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  1. 4xktOJ6.pngMQbDv1b.png

    Ver12 Female base.

    Update list

    -Better fingers(when bending last wrist it wont clip threw)-Remade the female body with better lined up textures and shape-Remade the legs with better texture lining up-Improved fps heavily with the help of sound-Updated eyelashes

    Base rig for phyre production team 

    1. le solo solio

      le solo solio

      nice update and i wonder how you did that for the fingers lol, but i might know how he made this not for the face rig though

  2. KaAsN0n.png

    Cus i wanted something to rig i rigged the Gold set from terraria.

    1. GeoPro07Animations


      im insanely impressed dude.

  3. Some old terraria stuff from a year ago around the time i started using mb. Recently got back in to terraria cus of the last update so i made a human design based off the common player design
  4. Working on Tips and Boss059FA4c.png

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      interesting nose style

  5. pYOxG5j.png

    Made a v3 dipper model cus the last one was a bit messy.Now i can do mable 

    1. Mercury


      Homosexual boi

    2. le solo solio
    3. Zyarc


      dang thats coool

  6. dont try to do things i do their shitty lmao
  7. These are kind of old but here.Minebox made some renders on his discord sever with a creeper,zombie and steve which i ended up making enderman and alex based off how he does his style.Before you ask he said he wont ever do the same style as the snowgolem and iron golem for a animation and he stopped using mi.The renders i based these off were only tests by him in c4d.
  8. its could be rigged better honestly
  9. zC9ci3W.png

    Jnick hot take this body model is bad.But what do u guys think about it as being the main female body shape used in the community.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ShotUAnimations


      dog bone lookin shape

    3. crustyjpeg


      i don't know why anyone would want to use this, it's very bad

    4. Jnick


      its the most used i'm guessing cus its easy to make and easy to edit

  10. Scrapped render i might as well post it here41kT95H.png

    1. wafflecakes
    2. Zyarc



    3. Floofy


      woah my strider rig nice

      woah my crowbar rig nice


      fr tho this looks pretty nice

  11. man steve looking hot cant believe they allowed u to post it here
  12. I updated @anima cryses freeman rig mainly made it have a smooth body better and detailed suit and changed the face rig to phyre team face rig so here is a test render i did with freeman
  13. Credit to @BaconSandwich for the cube and portal gun and credit to @anima cryses for Freeman model glasses and crowbar
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