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  1. >very short, resembles a child >catgirl >thigh-highs >1200 years old??? Yes, officer. This post right here.
  2. As always, this is really creative and well made. I'm looking forward to the next one of these, I'm certain it'll be great once again.
  3. Please avoid posting several topics one after another, especially wallpapers of similar content. For future reference, when posting a bunch of similar things like this at the same time, just make one topic with multiple images in it.
  4. Update 25 (Christmas 2020 update): Merry Christmas y'all! I hope you've all been able to spend some quality time with your loved ones today. (and did so safely, with the pandemic going around) I figured since the WWII Update's taking so damn long (a little more about that below) I should atleast give y'all something for Christmas, so I figured I'd do a couple of iconic weapons featured prominently in a certain very popular Christmas movie. Weapons: -Added the AUG A1 (a demonstration video for it should be out soon, i'll update this comment once it's done) -Added the Beretta 92F (requested by @Duychung under the US military designation of M9) About the WWII Update: Turns out I bit off far more than I could chew with this one, so it's taking a whole lot longer than I originally intended and I've been getting burned out pretty frequently. Additionally, the trailer for it has become almost a project of its own due to its rather excessive scale. (for reference, it's gonna be a lot like a Battlefield trailer) It's still coming, but it'll probably be like February or March of next year. I'm sorry it's taking so long, I hope that at the very least it's worth the wait when it comes out. Also, the Armory recently hit 100 upvotes (97 upvotes and 3 "wow"s), so thank y'all for that. : ) Merry Christmas and happy New Year to y'all. Thanks for supporting this silly project of mine for over two years now.
  5. (am i doing it right?)
  6. What would you need every single one for? They range a whole lot in time period and functionality so I can't really imagine someone needing every single gun here. Anyways I've considered doing that before but that adds another layer of difficulty in the already long and cumbersome process that is updating the Armory, so for the time being I've decided that it isn't worth the trouble. Oh also thanks for the kind words!
  7. Salem made it. Asnail88 did give credit although it's in the video in a weird font. Probably a better idea to put a link in the topic instead.
  8. Thank you for the kind words! I'm really glad it's lived up to the original Armory in your eyes. Also, I think you really deserve a lotta credit for it. If not for you, I never would have started this project to begin with. Lastly, I saw your status update and all I have to say is that I hope everything here works well for you. And if there's something you want/need that I haven't made already then I'd be more than happy to make it and send it your way.
  9. There is already a laser sight, that being the EOTech ATPIAL. (under Close-range sights) Is there a specific laser sight or style of laser sight you want?
  10. i'm not a fan of it aesthetically and it's apparently a terrible gun irl, which makes me a little salty that it's achieved more fame than other, far better guns like the fn fnc and h&k xm8 and i guess "hate" is a bit of a strong word, i don't really "hate" any guns per se, i just dislike some (the f2000 being a prime example of that) also there are some guns similar to the f2000 that i'd be happy to make, such as the steyr aug and iwi tavor
  11. mostly as a joke that i'm taking far too seriously, but i do also kinda hate that gun the end goal with the armory is to have every weapon except the fn f2000 and while it's not possible to have every gun, let alone every weapon, it's very easy to not have the fn f2000
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