Random Cade png

    Random who?
  6. aafe3003df221af53a36a0a0d7490142.png

  7. R E A L I T Y - Concept 5 [TEASER]

    Tons of growth has happened within the last year. With Pepper (my friend and co writer of the series) having passed away, many of my friends who have already seen the completed parts of the animation have noticed that theres a point where the animation suddenly changes its style instantaneously. It changes from how the other concepts are made from such a massive point where I couldn't bring myself to continue without my best friend. According to them (SKIBBZ, Fosni, Vash) they've never seen me put so much detail into a single animation in all my years of animating. The beginning is quite simple and bland and then halfway through the fight, theres a huge switch of styles. this is definitely my favorite one so far and I really appreciate you understanding so much deeper meaning behind this.
  8. 7a3753cd184d959f045d7e9ad58b94c0.gif

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. TheLionwarrior


      This ones gonna have a very original plot @Salaudo

    3. Twotorule


      SKIBBZ is a legend. Am I the only one who thinks he won't die?

      If he dies, I will go and beat the crap out of that Ati character myself.

    4. MrJeanDoesMineImator


      I see a umbrella reference




  9. Photography Stuff

    This is what I live for. I think my favorite is the first one. The angle is spot on, the lighting is illuminating perfectly off the cherries (or whatever they are) and you can actually see some sun rays coming through. The last one is pretty nice as well. Though in my opinion the tree should be centered in the frame and the camera adjusted vertically would give it a nice portrait like feel.
  10. Schematic editing

    I know that editing Doors, Levers, Chests, etc. is going to be in the future update but I don't think MI would be able to handle editing INDIVIDUAL blocks.
  11. Go suck a deodorant stick.

  12. In the progress of animating Concept 5, I've noticed that this one is more circled around SKIBBZ's Character instead of James. Like you actually follow his emotions and his character a lot more than James/Ati.

  13. Just gonna leave this here..



    1. TheCryingSquid


      That's pretty kule I guess dud3

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