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Found 39 results

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen After over a year And many hours of production I present...
  2. So. Hi. I guess you clicked this topic for one of two reasons, one being you're genuinely wondering what lies in the future of CaZaKoJa. 2 is that you're just here because you have reasons idk. So let's start. What do I have planned? In the sense 10 years from now, quite a bit. This is mainly to answer questions about things that have been brought up recently. For starters... Why continue Reality? Well, it's a lot more complicated than that. Most people think that I don't enjoy doing it. Well I do. It's very enjoyable for me when I actually have motivation to make it. But being bombarded with tons of horrible things in a few months kind of bummed me out. The other thing is that in many peoples eyes, the series has become generic and I admit it has. It always was. However that wasn't the point of the story. The point was to let my feelings out in an animation/film thing. And also, people wont be complaining about flat lands when I go around to actually making it a film. Flat lands is something that's a lot harder to come by in the real world. In animation its easy as hell. There's tons of other meaning behind the lone trees but I'm not gonna get into that right now. I also promised Pepper that I would finish Reality, and with him being gone, I'm not about to break my promise to my best friend who is dead. I have more respect for him than that. Reality is not going to be cancelled at all. To sum up. Now, what about after Reality? Okay well this is where things get more complicated. You see, I'm in Grade 12 now, I'm graduating in June and I have tons of responsibilities to cover now that I'm going to be going for University Education in the Motion Picture Arts. I'm going to be constantly working for school and my Job (when I get another one) and might not have time for CaZaKoJa. "Might not have time?" Yeah, this isn't easy to say. But after the Reality series finishes, I'm quitting YouTube. Don't get me wrong, I love making videos for people, but things are changing and it's time for me to take a step towards my goals. I might come back in the future if things turn out well, but that wont be before maybe a decade after quitting. I've been thinking about doing this for about a year and a half now. and no, i'm not gonna just post the final reality thing then go "kbi". I'm gonna have 4 final videos posted on the channel as a thank you to anyone and everyone who's participated in the growing of this channel. Honestly, this stuff looks really damn good on my portfolio for University. Anyways the 4 videos are gonna be 2 edits (a CaZaKoJa Edit, and an edit dedicated to some other people who have helped me including pepper), a draw my life, and a small film. "But what about Farewell Oblivion" That isn't going to come to life until YEARS from now. Decades! You see, Farewell Oblivion is my most prized piece of work. I value it more than anything I've ever made for many reasons. One of them being the fact that the entire story is about the life of Daniel "Pepper" and what me and him did together in the time he was alive. So why not make it now? Well, it boils down to 2 main reasons. 1. I don't have the money to get access to such resources. (Actors, Locations, Equipment) 2. I'm only gonna make it once, and the one time I make it, it has to be SO GODDAMN AMAZING, that if I were to give the script to Spielberg, he even wouldn't be able to make it better than me. (not saying im better than him, but I want this to be the best thing I will ever make in my life, and nobody can make it better) Why do I need to do it like that? Because Pepper was the most amazing man I ever got the chance to know. He deserves a movie made after him about what he endured and he deserves to have that movie made extremely well. He owed the world nothing and he gave the world everything as if it was something he could spare. I've put my heart and soul into this script, and it needs to be perfect. I don't care how long it takes. It needs to be absolutely perfect. So good that it's basically Oscar worthy. Okay fine, but are you ever going to release Pepper's sounds? No. I know it seems really selfish of me but I'm not. Technically I'm not even supposed to have them but I do because he gave me his drives. So No. Alright, so that was a lot of typing. Now, if you've made it this far, congrats you get absolutely nothing. So I know that half of you are sad Im leaving after reality and the other half are like "oh thank god" but either way I just wanted to make this to give yall a heads up about the future of my channel. Even though it might be irrelevant to your life, just know that this channel is basically why Im going to be a filmmaker in the first place. How you may ask? You'll find out when I do the draw my life in due time.
  3. Yes you've been rick rolled
  4. So here are the two posters I made for Concept 5. One is before I started working on it. The other is During me working on it. (the second one has a little bit of a peek at the new Ati Form) Before After anyways yeah. I haven't been on here in a while. eh.
  5. If poop is a solid, then is a fart just vaporized crap? (so yeah i just got really bored and ended up making this for any like, personal dvd things i make for my sisters (they love the series idk why)
  6. Fun fact, killing yourself can kill you.
  7. I decided to make these simple little things, I have made all 8 posters but i made the last 3 confusing because spoilers lmao. (Except 6, that one i left a small hint thing) And now heres the weird ones Anyways ye.
  8. Okay before u say it, yes i did just make a channel trailer like a month or two ago. BUT I COULDN'T RESIST THIS DANG SONG. IT WAS CALLING OUT TO ME TO MAKE A NEW ONE (Also the text was made in Final Cut Pro X)
  9. "As we fall into the abyss, the friends we once called friends The ones we knew but never did Fall with us and disappear forever..." Ladies and Gentlemen R E A L I T Y Concept 4
  10. Holy crap i got this finished fast. Anyways here ya go http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20160402T00&p0=1085&msg=R+E+A+L+I+T+Y+-+Concept+4&font=cursive&csz=1
  11. C O N C E P T 3 : R E M O V E D "We watch as friends of ours fall helping us, we need to wake ourselves up and fight the side that fights them, Reality is our leader and you need to follow it. Follow Reality. Wake up to It." Ladies and Gentlemen... I present to you... R E A L I T Y C O N C E P T 3
  12. I'ma release Reality as a series and then when everything is finished release it as a remastered movie (with @Cryotivity 's dinky after effects) http://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/20151230120000am/w4170/1/R_E_A_L_I_T_Y__Concept_3
  13. “But no Matter where you go, Just be sure to make it on, The Last Train to paradise.” Coming Soon
  14. So I rerendered the MGB in 1.0.0 and Cryo was like "lmao i want to edit that" and this was the Result Remastered MGB in progress. THANKS CRYO LMAO ITS LOOKING DANKKKKK
  15. As i was animating Concept 3, I came across a really nice looking camera angle, and just decided to make this 4K for vash lmao (2manylenseflairlmao)
  16. MGB 1 Piano Cover

    Lmao so i was bored and i made this piano cover of The MGB song lmao
  17. Doing this topic on my phone yet again. So here ye go
  18. After the LOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGEEESSSTTT (translation: longest) Time i finally came up with a totally original (sarcasm) Theatrical poster for R E A L I T Y (totally didn't use the same settings and effects from the True Love Poster btw) Do you like it? | | V
  19. (Odamn 2 topics rlly quick m8) Anyways So after about 4 different mixes of the Reality Theme. I've made my peace with this final variation. (It is Hans Zimmer Time Slowed down and Mixed) But i've Added extra piano parts to add more feeling This is the main Theme of R E A L I T Y Called "Wake up"
  20. Look deep into the abyss from where you came The Fire that your eyes have been brewed in Look into the darkness that your soul swims in Look far into the evil that you are This is your hell This is your Downfall Welcome to this New level of pain This New level of Fear Welcome To My Lucid Nightmare
  21. Tonight we’re on the Run While we chase the Morning Sun Until our Paradise is Shown So we could live forever young Follow the echoes of your soul To the edge and far beyond But no matter where you go Just be sure to make it on...