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  1. Update 23 - The Shotgun Update (or 22 i guess the previous one hardly counts lol) Weapons: -Added the Mossberg 590A1 Retrograde -Added the Mossberg 590 Shockwave (maybe the most impractical gun in the armory) (also the model dates back to may 2018 and somehow i never added it to the armory) -Added the Winchester Model 1887 (requested by @StarFX) plus a sawn-off variant -Added the Remington M1900 (For @BladerInc's request for a double barrel shotgun) and a sawn-off variant (For @shadowlord123) -Added the Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I (requested via fictional representations on two seperate occasions by @aaucuy3345 and @Bronze) -Added the Sjögren Shotgun -Updated the SPAS-12 and M1897 Trench Shotgun to closer match their real-life counterparts Attachments: -Added the M26 MASS underbarrel shotgun, plus a standalone variant under the weapons section (requested by @Primatium) -Added some shotgun shell carriers, with three variants holding 5, 6, and 8 shells (requested by the inescapable @Slime) -Updated the M1917 Bayonet to fit the updated M1897 and look closer to the real thing Other: -Updated the 12 gauge shotgun shells' texture to be a higher quality (rather than the overly bright original) and added some extra texture options besides the classic red shell (green, paper shell, and full brass shell) -Replaced the banner with another wonderful banner by @OzFalcon I hope y'all enjoy the shotguns and find a good use for them.
  2. oh god it's my old ak model kill it with fire funny meme btw
  3. UPDATE 22 -Added a mini flag attachment thing you can stick in a ventilated handguard or something. -Added a mini flag attachment thing that you can mount on picatinny rails. Both flags are only the US flag for now but you can make your own texture or wait for me to make more, which I will. Tomorrow's update has a bunch of shotguns and won't be as useless as this one.
  4. I don't have a zip file with the entire armory in it at the moment, but if that's something you want I might throw that into the next update as a weird bonus. It'd probably be a bit of a pain to keep the zip file updated with all the latest Armory stuff on top of everything though. Also I'm glad you're having fun with the deagle
  5. Very nice, it's great to see another model from you.
  6. i don't understand why people like using the premiere system so much, it kinda sucks tbh especially since it's 22 days and the animation's done (atleast i'd assume it is since you've uploaded it as a premiere)
  7. ah ok, i just kinda thought it was a blender thing since it looked more visible around the shadows
  8. I'm always amazed by the extra realistic guns people make in MI, and this is no exception. Looks just about perfect.
  9. hey that's pretty cool, could be a little less grainy but i have no idea how one removes blender's weird noise
  10. That's really well done, the animation is really good (albeit with a fairly inconsistent style), the lighting and colors are excellent, and everything else is great too. overall 2.5/10 vegan propaganda
  11. Update 21: -Added the Nambu Type 1, which I was going to release some 4 months ago but couldn't. But hey, better late than never. -Re-added the Enfield L42A1, which I accidentally removed last update. You may notice it looks a lot better than it did before. -Updated the SMLE Mk. III* a good bit, since I released it in an unfinished state last update. This update would be bigger but I've been busy with moving and only set up my computer a couple days ago. Next update you can expect a bunch of shotguns.
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