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  1. i'm not a fan of it aesthetically and it's apparently a terrible gun irl, which makes me a little salty that it's achieved more fame than other, far better guns like the fn fnc and h&k xm8 and i guess "hate" is a bit of a strong word, i don't really "hate" any guns per se, i just dislike some (the f2000 being a prime example of that) also there are some guns similar to the f2000 that i'd be happy to make, such as the steyr aug and iwi tavor
  2. mostly as a joke that i'm taking far too seriously, but i do also kinda hate that gun the end goal with the armory is to have every weapon except the fn f2000 and while it's not possible to have every gun, let alone every weapon, it's very easy to not have the fn f2000
  3. no unfortunately that goes against the request guidlines and as such i will have to turn it down
  4. happy birthday, and thanks for all the work you've done for us   :Cake:

    1. david


      Many thanks!

  5. The image isn't showing up for me, could you try re-uploading it or just using the weapon's name instead?
  6. this looks incredible nimi, thanks for doing all this for us
  7. glow squid won

    time to commit several war crimes

  8. ycs1dqjetdng0k3zg.jpg


    1. crustyjpeg


      also if you can guess what gun this is you get 2 epic gamer points

    2. r3d3mb3r


      I can't guess it

    3. crustyjpeg
  9. there is one, the eotech 518 but i can add some more if there's one in particular you want
  10. The armor stand is in the Special Blocks section of the workbench. Also, don't feel bad about asking. No harm was done, and I'm sure just about everyone's had to ask a question like this one at some point.
  11. oh wow these are really damn good great work my dude
  12. woah that thing's interesting, it'll probably be pretty fun to do
  13. wait people still use community build to this day i'm honestly kinda amazed
  14. As always, it's very well animated all across the board. Looks great. But once again the sounds are pretty wack.
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