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  1. sure, it's well made but...
  2. i hope you have/had a very nice birthday

  3. New update, first in over half a year. This is a smaller update, just wanted to do this because it's the 75th anniversary of the Normandy Beach landings. Added: -M1 Garand -MP40 Both of these were requested by @Yoshifan33, but I made the MP40 before he requested it and I planned on doing the Garand before it was requested. Also good for him that he has very good taste in guns.
  4. steve is in posession of a firearm 2: electric boogaloo
  5. actually been planning on making one of those someday fairly soon, so i guess i can do that
  6. Mine-Imator actually has a built-in scenery importer, so unless there's some feature in MCedit you need in particular, there'd be no point in waiting.
  7. this is a bloody masterpiece.
  8. happy birthday to the man responsible for a huge chunk of my childhood, and many others' as well

  9. That was pretty damn good, and I'm impressed by the overall length of it.
  10. i made this trash


  11. hey i made this thanks to the dudes on the foreign affairs discord server for some ideas also a version with all of the very good ideas: anyway i hope you like it kthanksbye
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