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  1. Hello! It's me again! I know, you were expecting someone else Anyways I just figured I'd dump a bunch of my renders from the reality movie here because I've got nothing better to show for the time being. Here yall go! (also any advice would be appreciated, I'm trying to make this massive project the best it can be.) most of these are either purely MI or a tiny bit of post processing such as Motion blur, CC and or extra bloom effects. 1:1 Theatrical Poster HALRESIDL Teaching Killu Trees3.schematic Concept 1 Comparison Concept 1 Theatrical Poster Remake Concept 1 Killu/Ati Concept 1 Ati Flying Ametiel Teaser Concept 1 Killu/James Killu with Sapling Polaroid Killu in the sunset James and Killu REALITY Iconic Polaroid Shot Comparison That's all folks!
  2. Maybe one day you'll see C1 remastered :) Hope you're doing fine wherever you are

  3. Lord forgive me for the things these characters will go through :c
  4. This is what I do when I'm not making REALITY
  5. The Tan James

    Dear Cade

    Fall down 7 times, Get up 8.
  6. Still think my Anti Boob rig was better than anything i've ever made dont @ me


    1. MojangYang
    2. The Tan James

      The Tan James

      @MojangYang boy ima bout to throw some hands 😤😤

    3. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      @The Tan James Ffs I can’t go mining on the realm without getting jump scared by fast moving creepers

  7. I'm guessing I missed something since your channel is gone, if you're leaving well good luck and take care

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    2. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      He even posted a video about it being COPPA too before he took all the videos down.

    3. Rollo


      Ah, then I stand corrected 8D

    4. ShadowUnicorn_Gaming
  8. the Glitch effects are AE. Everything else is MI
  9. Just a bit of juice for reality
  10. 2010-19 has been a hell of a decade for me. Lots of good and bad things have happened from it, especially recently. Going into 2020, I'm going to start changing A LOT about me. And yes, though some of you know the events that have unfolded within my life quite recently, I'll leave this piece to the imagination for the rest of you. This here is the tribute to the version of me that had endured plenty of heartbreak, plenty of loss, rejection, and isolation. But starting today that all changes because I'm sick and tired of being thrown around. It's time for me to pick myself up off the ground and keep moving. "Don't make the same mistakes I did, do what you know you need to do."
  11. This will be the last channel trailer I ever make. Low key, that makes me upset knowing that I wont make another one of these. But I'm also super excited to move on to greater things after REALITY is done
  12. You figured out a large chunk of the lore but not the story. Lore as in how the Universe works and such but not what actually happens in the Story shortly before concept 1 and after concept 6
  13. So I've finally decided what themes I want for each character. Now all these themes are based on songs I've heard (because I'm not actually creative enough to compose stuff myself) So I just did a little bit of improv on the piano and came up with this. Each time it's a different character's theme, the video highlights said character, so keep your eyes peeled and ears open Enjoy!
  14. So I made a few wallpapers for the 4 main Characters of REALITY. I made them super simple since I'm super lazy rn lol. But anyways
  15. He's more so talking about the transition between an unparented to a parented object, which actually has some decent tips i may take into account
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