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    Why does it matter i'm just a guy who likes voxel/blocks
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  1. While not the biggest fan of sharp and clear the reflections.It looks good though u can add dof to stuff like this to make it a bit more detailed for what it is
  2. Welcome to the forums my other voxel making friend!

  3. Took you long enough to open your forums account DWkMnBM.png?1

  4. Jnick

    Old Oc rigs i did

    So another post but of some old rigs i did in mb i think around the start of 2018 https://imgur.com/TJpaQBm Here are a photo of the 3 rigs And here is a Render with the Evil bot vs the swat guy https://imgur.com/ePlKXJ1
  5. Na this are to simplistic to release also a bit outdated
  6. https://ibb.co/brTnrKw https://ibb.co/ypdM7dy https://ibb.co/JdXVkn9 https://ibb.co/BCjnjw7 https://ibb.co/zxy1jPn Here is some Renders most of the are fad.One is original and another one is Gungeon
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