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  1. Happy New Years, or.. Late New Years but whatever lol

  2. Would you consider making a time lapse of you making your rigs so we can how you do it????

    i think it would be cool!

  3. Herobette

    Axel (AU Fray)

    C; You're welcome
  4. Herobette

    Axel (AU Fray)

    and that AU belongs to me x3 Lol, Nice Rig btw
  5. Herobette

    Null and Entity Rig [My Version]

    You're welcome
  6. Herobette

    Null and Entity Rig [My Version]

    Yeah, they don't because I am sorta staying away from the lore just an itty bitty to keep some originality with these two gals but Thank you so much for your feedback! I appreciate that
  7. Just a quick question:

    Will any of your character rigs be publicly available?

    I'm asking because I like the characters, although you have a phenomenal rigging style.

    1. Herobette


      Hi there! None of my characters rigs are public.

      Thank you so much for the compliment  

    2. Agentsecret24


      Ok, and you’re welcome!

  8. Herobette

    Null and Entity Rig [My Version]

    Thank you Really? I like to hear that! I might as well make one soon
  9. Herobette

    Null and Entity Rig [My Version]

    Cuz they can xd
  10. Herobette

    Null and Entity Rig [My Version]

    Yee Magic
  11. I had these rigs for a while but never showed them, so here yall go! PLEASE KEEP NOTE: These versions of Entity and Null are my own versions, They are different from the original Null and Entity 303 Also, these rigs will most likely be updated if needed. Please enjoy these rigs! [These rigs are private. Do not ask for them] Null Entity 303 The Reference Sheet The rigs are still under development, expect some flaws already I am still trying to work with the hoods. So this forum will be updated once I fully update them
  12. Greetings everyone, I might start posting again soon. I just took a break from using Mine-imator.

    I have two new rigs to show! I really love making rigs honestly. It's fun

  13. Herobette

    Anti vs The Dragon [Wallpaper]

    Thank you for the proper critique. Yeah I have flaws with lighting and backgrounds lol ^^"
  14. Herobette

    Dev update #14: Moving on

    Thank you for making it in the first place! Farewell, and good luck on nonminecraft projects, would be very interesting to see what you can make! Good luck to you Nimi, being in charge completely!
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