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  1. Slime

    (more bends)DBL tim rig V2 : MI 1.1.4​​​​​​

    No thumbs. How is he supposed to grab things? (I'm actually being serious. You cant grab things with your hands without aposeable thumbs.)
  2. I swear this dude is going somewhere. This just, wow. I was happy to help give inspiration to ya, bud. Now to wait for my episode
  3. Slime

    Update you want in Minecraft

    1.8 PvP (confirmed to be returning)
  4. These rigs are SKIBBZ quality, ill say that much.
  5. Slime

    Changing Genders!? (Minecraft Machinima)

    Definitely not what i thought it was going to be. Nice.
  6. Slime

    Long Forgotten-Prologue Trailer

    Dude, that looks dope. Hmm... Who could that green guy be you teased awhile ago...
  7. Slime

    How to open backup?

    If you look at the Open file window, look for where it says .miproject or what ever. Click it and select .mibackup The you can open a Backup file into your MI.
  8. Slime

    My Rig Pack (Added Tiger)

    Dude. This topic is 5 years old.
  9. Slime

    Neptune the Skunk

    Pretty sure Bronies are hated ALOT more than furries.
  10. Slime

    Neptune the Skunk

    Gotta be careful what i say on this topic. The rig has a lot of effort into it, that is good. But Furry's aren't really liked here by some people. Not saying you should stop this, im saying be careful what you post.
  11. Slime

    The Freefall Collab!

    Why not. I need to do something other than secret animations for later.
  12. For my first Nomination, I nominate @MobKiller Animations For my second, @-StickyMations-
  13. Slime

    YM Rig V1.1

    That's one cool rig! (And the use of that one Minecraft April fools day song was perfect for that. The scenery seemed empty, and the echo just worked with it. +1!)
  14. Slime

    No models available

    This seems to be a new glitch, someone else had an issue where the model wouldn't show up on the work camera. Did you try adding a camera to see if it's visible through the camera view? If you can see the model in camera view and not work camera, I would send the project to David through PMs.
  15. Slime

    Slime's Inventory Rig V.1

    Its fine.
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