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  1. mostly quite good, but she looks like she's going to kill someone
  2. The first is just awful, not unlike other Monster School videos tend to be. The second is actually pretty darn good.
  3. steve in that last one is MEGA STRONK steve is serbia stronk confirmed
  4. pretty neat, and i like the attention to detail when it comes to fictional guns. that being said, the "12" in the spas-12 is referring to the fact it uses 12 gauge shells, so the name of this (spas-13) implies it uses 13 gauge shells, which i don't think anybody uses that being said, the real-life spas-15 uses 13-gauge so maybe i'm just insane i think the name would make more sense if it were something like "spas-17" or "spas-26" okay sorry about the name rant it's pretty cool overall and i like the ties to real firearms
  5. True, but sometimes I don't want Minecraft's tree colors and there's hardly anything I can do about it.
  6. The actual spruce tree texture is in greyscale, Mine-Imator just colors them how they are. Not to mention importing the scenery without them would basically mean building the scenery without them in MC and then building a seperate spruce tree scenery but using a different block and recoloring that to whatever. Far too much of a hassle.
  7. I've been using spruce trees a lot lately and have been wanting to be able to change the color of them, but that isn't currently possible. I'd love it if I could change the color with the custom biome/foliage colors with a separate color thingy. concept:
  8. Nice work, and also it's great to see you back!
  9. The people who posted the 4 status updates below all have the omega gay (no 'no u' allowed)

    1. Ghatos


      The person above is very lesbian

  10. I think he may have intentionally removed the download because everyone was just reposting it with their own skin, not sure though.
  11. This was interesting to read, thanks Rollo. edit: also who the hell thinks ethan is toxic what why
  12. dammit nimi why

    out of all the things you could have said for the prank changelog why
    "Fixed 'parts must have unique names' error preventing saving."



    this bug has screwed me over TOO MANY DAMN TIMES FOR THIS CRAP TO BE FUNNY


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