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  1. -StickyMations-

    new rig, Vahlerie

    I think it looks good too, but edgy? Nahh... that's a bit of a strech. This looks pretty fine.
  2. -StickyMations-

    Mine-imator Civil War [4K Cinematic]

    Uh, you can't exactly say that an aspect of your wallpaper is fine like that. He pointed out what you could do better next time, and dismissing criticism in that way is a no-no. ...It also makes you look a bit... pretentious... so... be careful with that...
  3. -StickyMations-

    Way to view new creations?

    I don't know what you mean exactly but with the unread content thing you can choose the filters and check topics you haven't seen in the past 365 days as it says.
  4. I made a forum game yesterday so check it out bro if you haven't: 


  5. -StickyMations-

    Carnotaurus rig preview

    The only dinosaur that ran like an anime character. You never disappoint so nice job! Also, the arms aren't supposed to bend like that...?
  6. -StickyMations-

    Mine-imator Civil War [4K Cinematic]

    I see you got heavily inspired by my Infinity War wallpaper, you even made a little background story! In all honesty I would've liked to see some more originality but this is still quite good. The poses seem fine, lighting is OK and the background could've been implemented in a better way. I like your editing, impressive work.
  7. -StickyMations-

    Skin Request for Wallpaper [CLOSED]

    Oi nice, I'd like to be in Team A. Here's the character rig:
  8. -StickyMations-

    Ender-Man | Short Horror Animation

    This is genuinely creepy, good job! You do have to work on those walk/running cycles as well as your posing as mentioned above. Well done keep it up! So cool to see a talented newbie here.
  9. First it was avatar evolution, now its AMAs everywhere. ARE PEOPLE THIS BORED!??!?!?!!?!?

  10. -StickyMations-


    Master... You're so full of crap!
  11. -StickyMations-

    Animated physics

    I upvoted it but then I removed it because of your known sarcasm from past posts 0.0 So it would be cool if you shared a download link to the project file so we can trust you, and also if this is genuinely real then I'm sure more than one would love to get his hands on this.
  12. -StickyMations-

    Im Leaving The Forums

    Well it's nice to hear that. BTW that was just an example, regardless of how both of you are going right now it's just a way of thinking if it really was necessary to go through all that mess at first. Maybe there are other ways to do it, idk, you do you.
  13. -StickyMations-

    Im Leaving The Forums

    Y'know I think anyone can give criticism without having the receiver flippin' out about it being "rude". All you have to do is work on the delivery and you can pretty much say almost anything you want about anyone, which is much more positive for improving instead of de-motivating the content creator with a comment that seems to be pissing all over their dreams. Personally I have no problem in the way some people say things about me, I also know when to ignore them to drive my attention to other replies who truly deserve it, but oh man, sometimes I think one has to be understanding that some people won't have the best reaction. In my most honest opinion, the way you word things is sometimes well-deserved for those you are criticizing, but at the same in all honesty it's a massive waste of time. Doesn't help that sometimes you even reply back to the person who feels offended, as if you were trying to make them think but deep down you know that the chance of you changing their mind is freaking astronomical. You and the other person just end up derailing the topic and possibly starting some sweet, sweet, sweet forum drama. To give you one example of a pretty crappy thing you did, the "I hate gay pride." comment was quite a stupid thing to say considering the context. You essentially went into someone else's creation celebrating something, OP had a happy vibe to it and you went to post a political opinion on it. I may agree that the gay pride thing is useless, but hecc dude, I'm not made of stone, I wouldn't post such a thing, mostly because it's a way of showing at least some respect to the person and his ideals. Essentially, that topic wasn't really the place for discussing political stuff. It gets worse how OP clearly ignored every single other reply celebrating gay pride with him and decided to jump straight away to tackle your negative replies. I mean yeah, that's a problem on OP himself too, but I guess at some point it's also your fault. Basically the context is more relevant than the things you said, hence why you got my downvote. Again, I don't give a crap what you said, it's just the situation. This can be applied to other of your replies on other topics, to some extent. Might be a bit narcissistic to have mentioned me and what I wouldn't have done in that situation, but I guess that way you can take a look at it the other way. I mean, in this reply I could've called you a massive idiot, a living waste of time for everyone here and a drama starter for all the stuff you do, regardless of the fact that knowing you, you wouldn't care about those insults. But even so I'm not saying that. Because that's a shitty thing to say to someone else. That's just an example to get my point across, somewhat exaggerated but you get the idea. Yep you're a pretty cool guy and very mature, but well, let's just say at some point you aren't compatible with some people. Just like everyone else, really. ...and holy shit I wrote a lot but oh well just a thought/opinion I had, I guess you can at least take something from this I mean, I know you're not stupid, otherwise I wouldn't have spent all this time writing this. Take whatever you want from this reply.
  14. -StickyMations-

    Optical Illusion

    What you failed to do is to make it an ortographical view. We can perceive depth in the gif so we know which direction it rotates. Adjust the camera FOV to 1 and it'll work better.
  15. This could be collective spam which I hypocritically remind you its against the rules but oh well

    1. JB Animations

      JB Animations

      😓Dafuq you tryinna say !?

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