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  1. understandable well i hope this gets fixed soon
  2. i think if you turn texture filtering off it will fix that, at the cost of not having texture filtering
  3. collabs® now actually a competition also apparently making a reality clone, but i haven't looked into this the collabs® are the only problem i personally have with him, but some people have more apparently i'm not saying they're right or wrong about it, i just don't think they're "haters"
  4. *loads rpk with malicious intent* nyet, motherland will stand ground
  5. Absolutely, as long as it's toggleable like in Vegas.
  6. Not a hater, a critic. Hagus, like many others, finds a lot of things about sharpwind questionable. He chose to make a meme out of it because it's a tradition at this point.
  7. That's pretty darn good. Also your English is mostly pretty good, not perfect, but not bad at all.
  8. The pacing's a bit too fast but everything else is actually pretty darn good.
  9. Holy heck, this is really good. The lighting is both gorgeous and helps to guide the eyes, the DOF is perfectly done, and the posing is very good, 10/10 one of the best wallpapers I've seen in a while.
  10. this is some quality art my dude
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think new MI versions can use CB projects.
  12. hot damn, this is good
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