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  1. woAH 


  2. Can you add rick roll on REALITY 6 pls



    1. The Tan James

      The Tan James

      Tempting but predictable lmao

    2. HeYoNia


      Do it make Cry like get smashed by this big Rick Astley figure in the teaser

  3. Hello guis I haven't actually been active enough to know who still roams these forums and who doesnt, so i'm just going to quickly reintroduce myself to those who don't know me (For those who do, skip over the Verdana font) My name is Cade, many know me as TheTanJames or CaZaKoJa, the creator of the R E A L I T Y series (which is a bit of a curse in many ways lmao). I've been animating since the MI 0.4 days, and I was one of the founding members of a failed team called Amination Squad which included myself and many other close friends of mine (SKIBBZ, Vash0110, UpgradedMoon, Fosni, Cryotivity etc.) Of this group of friends, i'm currently the only one still making Mine-imator animations (aside from Moon who uses it sparsely for intros and whatnot). I've been inactive for quite some time and this post is just explaining why I was and what is going to be happening. Now many of the people who have kept in touch with me and my channel know that I have a very nasty pattern of saying i'm making progress then going totally inactive for many months. This is mainly due to my graduated life. Currently, I still live with my parents as I'm trying to find some stable work in the film industry but in exchange I pay them 800$ a month for room and board (i'm basically paying rent) I have 2 jobs, looking for a 3rd, and tried getting into film school before backing out after realizing its a terrible investment. The past year has been pretty hectic. July of 2017 I got a girlfriend and we spent about 80% of our time together and lasted 10 months before I broke up with her due to incompatible traits (that had bothered me for 4 months). I spend most of my time attempting to build a portfolio for film, spending time with my family and friends and occasionally playing a video game to relax. Being 100% honest, I've had a lot of time to spare for animating, my only issue is the rate at which I can actually focus on it and get stuff done that's good. Attempting to finish Concept 6 is a large hurdle for me since I've been stumped on the same location for quite some time with little to no idea of how to get forward. (I know how the rest of it is going to play out, its the 15 seconds between where I am and where the scene continues that I don't know how to fill in). Animating has always been a bit of a hobby more than a career to me, and practising filmmaking only hardened that idea more. So in the process, I've kind of killed my skill for animation altogether, which sucks because I'm not cancelling Reality by any means (since I have a promise from beyond the grave resting on it) But it makes it much harder to continue. Basically what this post is trying to say, is mainly sorry to anyone who's wondered what's going on and has been pretty damn patient with my lack of effort in the channel. Concept 6 is without a doubt the biggest one yet as I'm doing my best to prioritize my imagination over the animation (which has previously been reversed, I used to adapt ideas to my skills, now I'm going to try and push myself immensely). The quality of it should mimic, if not exceed that of the 5th one and the time should clock in at about 15+ minutes. typically each concept is split into 3 acts, 1. A Beginning village sequence (Averaging about 1:30) 2. A fight sequence in the dream (Averaging about 4+ minutes) 3. An ending village sequence (averaging about 1:30) Concept 6 is much longer in a different sense, based on each song/soundtrack I use, the length of each act is as follows, 1. 5:30 2. 4:30 3. 5:00 So yeah, it's long. The reason for its length is because this Concept is the last one to be a standalone episode. The rest of them are released together along with remastered concepts 1 - 6. Essentially, concept 6 is a finale to the series, and then 7, 8 and 9 are the GRAND finales to the story in general. Think of them as free EA expansions that actually have to do with the main story. So anyways that's all I really have to say. Now excuse me while I go play Spiderman PS4. See ya Pals
  4. How is the new Spider-Man game?
    Is it worth the 80$ CDN?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Rollo


      I've heard really good things about it, but I don't have a PS4 myself so I don't really have a full opinion. I honestly haven't heard anything negative about it though. Like, at all.

    3. HeYoNia


      I have it, it's fun af


      you should buy it

    4. MBB


      Ohhhhh you are missing out 

  5. ahhh cade. or some say cade. do you hear our pears?


  6. This is exactly why I signed up for the forums. The profile picture is something from the gods.

  7. so I snapped my fingers and 5 seconds later i puked

    I really don't feel so good

    1. AlfaProductions
    2. Emaniplex


      I'm just going to... give this a Like... out of support...  :sweat:

  8. The Tan James

    Fully Animatable Axis Rig

    Why are people downvoting this? Advanced rigs are actually quite helpful, sure they don't have any stylish flair to them but they're the best attempt to mimic that of regular animation programs such as Blender or C4D. I've used them quite a bit and they help so much.
  9. The Tan James

    Make Fortnite-Imator!

  10. I'd like to nominate Trashy Animations Channel: (also friendly reminder heavenira i've opted out of being nominated for these to free up some space for newcomers)
  11. The Tan James

    Realistic Turning animation

    That's actually exactly why I keep them straight line fights. Because I can't do turning animations even if my life relied on it.
  12. The Tan James

    Realistic Turning animation

    I've struggled with many movements throughout my animation career. but i have NEVER struggled more with TURNING AROUND. this has given me hope. have an upvote
  13. spooky test thing


    1. Twotorule
    2. MYSELF3200


      I really don't understand how he just phases through the guy.

    3. Twotorule





      Everything makes sense...

  14. The Tan James

    REALITY Concept 6 (Theatrical Poster)

    "Poster" actually. All theatrical posters are made exactly in this format.
  15. The Tan James

    REALITY Concept 6 (Theatrical Poster)

    literally demonstrates how much effort SKIBBZ puts into the edits. (i mean that in a good way)
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