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  1. Cyberpunk Scene [4K]

    I... Ehm... erh... J-Just.. have your like, talented man.
  2. Oh... Justice League just came out. Haven't seen it but apparently it's a very disposable film as described by critics :/ 

    Welp, another forgettable superhero movie to the pile.

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    2. Colonel Muffin

      Colonel Muffin

      I think they're still salty over Suicide Squad. I personally thought Suicide Squad was mediocre, not awful. Thought Wonder Woman was great so I dunno, I'll see about it when I watch it.

    3. -StickyMations-


      I don't think they're salty about Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman was great and yet they gave it the rating it deserved.

      Also hello @DizzyProductions

    4. BBruce7815


      I just came back from watching Justice League actually, and I was surprised to see it was actually good, at least for me.
      Unlike other DC live-action movies this one doesn't have that angsty feel to it, it feels pretty natural overall.
      I wouldn't say it's a great movie, just a decent one, you'll enjoy it if you like DC's characters, that's pretty much it.


  4. The planet Uranus is visible right now in the night sky. I just saw it, it's a really faint dot and it's 00:39 here. Seriously, go try to find it because it won't be visible in the night sky for the rest of the freakin' year (and probably for the rest of the next year too). Just a small opportunity idk, I tought that it's kinda mindblowing that I saw that planet with the naked eye for the first time in my life.

    1. CatOnCaffeine


      There's no way I'd get to see stuff like that. I'd be lucky to see a few stars in the sky because of the light pollution.

  5. The Cabin [ Showcase ]

    The FOV makes this glorious piece of work look more immersive, It feels like I'm inside that cabin... warmy .3.
  6. I'm working in a new animation, currently 25 secs done and it'll be 2 mins long. I'll get it done by Monday, no laziness, not caring about motivation, gonna get this thing done fast and I promise. Have this blurred sneak peak, I don't wanna spoil too much.


    Anyways, this quick status is done, I'm going back to work.

    1. BlueYoshi73


      This better turn out good.

    2. SharkleSparkle


      If the whole video isn't as blurry as this I'm gonna be very disappointed.

  7. yay pre-release 3


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    2. -StickyMations-


      I hope bloom is going to be implemented like inherit bending, it was quite the nice feature in CB but I don't think that we will see it again, maybe?

    3. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      it won't be
      nimi may add it later though

    4. MachineGunInc
  8. "Song Of A Small Love" - A Minecraft Music Video

    Saw this from beginning to end, it was GORGEOUS! Every good aspect of this made it enjoyable... good job mate, no more words, good job.
  9. Made a godzilla rig yesterday, check it if you want:


  10. So yeah I started messing around in MI one day to see if I could get the shape of godzilla using several mob parts and it surprised me how good it looked so I wanted to finish the rig and that stuff... Anyway, here you have the link. Don't bend the neck, don't pose the fingers on a rotation of +0 degrees, don't rotate the lower jaw more than 140 degrees bla bla, this rig tries to replicate Godzilla's 2014 version but it has 5 fingers on each hand instead of 4 like in the movie... but I don't care, it just looked stupid and ugly with 4 fingers. Atomic glow is avaliable for each spike he has on his back, not gonna lie it's gonna be a pain for you to activate the glow for each spike individually, but at least it's there. http://www.mediafire.com/file/aay3od75xlxjwah/Godzilla+2014+by+-StickyMations-.zip
  11. What do you think of this?

    Ahh I see you're using my template Good pose anyway, If you could put in some scenery then that would make it look better.
  12. Boy,

    Maybe... I just need time to think... I'm in a struggle right now.. :/
  13. Mine-imator sound won't work

    Yes it happens to me too, I don't really know why it happens but it's because of the way you open Mine-Imator. To solve this you must first right click on the Mine-Imator logo, and then click click the option "Open", and not just directly using you left mouse button as usual. Your sound will be working any time you do this :DD
  14. Boy,

    That's exactly what I was testing for. To try to add personality with movement as they speak, I did gud did I? L:
  15. Modelbench Q&A

    I'm imagining that at some point, large/detailed models would start causing lag, right?
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