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  1. Slime

    Monkey D. Luffy

    Impressive! The movements could use some work but I don't really have much to say.
  2. I remember when you existed.

  3. Slime

    Forum Battle

    Weird how im classified as "popular" and nice cliff hanger. I dont know if i actually died or not.
  4. Slime

    Wolf Rig

    That isn't very reliable you know. The guide is more reliable than just copying the image.
  5. Slime

    The mutant enderman

    Some of the movments could have used some work, but the car hitting the ground, that whole sequence was pretty damn good.
  6. Slime

    I need a Skin Editor
  7. Impressive. And if my memory serves me right that's my old player template that you used for your profle picture?
  8. Slime

    Bike rig demo

    I hate to downvote, but this genuinely hurts my eyes to see. The colors are anything but realistic, everything is apparently affected by wind, this was poorly constructed, and It doesn't look like it would be fun to use at all. Just a tip, Use items next time and look up references for bikes. Try to keep things more clean and realistic. Now it isnt bad, the idea is there, but this isnt very convenient for anyone.
  9. Just you watch, Avengers 4 is going to come out before you get Reality Concept 6 out, now that you said that.
  10. Slime

    Salt Spill

    I love how I was the one to get stuck.
  11. Slime

    Just a Random Render

    I get what your saying, but there really is only so much you can do with Mine-Imator
  12. Slime

    Just a Random Render

    Hello! I decided to start rigging some stuff and then i got motivated to make this tiny render. The pool cue he is holding will be featured in two things I'm working on. - The Billiards/Pool Model Pack (Confirmed to happen) - The Bar Fight Model Pack (Not sure if I'll make this or not.)
  13. Slime


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