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  1. I can see this being useful in larger schematics
  2. If i ever get an idea for a wallpaper that could use it well.
  3. The Chromatic Aberration is 100% unneeded in this.
  4. I know, but MI as it is cannot. EDIT: oh shoot lmao i thought you quoted me my bad
  5. MI doesn't support OBJ files, but i would strongly recommend trying rigging and Modeling with Modelbench (all be it how broken MB is...)
  6. I personally wouldn't even consider this a rig.
  7. I get what your saying, but that wasn't my initial argument. My initial argument is is has nothing to offer that directly benefits making things with MI and sharing them. What your saying is its ease of access. Those are two completely un-related topics.
  8. It may be easy, but it isn't convenient. And i don't think adding bedrock support would be worth it since this is just a small animation program made by like 3 people that does not compare to any of the big ones. There are other ways that a good majority of people i know use. And a lot of these ways are convenient. This forum has a set amount of storage space, and adding that wouldn't be worth the effort. And if they aren't active on either then oh well. Also you countered your own statement, "aren't always active on the forums," with the fact your arguing for a feature that you think would be useful, but really isn't to the inactive people your saying it would be good for.
  9. It isn't, and im not biased. I like playing bedrock when im with friends away from home. But I dont think it belongs here the way your saying it should because it doesnt directly relate to Mine-Imator and how it works. The forums has an Instant Messaging system they can use.
  10. Wha- I never once said anything about bridging java and bedrock. Im arguing that putting it on here is pointless if you cant use it for anything. You cant get the worlds from bedrock and use them as schematics. you cant get the skin of a bedrock user by punching in their username. That's why Discord is there. Discord is made for gamers. share your usernames there. They don't need to be on the forums if they don't provide any use towards actually making something.
  11. The MI Discord was made as a way to also share your creations Outside of the forums. It was made as a way to bridge the gap between MI users on the forums and those not on the forums. The Minecraft Username section is so people can get your skin without having to ask you, in case your a busy person or unable to provide it.
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