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  1. MlJdWjh.png


    Before u say its porn its not.Its just a thicc enderman 

    1. GeoPro07Animations


      I like the idea but the outcome scares me

    2. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      It’s 100% pron.

  2. Before i do mable i wanted to do a basic render with dipper to test and see if their is any bugs i want to fix so here is that test render
  3. I remasterd @anima cryses Gman model to have bendy eyelids eyebrows fingers ankels wrists 3d jacket and bendy eyebrows
  4. Hey just a question howd ya do that curved head thing on the dipper rig

  5. Hell ya.Large lighting improvements.
  6. Some thing badly done with ****?
  7. Original Design by:Gerph Rig by me Recreation of the pose and render by @James The Nerd
  8. na i have not.Though he would be easier to rig then spiderman ver cus i needed to make the skin fully from scratch cus all of the online ones are bad
  9. aHdjo8u.png

    i'm at this point trying to hard to make my face rig to look to blender like lmao

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    2. Swingzero


      Wow cool but it has some glitches tho

    3. Swingzero


      sadly its probably just another cool priv rig/model 

    4. le solo solio

      le solo solio

      the texture stretches?

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