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  1. This page gave me some issues, but im happy to say its now here. <<Last Page | Next Page>>
  2. Sorry about not getting Page 3 out yesterday or today. I finished page 3 yesterday but wasn't satisfied with it so i re-did it today. Should be up tomorrow.

  3. Rep doesnt work like that. Yes it will get you away from -15, but thats entirely dependant on who sees your wallpaper and who reps it. its possible you wont get any.
  4. Hello, Night Wave


  5. I wont lie to you, I really only like the couch. The other stuff needs a load of work.
  6. Alright. Here's page 2. Enjoy! <<Last Page | Next Page>> EDIT: Credit to @TheCollieStalks for the SUV rig. and to @Patric for the Vending machines in the last page.
  7. Slime

    SAO Augma Rig

    The image is broken, although to save you some effort, i rendered one for you It doesn't look bad, but i havent seen past the first season of SAO so im not sure what it is.
  8. Theres no need to. The characters are explained really well in the bios he provided, AND he said what the comic series it was based off is. So you saying there's no context makes no sense.
  9. Hello there. Welcome to the first page of Foreign Affairs! This is my first time making a comic styled anything (other than in sketchbooks when i'm bored) Hope you enjoy it! Next Page>>
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