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  1. So your probably wondering (well, nobody is to be fair, but maybe i'm wrong) where is page 4 of the FA Comic? Its been over 2 months since page 3 was released. I'm here to tell you page 4 is mostly done, its just missing dialogue. I haven't put the dialogue in yet because i wanted to release page 4 and 5 at the same time to make up for the currently still expanding wait, but 5 is still in the whole stage of being set up, but because of MB's new bending and what not, it may take longer. So if i feel like i need to ill just release page 4 on its own and actually try to get page 5 started at least a little bit.

    Sorry for the wait.

  2. Slime

    Eb Clarinet

    I get this was a joke, but its in poor taste. Why not instead be a man and post a picture for him?
  3. Nah chief. Don't steal someone else's work and edit it without permission.
  4. oh no WWIII let me just say what im going to do and retweet on twitter!!!1!!111!!

  5. You can do reflections in MI. Anytime you add a camera is becomes a texture as well, so surfaces, cubes, spheres, and cones can reflect what the camera sees.
  6. Slime


    Thats a pretty overrated statement. : /
  7. that's extruded WAYYYY too much. Id recommend extruding it less next time.
  8. Hey would you look at that. 800 rep.

  9. Slime

    Cooked Turkey

    Looks good, But id recommend keeping pixel sizes consistent.
  10. mmm smells like quality 4k
  11. Barely. Its still glowing way too intensely.
  12. ah yes. I love it when the drowned use their laser vision to attack me under water. Tone down the bloom dude.
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