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  1. MineMozo

    Eevee rig

    me opening this thinking of Blender:HMMMMMM
  2. tho it worked correctly when i first installed MB 1.0.1, idk how it changed
  3. https://imgur.com/a/q6mENFZ When i try to move the UV in half-pixels i get weird Diamond-Like shapes
  4. https://imgur.com/VA33B4q maybe something like this, please!
  5. wow, can u teach me how you did it? i wanna have similar results
  6. This is real awesome, i am curious how you did the hair, cuz KEN model doesnt overlay and overlaying ones look weird
  7. Download it broken plz fix it. nice anim btw
  8. it is good and i like it but i would prefer if it had a little more thick cover bc covers are as thin as the paper!
  9. yeah sure i'll try,i dont have any textures tho so if you can help it will be highly appreciated and ofc you'll be credited
  10. MineMozo

    Mozo's Hand Rig V1

    hey bro,yeah i am sorry about this but the file doesnt have any viruses bc it doesn have ANY textures and the ones in there are when i was testing the rig and btw thanks for downloading https://gyazo.com/1a96ad4c70d14cf4ee8fab036fe58f8d
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