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  1. Admittedly I didn't specify this in my original post, but I'm not saying your wallpaper is a ripoff of Eli's, I'm just pointing out the fact that they're very similar in concept. As far as I can tell, you started working on this wallpaper before Eli posted his, so I don't think it's a ripoff - just quite similar and posted around the same time.
  2. aight i'll go through what is and isn't good the good: -great posing -great lighting -the props are nice (haha get it) -dof used well -and the effects (lens flare and stuff) seem pretty nice the bad: -could use more interesting scenery instead of this empty thing, i don't know what kind of place it is so i ain't sure what kind of props would be appropriate but i'm sure you can come up with something -the sparkles on the eyes are really distracting and i'd advise you get rid of those -and where is that light on them coming from? if it's from like a helicopter or something i'd advise making it a bit clearer it's coming from above with some mild light rays or something, maybe also a rope they deployed from the ugly: -i'm sorry i just had to make this joke please don't hurt me overall i like it but it could certainly be better
  3. crustyjpeg

    need Skins

    sure here you go 5 bonus points if i die
  4. A: in games the animations are generally first-person, and the playermodels usually have mag pouches if it's multiplayer B: they don't even look like they're mid-reload
  5. can't smack with several 9mm hollow-points lodged into you at mach 3 then where are the spare mags? mag pouches? dropped old mags?
  6. One, nobody knows for sure what COPPA will actually do and I suspect it's not going to do much. Two, Mine-Imator doesn't have an age rating. (the forums are completely open to anyone 13 or older, and younger than that with permission from their parents)
  7. well that was entertaining not super helpful to me as i don't have after effects but still fun to watch
  8. UPDATE! -Added the AKM to replace the really bad old AK-47 model -Added a new MP 18, I model to replace the old one -Added the M3 Grease Gun -Added the Baseball Bat, which happens to be the first melee weapon. (requested by @Slime) Not as large of an update as I had hoped, as I didn't have quite as much time as most updates will going forward, and it was just a very busy week and a half. I hope to make the next update larger but I can't make any promises as I'm getting a VR headset sometime around the 4th and will be playing with that quite a bit unless something goes wrong.
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