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  1. Oh good lord the infinity war trailer is untouchable because of spoilers in the comments. Don't you even think about coming close to dat shite

  2. Oh... it happens that you do keep the upvotes... good to know.

    1. EthanForeverAlone



      You're welcome.

  3. What is fad?

    Back then, the FN.AF fan base was much bigger in the forums, so this place got filled up with newbies obsessed to make rigs about the franchise and that is exactly what happened. The spam of terrible fad rigs began and people got so sick of seeing terribly done rigs about an overdone franchise, we already have a lot of amazing fad rigs but we are in no shortage of bad ones either. It's the spam that caused people to hate it so much, it is also the reason why the forums is censoring it to fad, so it's harder for people outside the forums to find content related to it via Google search bar. It is a reason for the hate, but it's not the main one. Those fads weren't nearly as spammy. Sometimes I wish people would give a small explanation as to why they hate it on those topics about rigs instead of just a comment saying that the rig is crap, because even is some people do, most newbies assume they just hate it for no reason.
  4. It's blue now.

  5. Add back cinematic camera size

    You just explained why this suggestion is useless in your own topic ._. It only takes 10 extra seconds to adjust a custom resolution on your own... I'm guessing it also takes 10 seconds to add this feature but idk
  6. "Dear Annie" | Animated Short Film

    Fair enough, I like that the short makes you think but I do agree that sometimes it might be hard to understand what's happening. It'd be cool if the next time you play more with visual information so we truly understand the storyline, because the cool thing is that the film makes you think about extra possibilities in the story, not that it makes you think to struggle understanding what's going on.
  7. "Dear Annie" | Animated Short Film

    Oh boy, thanks a lot man, we really needed to see this video being posted here. I hope a lot of people come here to watch this masterpiece as I said on YT. Thanks a lot!
  8. Giant

    Haha this is so amazing, I love it. I love the story line, it really stands out.
  9. My status exploded with replies. I'm glad I posted that, just feels great to talk about a common idea among us.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. -StickyMations-
    3. EnderSculptor


      Yeah, it was a pretty good discussion.

    4. Foxtrot0806


      I was going to reply. But I feel like I haven't been on here long enough to be active in something like that.

  10. For any veteran members out there, what do you really mean when you say that the community feels "dead"?

    Idk I've said it myself more than once but honestly I feel like at this point the term seems to be thrown around a little too much every now and then. Like, really, think about it twice, what do you really mean when you say the MI forums are "dead"?

  11. Face Rig!

    This is good but yeah, there are tons of face rigs so unless you bring something new to this subject then it doesn't really stand out and it becomes yet another one to the pile.
  12. The Demi-Gods [4K Wallpaper]

    I'm completely fine with the use of grey but honestly this isn't too interesting to look at... it's just 2 chracters and a boring background. It'd be cool if you added anything like a scenery, other characters, particles, etc whatever, just anything so it has something else to it. We also can't really see the chracter in the back, I have no idea what he's doing...
  13. Bro, you realize this was an April Fools joke topic?
  14. If you missed my latest animation test, here it is:

    It's 6 seconds btw

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