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  1. 🤔

    1. Ethanial


      There are leaves in the shed

    2. crustyjpeg


      actually no, there's just a lotta damage on the shed

    3. Ethanial


      Oh it's just the angle. 

  2. oh hey people used to make these things a lot i like them, they're fun
  3. I've actually made it very recently when I was bored and will have it in the next update. I guess I'll tag you with it and pretend the reason I made it was a request
  4. I recently started using this for the Modelbench Armory, it works pretty well for getting proportions correct.
  5. this reminds me of how hilarious some of the answers were, and also gives me traumatic flashbacks to the one-word questions
  6. no promises also who the hell would nsfw this oh god
  7. hey this is neato


  8. (it's a tf2 reference i believe)
  9. i'm pretty sure skibbbz intended for people to look at the animation or change the animation/use it for joke parodies, not make it into a template for people to add their skin into
  10. henlo

    i did not know you liked Portal moosics

    what a nice coincidence

    1. Hagus


      Portal moosics are good moosics

    2. crustyjpeg


      more a fan of half-life music but yes

  11. not regarding the model itself, that's clearly tf2 inspired i'm talking about the overall lambda stuff
  12. looks pretty nice
  13. oh yes this would make bullet tracer particles infinitely more possible take my upvote you bloody genius
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