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  1. So like, I was making my super ultra cool mech rig but I'm a massive dumbass and I messed up the name of the item sheet I'm using so I replaced it. However, I still have the old typo lying around and I have no way of getting rid of it it seems.


    I already deleted the file in the project folder but in Mine-Imator IT'S STILL THERE

    1. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      You have to delete it from the library and the resources tab. 

  2. -StickyMations-


    Upon further examination of this masterpiece it is bery cleer that he's making fun of all the stupidity surrounding the drama and himself
  3. I certainly don't need it 

    1. Hagus


      Give it to me then

  4. -StickyMations-

    Drift [4K cinematic]

    Hey that's nice, I like how the colors are vibrant. The car isn't very fitting with the minecraft style though Who made it? You should always credit other people for the work you use in your stuff
  5. I'm making a mech and I got the legs done, the amount of rotation points will make sure this thing is a nightmare to animate. But holy hell it's going to look badass when it does. I'm planning to release it once I finish it, along with an animation showing everything it can do.


    Nope I won't post any WIP pictures of the thing itself, you're gonna see it in its entire beauty once it's done :>>

    1. BaconSandwich


      Can't wait, I expect great things from you

  6. -StickyMations-

    Life in a Cave

    Never underestimate the power of Mine-Imator ??? This cool looking wallpaper proves what can be done with the program, good work
  7. -StickyMations-

    Meme Face

  8. -StickyMations-

    R E A L I T Y - Concept 6

    Not gonna lie, I kind of cringed with the bits of angry stares and some other parts (it got dangerously edgy sometimes (I hate that word)). Not a fan of the music choice either and also call me dumb but upon seeing the other ones I still don't quite understand the story of what's going on. I don't understand why anybody does what they do or what the hell anything means (this is something I feel has been consistent through the series). The story is very vague itself, very few parts are understandable. The action was a bit confusing and hard to follow sometimes, but it did get interesting to see. Your persistence and effort is incredible, the effects, video editing and sound design are really good, it's pretty much what keeps you watching it because you know what comes next is going to be amazing to look at. Your effort to make every frame wallpaper-worthy is notable and you really succeed with that. Good work on this collaboration my dude, that was amazing, worth the wait either way. 7/10
  9. -StickyMations-

    Practicing Chibi

    Yeah that's an improvement, I would suggest light-sketching beforehand so you can see where you're going and fix mistakes early on. By doing that you can avoid the neck and head being too much to the left, which looks weird in here.
  10. This new profile pic is just uhhh... merely temporary. 

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    2. TecnoGamerJW


      @Karlomianbot So...Okay, I think your profile picture alludes to the dinosaur symbolism, even when you run out of internet and play that wonderful game of graphics of last generation of the supreme dinosaur. That profile picture is very deep, and deserves to be respected and remembered for several millennia until the end of time and the end of the end of time, you have to have a bright eye to realize that the profile picture also symbolizes the one's mood or mental health.

    3. OzFalcon


      Either that or Sticky is a scalie :think:

    4. -StickyMations-


      This profile picture is a blessing. 


  11. -StickyMations-


    how do i explain this to the fbi agent spying on me
  12. My PC broke twice so I lost all my files, including my animations. I lost my current animation project of 4 minutes which I guess it really sucks so uhh... I don't know what I'm gonna do now, possibly short animations before I come up with another big project idea. I have no plans of re-doing everything from scratch.

    So the animation I had planned is indeed cancelled. I suppose this might give me a chance to be a bit more active here as I post shorter stuff.

    So yee I lost these 2 characters I showed you a long time ago here:


  13. Feliz Navidad! 

  14. -StickyMations-

    Gday lads i made a sniper hope you enjoy

    It looks good, you did a good job on the modeling. Very nice looking and good details. You probably should think about adding some textures though, it wouldn't be a bad idea
  15. -StickyMations-

    Blue Rain [4K]

    The lighting and editing is top notch, a good feeling to it. Of course the torches look very unnatural. You could've either added some light to them or removed them as mentioned above. The umbrella isn't covering her head either I suppose it's a bit hard to do a pose like that considering the nature of Minecraft characters :L But very nice. The aspect ratio kind of helps to get a better idea of the surroundings in comparison with the character. Good work.
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