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  1. This Is A Rig for minecraft bees added in minecraft snaphot 19w34a Enjoy Download Here
  2. i tried to give it the wavy effect that fire makes and thats how it turned out
  3. i did this when the 1.2.3 update came out this Has A little Inspiration From Rest Next To The Campfire
  4. im confused if you want to reskin the stray. the overlay isnt seperate from the under part so its confused on how to change the skin of the skeleton and not change the skin of the overlay too because it makes it look wierd
  5. RyanCR3

    Question :|

    i dont rly have any money to pay for photoshop so i use pixlr
  6. RyanCR3

    Question :|

    well that's grayscale not exactly what im looking for
  7. RyanCR3

    Question :|

    ik but i want a version that isnt so pixelated
  8. RyanCR3

    Question :|

    idk if this is the right place to put it but is there a black and white version of the mine imator logo similar to this: Here (needed black background so you could see)
  9. RyanCR3


    i need a mop rig for the pirate thing i am creating.
  10. RyanCR3

    Camera Rig

    there is a video explaining it
  11. RyanCR3

    Camera Rig

    it doesnt
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