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  1. Man, I really should do something, huh? It's been awhile since ive been here.

    1. Yoshifan33


      laughs in inactive

    2. KyronCazot


      what about that Mongoose? ;) I made a Warthog while you was gone :C

  2. Slime

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    I dont find this rig too appealing at all. The eyes look weird because of the centered pupils, the shading looks iffy and unnatural, I don't like how high quality the textures are, they clash with the default textures and I don't think many people here are going to run a specific texture pack just to make this look presentable.
  3. hope your happy, we got us a brand-new useless mob┬á­čĹĆ

    1. __Mine__


      Better than yet another Illager that everyone would likely end up hating because they'd annoy people when they're trying to make a base in the new mountains. Basically Phantoms all over again.

      Not to mention there are zero variants of Squid, while we already have variants for the other two mobs.

  4. anyone who votes glow squid is dead to me

  5. You also apparently cant read.
  6. I dont see why your complaining. MI is getting some new controls to make it seem slightly more professional. Im personally on board with this.
  7. Slime

    Monster Chest

    ...you mean a Mimic?
  8. I hate to burst your bubble, but i have a few gripes with this: - I'd hardly consider this a rig seeing as its really just a player model with the legs swapped and a few glowing items attached with some equally as intrusive particles. - The video does an extremely poor job of even showing us the rig at all. Its so blurry and orange that you cant even tell what its supposed to be for most of the video. - The camera shake in the video is obnoxious and unneeded. - You did an awful job showcasing what features the rig has because the video you provided is just not good. He
  9. The stop motion doesnt feel right knowing what the original was. Feels clunky and slow imo. squash and stretch is nice though.
  10. i think there are plans to do something like this, but im not sure. Check Requests.
  11. The only one i really like here is the Spider.
  12. I will always have a request in the queue.
  13. On top of everything already pointed out, the lighting, posing, and the camera angle seem kinda basic and bland.
  14. First things first, wrong subforum. Second, Im not entirely sure this is possible in the engine MI uses? It might be in the next update whenever that is but no promises.
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