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Cherno Alpha - Mine-Imator Mech Rig (animation included)

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7 minutes ago, OzFalcon said:

From the little helicopters to the water "physics" to the subtle lights of the mech occasionally flicking, you've created a really top notch animation Stickster.


Also nice sound effects b


5 minutes ago, Slime said:

Hot damn! That's incredible!

Hey, thank you very much! This was a pain to make but it turned out just how I wanted :DDD

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On 4/16/2019 at 12:02 AM, -StickyMations- said:

Hello! Long time I haven't posted something. Well, I've been busy with a rig I've promised I would be releasing to the public.

And here you have it! I present to you, Cherno Alpha, my favourite mech design from the movie Pacific Rim.


An absolute beast, lots of details to play around with it. It includes various animatable mechanisms throughout his body, as well as 54 rotation points (yes I've counted them) to make sure you can give it literally any pose you want with maximum precision. Mind you that as a consequence of this, it's very hard to use. The timeline is a mess but I've organized it in the most comprehensible/user friendly way I could. If you attempt to use it then I assume you're gonna have a hard time at first but eventually you can get the job done.




  Reveal hidden contents


I have included all the details I could by meticulously seeing clips from the film, I wanted to keep it accurate to the CGI model.





Now you may be wondering, is it even possible to animate this thing in MI? And yes, it is, just with a bit of lag.

Put it on maximum quality for best viewing experience. Enjoy.




(108.28 KB)

Make sure to read the text inside the .zip file.

Enjoy the rig!

Hello , I have a question , i want know if your godzilla 2014 rig can be downlowed ? sorry if my englis is not good im french

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