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  1. Update! Only one gun, but it's a damn fine gun. The Fusil Tactique Modele 2009. (Tactical Rifle Model of 2009 in English, and FT 2009 for short) A French close-quarters battle rifle chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO, and based on the highly successful Chauchat light machine gun introduced all the way back in 1915 and still in service to this day. The FT 2009 was adopted in 2009 for a close-quarters combat role as the FAMAS assault rifles didn't have sufficient stopping power, and has been proven in combat time and time again. Due to its immense success it has started to replace the Chauchat itself in the LMG/SAW role, fitted with a bipod. Some are built off original WW1-era Chauchats, and others are built from the ground up by Nexter Systems. (formerly GIAT Industries) It's also normally fitted with a suppressor, but I didn't have the time to make one today.
  2. since i'm away from my vr headset i went ahead and made the pistol from half-life alyx.
    it'll probably be added to the armory soon

  3. Damn dude, this is great. All the assets made for this are really well made and placed, and the lighting is spot-on. Also the dust particles are a nice touch.
  4. what the hell this is crazy nimi you never fail to amaze with how well you push gamemaker beyond its limits
  5. There's a small chance I'll try to apply for modeler but I'm away from my computer for now and have enough projects as it is and probably don't have the time. With that being said, good luck with whatever you're working on.
  6. You've been improving a lot over the past few months making weapon animations, and I'm sure that if you keep working at it you can get really good at it. Also I didn't make the sounds, I just include sounds from video games generally. The source varies with each model and can be found in the "info.txt" document included with each model.
  7. excellent "made for kids" lol youtube
  8. as is often the case, there's not gonna be an update tomorrow even though i meant to get one out with the recent updates i've kinda burned myself out, and i have plenty of other projects to work on and not enough time to take care of everything i'll also be putting the next one on hold and just release stuff when i want to for the time being, so that i can focus more on making actual animations (which i don't see enough of around here)
  9. I've encountered this bug before and for some reason turning off texture filtering fixes it for me, so hopefully it will for you. Otherwise it may be a bug with foliage light bleed although I don't think it is. A bit of a tradeoff, but I don't really like the appearance of MI's texture filtering anyways.
  10. I've been thinking about making one of those for a while now so I'll most likely do one somewhere down the line, but I'm gonna try to slow down on the SMGs because I've been going overboard with those while neglecting other weapon categories.
  11. i never knew i wanted this until i saw it i'd love more of these if they're blocks that actually have some reason to be smaller a mini grass block would be completely useless but a mini brewing stand (maybe alter the design a bit to only have 1 potion slot) or something like that would actually be pretty cool
  12. not bad at all, the model is fairly simple but it works damn well for minecraft
  13. New update to the Armory featuring some Thompsons, the M1911A1, and maybe some weird bootleg machine pistol.


  14. UPDATE! -Redid the Thompson M1928 model, as the old one wasn't very good -Added the Thompson M1A1 and M1919 "Annihilator" prototype. -Added the M1911A1 replacing the old M1911 model that was probably a mix of the original and A1 versions. -Added the Lebman Machine Pistol, a full-auto modified M1911A1 aight that's all, i hope you had a happy valentine's day
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