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  1. So, that didn't exactly go as planned. I ended up biting off way more than I could chew with this, and a year later it's still not really close to done. This past year has been probably the most chaotic part of my life so far so it's been really tricky to keep up working on the WWII update (and the Armory in general). So I just wanted to say, it's been ages but I've spent far too much time on it to cancel it, so the WWII update's going to happen eventually. When? I have no clue. : /
  2. It just dawned on me that I've been using MI for half of my life.

    No goddamn clue how I've managed to stay remotely interested in it for this long.



      built Atlas up like a house of cards like the wars of the world like a bully in the yard

  3. Update 33 Weapons: -Added the PGM Ultima Ratio for @PhiliP, specifically the Intervention model. -Added the Chiappa Rhino 60DS for @r3d3mb3r -Added the Auto-5 for @Freddy Also, I updated the APS a little bit. Quick announcement:I've been a little worn out and the rest of my life's been a little hectic so I'm gonna take a little break from the Armory, or at least the consistent(-ish lmao) schedule. I'll still probably upload a few animations and if anyone points out an issue with something I'll fix it right away, but don't expect any new models for now. That being
  4. gonna have to push the next update back by like a day, i just don't have access to everything i need rn :\
  5. certified bruh moment I figure it's probably better to actually do these super old requests rather than just pretend they never happened.
  6. What would you need every single weapon for? Seems kinda pointless, especially since you definitely couldn't reasonably use them all in one project.
  7. Oh hey, it's cool to see you around here again. : ) Since you kinda asked, here's some critique: First off I'd recommend increasing the sunlight buffer size as much as you can (within your PC's limitations, not sure what your setup is), as they've been stretched out to the point that they're visibly blocky and a lot of the Steves don't have shadows, and those that do just have a square under them. If they're still weird and blocky after that, you can put some blur on them and they should look alright. Secondly, the lighting looks to be pretty much the default lighting which do
  8. Update 32 Weapons: -Added the DC-17 Hand Blaster from the Star Wars series, requested by @OzFalcon -Added the Ray Gun from the CoD Black Ops series, requested by @ZombieGuildford -Added the PGM Hecate II anti-materiel rifle, requested by @Zman1der and @Extro Changes: -Ever so slightly tweaked the Walther P5 and P5 Lang -Added a new category, "Misc", for stuff that doesn't fit in the other categories unless I tried to shoehorn them in. Mainly fictional weapons. There was to be a fourth gun in this update, but I significantly underestimated how tricky
  9. Should be fixed now. Thanks for bringing these to my attention
  10. I've been meaning to do a lever-action rifle for ages now but I just can't seem to get around to it. it'll happen soon™ i hope
  11. Update 31 I didn't actually mean to have two "Strikers" here and I made all the weapons here before I even realized I made two guns with basically the same name. lol Weapons: -Added the BR55 Service Rifle (Halo 2's Battle Rifle), requested by @YoshiHunter [Under Battle Rifles of course] -Added the Striker-12, requested by @Primatium [Under Shotguns] -Added the Striker pistol from the Hitman series, requested by @Mr.Matt, and the IRL weapon it was based on, the AMT Hardballer [Both under Handguns] Unfortunately I probably won't be able to do the Plasma Cutter (
  12. afraid the update has to be delayed simply because i can't upload it with how awful the internet is here right now it'll probably be up in like 2 days
  13. Plans for the update are just taking care of some requests due to how many have piled up. That's what I intend to do for a majority of updates going forward. Also I've already said that you've requested enough. I'm sure I'll do a P226 eventually but you've requested a ridiculous amount already so I kinda need to put a cap on it.
  14. this is neat, although i think the dof and especially the fringe effect really take away from it
  15. go ahead with the download, it's so heavily transformed that it isn't nearly my model anymore lol good work m8
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