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  1. Download it broken plz fix it. nice anim btw
  2. it is good and i like it but i would prefer if it had a little more thick cover bc covers are as thin as the paper!
  3. yeah sure i'll try,i dont have any textures tho so if you can help it will be highly appreciated and ofc you'll be credited
  4. MineMozo

    Mozo's Hand Rig V1

    hey bro,yeah i am sorry about this but the file doesnt have any viruses bc it doesn have ANY textures and the ones in there are when i was testing the rig and btw thanks for downloading https://gyazo.com/1a96ad4c70d14cf4ee8fab036fe58f8d
  5. MineMozo

    Mozo's Hand Rig V1

    thanks ? but you dont have to quote the whole post tho ?
  6. MineMozo

    Mozo's Hand Rig V1

    So..I made a hand rig it supports long fingers for people who want and short for ones who want Long Fingers: Short Fingers (Recommended): Test Render: Skin Editing:Very simple!! Just delete the first 3 pixels from the hand and the whole bottom DOWNLOAAD:https://www.mediafire.com/file/qbpuaa2fs70yvbu/Hand.zip/file IF USED:MUST CREDIT SINCE I AM STARTING CYAO!!!<3
  7. I am working on it now. it is a WIP maybe in next version it will have my own
  8. Oops! Looks like i messed up the previous one. don't worry guys,i fixed it,here: DOWNLOAD:http://www.mediafire.com/file/aj5yicq15vgqcwj/Pug.zip/file I also wanna point that i used @SKIBBZ facial SFR V.6..so SPECIAL THANKS to him! CYAO!! little reminder:i am just starting,so please give me some support
  9. well..i am a mine imator noob so pls tell me...about the quality should i increase the AA or Decrease it for better quality?
  10. So..it seemed like you guys didn't like my previous F N A F rig pack,so i decided to leave it I made a pug model (inspired by BPS's Pug) Hope you Guys Like It!! Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8olr4tfo74j71cz/Pug.zip/file IMPORT THE .MIPROJECT! NOT THE .MIMODEL No credit needed,but it would be appreciated since i am starting CYAO!! (The model is unbendable but it will be in V2)
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