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  1. Thats weird, I've never had that happen before. Atleast i tried though.
  2. what i have highlighted. Click that and it turns it off.
  3. I had this problem before. Turn off your seamless loop function.
  4. This typically happens when a schematic is either too big or from an unsupported version of Minecraft.
  5. Sadly its a weird bug with Modelbench. @crustyjpeg knows this bug all too much.
  6. Oh hey there. Got myself a new PC and let me just say, the shadow buffer size being on gigantic doesnt slow this thing down. I get a consistent 60 FPS in HD mode even with the shadow settings at max quality.

    1. crustyjpeg


      Sounds like a damn fine PC.

    2. MSDOS


      plz give me

  7. Yep. That's me. I bet you're wondering how I got here. Well it all started in the summer of '89...
  8. I would personally stray away from a Hoodie, as its a really common choice for a character with a backstory.
  9. Man. I remember that movie. Loved it as a kid and this wasn't too bad of a recreation.
  10. I feel like i've seen you somewhere before...
  11. Yeesh that base for it. It needs some serious work. Also this is in the wrong sub-forum since there isn't a download link.
  12. Anyone else notice the chem trails in the sky? Nice touch, Ethan, Nice touch.
  13. Although this is quite nice, it would have been nice if you could have put them in spoilers to prevent viewers from having to scroll a ton.
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