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  1. This is a really early preview of a project im working on.

    This is seriously all i have animation wise.

  2. Slime

    Should i make a collab?

    You could try, but seeing as how youve only got 46 rep i doubt it will actually get anywhere.
  3. Slime

    Fractured Reality (Christmas Wallpaper) (4K)

    Bruh its not even fall yet.
  4. baldi.gif

    Is this what the Internet has become?

  5. Hello! I have a simple, unedited render I made for @EnderSculptor using his new OC, Jim Hollick. Have a nice day!
  6. A very poorly made meme.

    1. tditdatdwt


      Incredibly lame

  7. Slime

    a better animation than pixar

    Somebody give this man a medal. I got a genuine laugh out of this.
  9. Slime


    I get exactly where your coming from. Flips are one of the few things i can actually animate. Pacing is tough when you want it to be smooth.
  10. Slime


    Well in that case, It's still a bit too slow.
  11. Slime


    That is incredibly smooth. Anyways, I don't know if you slowed it down or not, if you animated it to be slow like that, then i would recommend speeding it up, but if you slowed it down after animating it, then you did one hell of a job.
  12. @SharpWind I needed this tutorial. Now i can make weapon rigs.
  13. You guys should consider checking out this collaboration I did with @Swift


  14. Slime


    Hello again! I have another wallpaper, but this one was in collaboration with @Swift Swift's part is the left, mine is the Right. Credit to @Pharien @PigmanMovie @mbanders
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