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  1. @Hagus better not change slime.
  2. I wonder what's behind that secret door...
  3. Again with the incredible art! +1
  4. @EmberWing Remove the light from the front of the image and it would look a bit better in my opinnion.
  5. That actually made me spit out my lemonade thats how shook i was. That actually isnt bad.
  6. All she would really need to do is make the ambient color darker, and more of a blue tone. We did have similar ideas though.
  7. Id reccomend making the ambient a deeper blue and adjusting the fog to be slightly visible on the mountain.
  8. I think if you hate sports youd be more of a Slime.
  9. (incase you guys missed this)


  10. Alright. Im tired of you claiming you can give criticism. You cant. Accept that fact and move on. You pointing out a single detail isnt criticism. its nitpicking, like Tug said. You need to understand your word isnt law. You need to take a minute and think, is this really critiscm? because it isnt. You claim you know what your doing, but you dont. You cant take critiscm any better than you give it. and thats little to none. You always start this crap and expect everyone to back you up. There's reasons why nobody likes when you "crituqe" their posts. Your not helpful at all. Nothing about what you say is "helpful." I rest my case.
  11. It was quite fun doing this collab. The best part was definetly the vault build.
  12. I spent my entire day making this one wallpaper. Criticism appreciated. (Thanks @-StickyMations- for rendering the base wallpaper for me. My PC doesnt like me for some reason.) (also yes i know the cinema scope isnt too good looking, or the lighting, or the sky.)
  13. I cant believe i won 2 days in a row on the popular contributors leader board.

  14. Id recommend making it yourself since you dont exactly have a reputation yet. nor do we know how good your animations are.
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