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  1. RyanCR3

    Question :|

    i dont rly have any money to pay for photoshop so i use pixlr
  2. RyanCR3

    Question :|

    well that's grayscale not exactly what im looking for
  3. RyanCR3

    Question :|

    ik but i want a version that isnt so pixelated
  4. RyanCR3

    Question :|

    idk if this is the right place to put it but is there a black and white version of the mine imator logo similar to this: Here (needed black background so you could see)
  5. RyanCR3


    i need a mop rig for the pirate thing i am creating.
  6. RyanCR3

    Camera Rig

    there is a video explaining it
  7. RyanCR3

    Camera Rig

    it doesnt
  8. RyanCR3

    Camera Rig

    Camera Rig for mine imator 1.2.2 Download
  9. RyanCR3

    Bell Rig

    idk how to use modelbench and i dont want to do the hassle of learning it. thats the simplest the bell can get with the bell being able to move and a custom frame. (the bell bottom, top , side, and middle are the different frames)
  10. RyanCR3

    Bell Rig

    well i didnt
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