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  1. Thank you
  2. This looks great, I like the rigs. Good job
  3. Thank you at least for not jumping in on that rofl. - I used the HD skins to make it somewhat look better, since originally I was using transparent surfaces, which bugged the rigs.
  4. Thanks, but i do not really care for quality. It's nice to have some quality but I am not hugely crazy over it.
  5. Thank you
  6. Thank you Eh, I don't care much for quality tbh. I just care about having fun.
  7. I know I know CB has smaller and less features the New MI, I am used to it when it comes to rigging, animations and making renders. but this is the only time I used the new MI because of the rigs
  8. That's what I am doing.
  9. That's why I said in my post that I rendered the picture in the new MI. Since CB wasn't able to load both of those rigs.
  10. Yeah, it's not overwhelming. I know it might be weird. Plus I've been using CB for a while, so I am not used to it.
  11. CB isn't fully updated, plus it doesn't have most of the newer things.
  12. Thank you, glad you do Not that broken, but yes I still use Community Build Because, it's easier to use for me.
  13. So I decided to try the new MI camera effects, and for the only way for me to use these two rigs together was to use the new MI // not the newest. Edit: I did not make the render in CB, I only made the rigs in CB. Community Build kept crashing when i tried using the two rigs together so I tried the new one. and I am pleased ^ I used Community Build to make these rigs, but I really like the results of this render Tried to do lighting that wasn't bad, I think I did well with it. //I am aware of the possible errors with the rig style and such. Not gonna fix it since I'm satisfied with it. Edited, I only edited the eyes. Raw I may post pictures of the new rig, of the dragon above the female Ender Dragon, which her name is Endertress btw I am not 100% sure if y'all will be interested, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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