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  1. I will always have a request in the queue.
  2. On top of everything already pointed out, the lighting, posing, and the camera angle seem kinda basic and bland.
  3. Slime

    The Cave

    Im personally not too fond of the reflective-ness of the armor they are wearing. I get its iron armor but maybe tone it down some? A lot of armor from what Ive seen is never that shiny.
  4. First things first, wrong subforum. Second, Im not entirely sure this is possible in the engine MI uses? It might be in the next update whenever that is but no promises.
  5. Id like to say again, posting it now is pointless. Wait until closer to its actual premiere to post anything about it.
  6. This wallpaper has so many bright patches i have no idea what the subject is. Also there is some serious mixeling here.
  7. I really should post something again, huh?

    1. __Mine__


      Honestly, same here.

    2. crustyjpeg


      that'd be pretty cool i think

  8. I see some potential here. Some really promising potential.
  9. This seems like a pretty lackluster rig so far. All it looks like you've done is added a mask to a skin, which i personally wouldn't even call a rig. Try adding extrusions and work on the skin some more.
  10. Finally fixed my issues and im back to the forums. yeet.

  11. I leave the forums for a single day and all hell breaks loose.

  12. Crusty has already stated that the portal gun is againt the guidelines and will not be making it.
  13. i can see it enough to say red is right
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