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  1. modelbench armory attachment stuff


    1. Duychung


      i'll be blind if my teammate in pubg using AKM with 6x scope and full auto to shot enemies from a far distance

  2. :think:

    1. Duychung


      welp, guess i'm going to modifed M4a1-s 

  3. UPDATE! New weapons: -The AR-10, requested by @PhiliP -The OSIPR (AKA AR2 pulse rifle) from Half-Life 2, requested by @Chirp -The Desert Eagle Mark XIX, requested by @willingsas (also thanks to @Hozq for animating it) -The Winchester SXP Marine Defender, requested by @Slime -And the FN P90 TR, requested by @Rollo Changes: -Changed some of the 9x19mm Parabellum weapons to better match the new cartridge model's dimensions -Updated both the shotguns available prior to this update to look better and fit the new lengthened 12-gauge shell model -Made all the rails on all the guns that have them consistant -And probably various other changes that I forgot Removed: -The M1911 -The USP Match -And the FAMAS These models weren't very good so I'm removing them for now, but I'll try to get them redone fairly soon. aight bye i gotta go watch some star wars with my brother now have a nice day
  4. this masterpiece is 10 years old today, just like tdit


  5. oh wow this is cool, reminds me of doctor lalve's "the -insert tf2 class- guide" series
  6. hey that's pretty cool One thing to note is that a Browning M2 is a .50 cal machine gun (and seems to be what you based the model on), although the actual stinger is based on a variant of the .30 caliber M1919, called the AN/M2. admittedly that's an easy mistake to make, and you may even be aware of it and simply used the m2 since there's no 1919 and they're both based on the same earlier design but all things considered this is pretty cool, although a bit innacurate to reality here and there
  7. oh yes it's finally out 10/10 one of the best things ever done with modelbench, can't wait to find an excuse to use them
  8. i meant to get a massive update out yesterday, but due to a few different factors (being rather sick for a decent chunk of the past 2 weeks, christmas related stuff, and not wanting to animate another select-fire rifle because that's most of what i've been animating and modeling for far too long and i made the idiot choice of working on the ar-10 first) i wasn't able to get even one of the 5 guns i said i would it's been delayed to the 12th of january, and i've learned to: A:don't promise a bunch of guns at a very close date if you haven't even done half the work you're promising B:woah slow down with the select-fire rifles for a bit aight see y'all next year, sorry if this causes any inconvenience
  9. It's not as easy as just "ok theres 1.15 stuff now", not to mention 1.15 just came out and a new MI version is coming rather soon alongside a remade Modelbench, which will almost certainly include 1.15 assets. 0/10 you didn't even post this in the right forum update: 1/10 it's in the right forum now i guess, but still not good
  10. Whenever I get all the current requests finished, so hopefully the first half of next year but I'm honestly not sure. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
  11. how can you have any gun if i haven't made the deagle yet
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