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  1. People are so salty about not getting the Avengers 4 trailer that they're actually starting to downvote new videos in the Marvel YouTube channel. Damn. 

    1. JB Animations

      JB Animations

      how can you even downvotes on YouTube?

    2. YoshiHunter


      People these days, let me tell ya.

    3. BOOMmaker


      Marvel movies are mostly the same recycled plot and cringeworthy jokes with new clothing anyways. 

  2. -StickyMations-

    minecraft wallpaper

    There's something so incredibly wrong with the existence of this post. Clearly this is a shitpost, and it is dangerous to be posting a reply in here. NOPE NOPE I'M OUTTA HERE
  3. -StickyMations-

    Mo'Creature Pack (Not Complete (But it happens.))

    Incredible, good on you for being able to make so many models. It's been a long time since I've seen another topic like this with so much work behind. Amazing.
  4. -StickyMations-

    Sunny Days

    That smile is a bit creepy, but the wallpaper overall is good. You should experiment with more details like lightning, scenery, more rigs, etc. It would add a lot to your next wallpapers.
  5. -StickyMations-

    How To Write Good Stories

    This was interesting to read and it was certainly helpful, but I wonder if you ever got the chance to execute these ideas into an animation? There is a lot of stuff in here that you can look up in the internet and read even further, but props to you anyways for writing all of this as it is simple to understand. Also, That's called a character arc That's called psycho cosmic parallelism iamverysmart
  6. Oh man... We lost another one. Rest in peace Stan Lee 

    1. hiendiep55


      Sorry to hear that

  7. Oh hey, we're about to hit 20.000 registered members. Cool! 

    1. KaryuGraphics


      man i love having 20 members!

      (maybe next time use a comma like a actual human being plz, k lv u)

    2. -StickyMations-


      @KaryuGraphics *INHALES*

      Okay, okay, listen, both ways are accepted and used on different parts of the world. The usual motive for people to use dots instead of commas is so the comma is spared for decimal numbers. This means, a number like 15,567 could be confused to be around the fifteen thousand by your methods, but in the way I do it this isn't the case as I would write it 15.567 and would instantly know it is not a decimal. and ples don be gay  

  8. -StickyMations-

    Spider-Man trailer [Minecraft animation]

    Holy crap that's insanely good, loving those effects. Very well made, good fighting
  9. -StickyMations-

    Idea for Mine-Imator: Bending feature

    You should look up into Modelbench, it's a program where we can create models specifically for Mine-Imator and it allows the user to add the bending feature to any object desired. You can make pretty good stuff in it considering its still in beta, it's really useful. I'm giving you props for the way you elaborated this idea, you really get your point across. I'm not entirely sure if I understand correctly what you're asking for in here, but Modelbench already has a solution for this, I don't know if you have heard of it. By the way, welcome to the forums
  10. you are going to die for this
  11. -StickyMations-

    "Beware... The Phantom Menace!" [4K]

    I really like the use of color. That editing is a nice touch as well, very simple but pleasing. I'm not entirely sure about that 3D moon though I think I would prefer the default 2D one because it doesn't look like a block placed in front of the camera. I still think this wallpaper is very good besides my personal preference, you got my upvote
  12. -StickyMations-

    Kingdom Hearts 1 - Opening Minecraft

    Whoa this was actually fairly decent, I can't believe I missed this I like some of the effects, but I would advise to use more transitions in the movements, less linear and sometimes using a folder or two may come in handy to smooth things out when a character is falling, for example. Also you should get rid of that Z-fighting in the arms, just a small rotation adjustment and it's gone Good work, your animation style is somewhat simple yet good enough. Don't change that, just make it the best it can be!
  13. -StickyMations-

    Paid rigs

    I believe this is completely doable, no forum rules say otherwise I think...? But in all honesty, this is a minecraft animation program. No offense but I doubt anyone would want to pay any amount of money above 1 dollar for a rig, I'd say the quality of the rig would need to be incredibly exceeding. It is also questionable considering that there are tons of free public rigs already.
  14. -StickyMations-

    Low detail vehicle pack

    This is actually incredibly useful. It's not too detailed and all the vehicles use the same style while keeping a good look. This is definitely one of those topics one would like to keep in mind if you'd ever want to make an animation. Amazing.
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