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  1. @Batman4014 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw2PrdOWEfcxIlT1bzj0YXg @MobKiller Animations https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCodzGb6e6SJjD-R0NbpvuYQ
  2. -StickyMations-

    Vector Parkour

    I love the animation itself! Nice background and everything, I knew I wasn't the only one who liked this game.
  3. -StickyMations-

    Small Fight Test - Not much to say other that that

    That's pretty awesome actually, haven't seen an animation of yours in a long time. The character movements are very well done, but that camera movement is very blocky. I often use folders to avoid that.
  4. That movie about purple shrek trying to get some glowy colourful stones is about to hit 2 billion.

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    2. -StickyMations-


      @Spontaneous Explosions Infinity War my dude, it's about to hit 2 billion at the box office. If it continues a bit more it'll be the 3rd most grossing film ever :>>

    3. Rollo


      Captain Crunch trying to find all the Jolly Ranchers

    4. Pigeon_


      Single father solves world hunger with his rock collection

  5. Apparently, random members still keep up-repping and voting of the poll of my topic about Complaints with the new bending feature. 

    Tbh I still don't like it too, I guess it hasn't grown up on me. 

  6. -StickyMations-


    The lighting, the background and the poses are quite boring to look at. Overall the wallpaper looks very bland and unappealing.
  7. -StickyMations-

    Is There A Way To Have The Old Bending Again?

    There is no way to get the old bending back, if you mean the sharp bending. You can go to settings and use the texture pinching checkbox, but all it does is give you a low quality round bending.
  8. Wow... this is very well made. Quite surprising from a newbie, but I guess those derpy skins don't quite fit the atmosphere of the animation...?
  9. Hey man, If you wanna join the MemesIDFK discord server then here it is, we have cool emojis n' shit. We are currently a lot of people but anyone is welcomed to join: https://discord.gg/CQSsRk5

    Come in if you want to mess around a bit L: 

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    2. -StickyMations-


      Hell yea cookies :Cookie::Cookie::Cookie::Cookie:

    3. MYSELF3200


      We also have real gun emojis cause it's discord


    4. WAZZL3


      i like the noose emoji 

  10. -StickyMations-

    MemesIDFK Discord server - C'mon bois, join now!

    Noice, we are waiting for ya. I hope many more people will join.
  11. Well, me and @Rollo made a discord server for MemesIDFK since the wesbite forums was a total trainwreck. I believe Rollo is scrapping the forums idea completely, so here we made a discord where anyone can join and invite other people, come and chill in. We have cool emojis for the cool kids only https://discord.gg/CQSsRk5 Have fun, read the rules!
  12. -StickyMations-

    Rise of the Empire (ROTE) Animation Test

    Damn that combination of music and animation is very well executed. I love it. But I didn't notice that TIE fighter till I saw it like three times... you should check that But also some particle effects would've been cool, when it hits the TIE fighter.
  13. > blah blah blah status about political stuff

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    2. -StickyMations-


      @EnderSculptor Lol nothing really wrong with debating, it's cool to see eachother's point of view indeed... but just as you pointed out, sometimes people may forget to chill out a bit on the unnecesary walls of text. Maybe a bit less bias, a bit less prejudice and a better deliver can do the trick?

    3. EnderSculptor


      @-StickyMations- true dat


      goddammit those - thingies on your name make @ ing you such a pain

    4. -StickyMations-


      @-StickyMations- I know right? Well I wanted those just because of originality. It isn't that original anyway so you'll have to live with the pain for the rest of time. bye

  14. -StickyMations-

    Light rays/God rays Mina Imater Wallpaper *Test*

    Yeah this has been done many times before, still looks pretty cool. The lightrays still looks a bit off compared to where the sun is hitting on the floor tho.
  15. -StickyMations-


    The posing is alright, but the whole wallpaper still seems off. The character seems to be slammed on top of it which just feels bland. And the lighting is also bland and boring too but anyway, I still like the idea of what you tried to do here.
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